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Saturn 20th Jul 2009 18:07

Damn Canadians
Ok, what is with the invasion of the Canadians? With their Hockey and Beer and comedy now Coffee and Doughnuts too??? Tim Horton's is opening numerous spots in USA now. Worse part, he's a former hockey player, Tim Horton that is. What next? Lacrosse? What a minute

Jumbo744 20th Jul 2009 18:17


hey i can't get enough of Tim Hortons really :ok:

Thunderbird4 20th Jul 2009 21:42

lets see what else Canadians have given the world...

Here's a few to start.
first wireless message
the artificial heart
created standard time (breaking the world into 24 time zones)


T7C 20th Jul 2009 21:59

Didn't some Canuck invent the variable pitch prop?
And same thing with the G-suit?

Peameal bacon? (spelling) :p

cpdude 20th Jul 2009 22:19

We invented Chinese food...at least the good stuff!:p

A Scaler 21st Jul 2009 00:32

I accidentally tried a coffee from Tim Hortons once... same thing happened as the first time I tried a Starbucks. I hate spewing in my mouth.

Buttie Box 21st Jul 2009 02:38

Rush, Jim Carrey,

...irrigation, viticulture, medicine, public order, and the roads...

T101 21st Jul 2009 04:56

Pamela Anderson!!! Duhh...

broadband circuit 21st Jul 2009 07:05


PanZa-Lead 21st Jul 2009 08:09

I can't find ANYTHING in the shops with 'made in Canada' on it! besides the Koran

treboryelk 21st Jul 2009 08:14

Tim Hortons being exported...outrage....tell the AOA.

Near Miss 21st Jul 2009 10:29

Don't most Americans think Tim Horton is the Canadian "President"? :}

bekolblockage 21st Jul 2009 10:43

Hey wasn't it the CANADARM!?

Tembani 21st Jul 2009 11:40

A Canadian invented the toilet seat. And a South African improved it by cutting a hole in it:):):)

Union Jack 21st Jul 2009 11:52

What comes around, goes around ....

Reminds me of a couple visiting us in UK from Vancouver a few years ago:

Mrs Jones "I just hate these Hong Kong Chinese - they come over here, they buy into the best real estate, they get their kids into the best schools, they get their kids into the best universities - I just hate them!

Mr Jones "Aren't you forgetting something, darling?"

Mrs Jones "What's that?"

Mr Jones "You are Hong Kong Chinese!"

Mrs Jones "Well, yes - but I was here first!"

ArthurBorges 21st Jul 2009 13:44

No, Near Miss

Don't most Americans think Tim Horton is the Canadian "President"?
We think he's only King.

Every American knows how you laughed off George Washington as a gifted crank manipulated by a gang of tax-evading lawyers and wouldn't have tea with us in Boston.

On the other hand, we don't know about our five invasions of Canada that chalked up a string of five consecutive military defeats.

We also give all the credit for torching the White House to the Brits, not you.


wskwong 22nd Jul 2009 05:04

How did this get into a Fragrant habour forum? :bored:

When it comes to aviation, too bad our sonic era was short-lived....I still think the Avro Arrow was a beautiful bird.....

FlexibleResponse 22nd Jul 2009 12:11

I don't think the Canadians actually invented the dancing University student, but they pretty much perfected the design!

Dropp the Pilot 23rd Jul 2009 09:16

The Band by name, The Band by nature, and Canadian content
80% of The Band, a group often described as one of the top five American bands of all time.


Lowkoon 23rd Jul 2009 10:51

Irrigation before the ancient egyptians??? That was an impressive feat!!!

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