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Rollingthunder 11th Feb 2011 07:53

Where on Earth?

Loose rivets 11th Feb 2011 08:00


Rollingthunder 11th Feb 2011 08:02

damn, your turn

Sprogget 11th Feb 2011 08:07

That's a Damn? RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

Loose rivets 11th Feb 2011 08:16


Tarq57 11th Feb 2011 08:17

Hoover Dam?

Loose rivets 11th Feb 2011 08:18

Nah! There'd be nowhere to plug it in.

You'll have to play around me. I'm orf to me bed.

pigboat 12th Feb 2011 16:05

Along the Rio Grande somewhere?

lomapaseo 12th Feb 2011 18:02



Capetonian 12th Feb 2011 18:08

Scenery looks as if it could be somewhere in the Cedarberg mountains but I don't recognise the spot and it's not quite the right sort of vegetation.

Loose rivets 12th Feb 2011 21:38

Oooo...forgot to check in.

Along the Rio Grande somewhere?

That's right. South end of Big Bend National park. Some 110 mils south of the McDonnald observatory.


Back then - mid 70s - you could go all day and see no one. Made our way back east keeping quite near the river. Sometimes It was little more than a stream, with big cat paw marks in the sand. Winter, of course.

pigboat 14th Feb 2011 02:18

It's in Canada somewhere, but where?


Rollingthunder 14th Feb 2011 02:28

Oh Jeez!!!!!!

Mish Nish 14th Feb 2011 02:43

NFLD or Cape Breton? Or waaay up north?

sisemen 14th Feb 2011 02:51

On a lake/sea inlet.

Do I win?

Rollingthunder 14th Feb 2011 03:05

Pigboat wins.. has throttle and control.


Cleaner a/c than last one in service, I bet.

Harrison Ford, close second

MagnusP 14th Feb 2011 12:38

pigboat: I think I know where it is, but I cheated. That one got kind of bent a few years ago, didn't it?

pigboat 14th Feb 2011 23:04

Mish Nish I'll give you that, it's actually in Labrador.

Magnus I had to check that, the airplane did indeed crash in 1981. Neil Aird's site says "The aircraft rolled inverted and crashed." Roll a Beaver inverted and it'll do that. :=

RT I wonder what that second light is to the left of the flap indicator? One of them's the low fuel pressure light, the other must be the fire warning. Can't be a stall warning, the Rodent never had one.

Rollingthunder 15th Feb 2011 02:01

Arghhh. opens door and jumps. Swims back for poutine.

Damn, that water is cold!

Rollingthunder 15th Feb 2011 02:56

Navigation skills, top class?


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