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G-CPTN 8th Jul 2011 23:44

It's where the rear vertical 'spike' goes that would deter me . . .

Buster Hyman 9th Jul 2011 03:39

It's where the rear vertical 'spike' goes that would deter me . . .
Deter? One thinketh that one doth prostesteth to mucheth!

11Fan 9th Jul 2011 03:55


Funny, I had never heard of any period called Samhan... And why any reference in the Olympic Games ?
Crap joke. Googled "Korean" and "Period" and that popped up.

No connection whatsoever. Just a feeble attempt at a caption. :ouch:

BrATCO 9th Jul 2011 16:48

11Fan, absolutely no :ouch: intended.
I had to google to know what bloody period you were refering to.
Then I tried to bounce on the idea, but it seems I bumped instead. With this bloody language barrier, I ALWAYS wonder what I really mean...

The connection I was asking about was not yours.
The team who conceived this logo certainly wanted to refer to a period...
Seems we haven't chosen the good one.;)
Hence my question : What connection is there between Korean unification last century before Christ and this waste of money and time for which, as Mister D says, people believe they've got to create rotten logos when they already got a wonderful symbol ? :ugh:

I believe they rolled their logo and smoked it... (do you think one can do that ?)

BrATCO 9th Jul 2011 16:57

Deter? One thinketh that one doth prostesteth to mucheth!
I would certainly hesitate too, before sticking this up my ear !
or is it meant to go somewhere else ? In the nose, or ... :confused:

Could be a toothpick. The basket part of it is there to gather the fragments. :)

Low Flier 9th Jul 2011 22:34

Yes, I did think the London Olympics logo is bad.

BrATCO 9th Jul 2011 23:39

Is that the real logo ? Or just the wrapping around the project for an idea which could become a logo someday ?

Plus... looking at it from far enough, I've got the impression that this so-called "logo" is made of four stylized letters.
Correct me if I'm wrong...
First letter could be up left, where "london" is written : "S"
Second letter is up right, with the Olympic symbol on it : "h"
Third letter would be down left : "i"
Last letter down right : "T"

I'm serious, here ! Is it just me ? :confused:
What was the original idea for this logo ? Another bloody concept...

11Fan 10th Jul 2011 00:09

Is that the real logo ?
That is a farce.

BrATCO 10th Jul 2011 01:38

Oh... well... It seems I bumped once more...:O
So, it wasn't just me...:)

Since I stopped smoking 2 weeks ago, I sometimes wonder. You know, hallucinations, et al...
So, I've been fooled. Never mind. Well done. That's my fault. Should have checked.;)
I googled what I think is the "real" logo...

Has anyone been paid to find this brilliant idea or is it a farce too ?

BrATCO 10th Jul 2011 02:12

Sochi, Russia, 2014... very unusual. Never seen before.

Applicants' logos for 2016.
RIO won...

And last, but not least : a reminder for 2018 :rolleyes:
:E :suspect: :\
:} :cool:

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