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CityofFlight 8th Aug 2008 08:20

What One Song Is Your Current Sound Track?
Everyone has some song that fits with their current day/life....what's your sound track today?

Mine is: YouTube - Afro Celt System & Peter Gabriel - When You're Falling

Ace Rimmer 8th Aug 2008 08:28

Nickleback - Photograph

Since it always seems to be on VH1 when I'm burning the flab on the X trainer at 0-sheg-it's early

mind you so's that Kid Rock rip off of Werewolves of London (good vid though:E:E

Flame Lily FX 8th Aug 2008 10:44

YouTube - Andrea Bocelli "Besame Mucho" Live on stage in Tuscany

And....the English version....Mmmmmmmmmm...!!

YouTube - "Besame Mucho" by The Beatles

Cha, Cha, Boom!!!!:D:D


uklocations 8th Aug 2008 11:02

'Cos the suns out, the surfs rather good, the girls are abundant, and life' generally happy.....

YouTube - Little Jackie - The World Should Revolve Around Me

BlueWolf 8th Aug 2008 11:03

Right now, it's this one. Not endorsing the company, even though my company gives me one of their phones, and they've just bought my ISP; but I love that song, and it's quite appropriate just now.

Then again, if you want an anthem for life, there's always this ;):ok:

Buster Hyman 8th Aug 2008 11:14

Doves - Snowden. It's on my iPod & I listen to it every day.

"...Why should we care?"

Beatriz Fontana 8th Aug 2008 12:15

Avenging Angels by Space. Great song.

degothia 8th Aug 2008 12:24

Not so much of a sound track but "The Girl from Ipanema" keeps popping up in my head. The elevator version...

shy_one 8th Aug 2008 12:48

On The turning Away-----Pink floyd

Alloa Akbar 8th Aug 2008 12:51

Kid Rock's "All Summer Long"..

Overdrive 8th Aug 2008 13:08

mind you so's that Kid Rock rip off of Werewolves of London

Nice to see someone else has recognized the sampling of that track; most think it's just based on Lynyrd Skynyrd...

Windy Militant 8th Aug 2008 13:27

Not my sound track, but is there anywhere in the known universe that you can go and not hear fecking ABBA. It was bad enough first time round without once again having to go through having the musical equivalent of space dust* continually foisted upon ones self. :mad:

* Space dust it's sweet and bubbly but in time leaves you feeling extremely nauseated and sets your teeth on edge. :\:ugh:

Uncle Fred 8th Aug 2008 13:53

Although from the Northeast, I never did like Springsteen - with the exception of this: YouTube - Bruce Springsteen - The River Real tribute to memories.

Makes one think of life in the airline industry and the pining for the days of youth - "I tried to forget and Mary acted like she didn't care"
"Union card at 19"
"Johnstown Construction company comes upon hard times and we
are all out of work!"

Maybe he flew airplanes in a previous life!

flowman 8th Aug 2008 16:13

Russian Roulette by Black art White.

akamusic.com Black Art White

It's being rehearsed in my son's bedroom right now. :}

CityofFlight 8th Aug 2008 17:14

These are great!

Keep 'em coming...:ok:

Rather be Gardening 8th Aug 2008 17:45

'Days' by Kirsty MacColl.

YouTube - Kirsty MacColl - Days

Farrell 8th Aug 2008 17:46

Nice thread!

Metallica - Wherever I May Roam (Orchestral Version)

brickhistory 8th Aug 2008 18:16

Mark Knopfler, "Cannibals" from the album "Golden Heart."

YouTube - Mark Knopfler - Cannibals (Videoclip)

Overdrive 8th Aug 2008 18:27

Kid Rock's Cowboy. featuring Ron Jeremy on piano.

Huh? "Video not available in your country" :confused:

CityofFlight 9th Aug 2008 04:13

Do you men need inspiration over the weekend...? I found this....try it on!

YouTube - Tom Jones - You can leave your hat on - Festival ViƱa 2007

Yousssssers!!!!! :E

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