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CherokeeDriver 26th Aug 2011 10:18

Commuting Transportation
I've been walking to the local train station and getting the train into London for my entire career (over 15 years) to date. I don't really mind the commute as it only takes me 45 mins, and I get a chance to read the paper cover to cover in the morning, and have a cold beer and a listen to my iPod on the way home :8

My company has recently suggested I could work from a local office to me, which would mean my "commute" becomes a very easy 10 min drive, or 30 min cycle in the summer.

We have a lovely "family" car, and I would need to purchase a reliable commuter vehicle. People have suggested a 125cc Honda scooter, and also a SMART car. I saw an advert today for an electric powered Mitsubishi car.

Does anyone have any recommendaitons for a good vehicle to travel about 8 miles each way along 30/40mph roads? I'm not too keen on the scooter suggestion, and the electric car is over 23k new, so it would actually cost me a LOT more when compared to the cost of my season ticket!

Capetonian 26th Aug 2011 10:28

You probably know this, but if your 'family car' is a modern diesel, don't use it for short journeys or you will have a problem with the diesel particulate filter, an expensive item as we have just found to our cost with one of ours.

The scooter, or a bike, would be OK on fine days, but how many of those do you have where you are?

Smart cars are fine if only ever used for a maximum of two people without any luggage. I hate them, but I think that is more a function of the willy wonkers that often seem to drive them, and they are overpriced.

We are currently looking at getting a car for exactly the same purpose and will probably settle for something like a 5 year old petrol VW Polo, 1.2 or 1.4 litre, as neither power nor fuel consumption are important, but build quality and reliability are.

charliegolf 26th Aug 2011 10:49

something like a 5 year old petrol VW Polo, 1.2 or 1.4 litre
Or a Lupo. Tiny, but 4 seats for short journeys, and so easy to park.


WillDAQ 26th Aug 2011 10:49

8 year old Golf.


Cheap to run (no amount of fuel saving wizardry will ever match the 18k saved over buying a new car).

If it dies it isn't the end of the world.

CherokeeDriver 26th Aug 2011 11:02

Thanks for the tip Capetonian. The family car is a Volvo XC90 with the D5 200hp diesel engine. My eldest kids are made to walk to school (it's only a mile away) so it does get good runs when we use it - the dealer warned us that it may throw an error code and need a "blast out" down a dual carridgeway once in a while..... We just did the family holiday in France and I must say it now goes a lot better after being driven for 1000miles on the motorways!

A person at work has suggested the new VW Polo "ecoblue" or something. It is a 3 cylinder turbo diesel and may deliver 90mpg on a run. I think WillDAQ may be right in saying any you save on fuel will be drained away by depreciation on a new(ish) car.

I can still take the train the other direction (from Guildford into Godalming) and it's only 3 each way for a 6 mon journey but I really fancied the change and driving to work for the first time ever!

vulcanised 26th Aug 2011 11:58

In a recent survey, it was found that all the hybrid cars cost more to run per mile than the conventional ones.

Go for a decent used car/old banger.

GROUNDHOG 26th Aug 2011 13:01

VW Polo blue motion is clean, reliable, economical, cheap to buy and insure and has always been reckoned as one of the best. They have been around for a while now so a secondhand one should cost very little compared to your new 23,000 ecobox!

Just googled and the first one that came up was a three year old 20k miles at 8000, fairly sure you could get a good one privately for way less than that.

CathayBrat 26th Aug 2011 13:04

Lotus Exige Segway Small Concept Car | Cars show
Get a lotus, but not much room for any chicks you may pick up!

stuckgear 26th Aug 2011 13:48

Higher executive status than a scooter, no road tax or MOT, and low carbon emissions...


Cheerio 26th Aug 2011 19:43

It's us poor sods with ultra-long commutes that need the Kia Rio 1.1 diesel sackcloth and ashes. For a 10 min commute, I'd go for a petrol Porsche Cayenne.

hellsbrink 26th Aug 2011 19:49

Use the bike.

It'll keep you fitter and healthier as well as giving an excuse to force the company to install showers (obvious sweaty BO reasons) which will have their uses with that cute young blonde receptionist/secretary where you work.


Airborne Aircrew 26th Aug 2011 20:48

Tell them you'll work from home if it's all so simple to move you out...

Rollingthunder 26th Aug 2011 23:45

Would reccomend walking, even with brolly. Motorcycles or scooters are not a good option. Everything is fine until it all goes petetong.

Have owned 4 motorbikes

jxc 27th Aug 2011 09:19


I believe you can also use the assistance of prisoners in jail to help carry you

hellsbrink 27th Aug 2011 15:16

I believe you can also use the assistance of prisoners in jail to help carry you
Only if you are an ex-MP

sisemen 27th Aug 2011 15:20

Just a suggestion...



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