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ORAC 6th Feb 2008 13:44

Vote for Dustin
You know it makes sense...


Turkey's bid for Eurovision ruffles feathers in Ireland

The Eurovision Song Contest often fields a few turkeys but this year could be the first time a contestant is an actual turkey. If he wins the Irish final later this month, Dustin the Turkey, a cult celebrity puppet with a thick Dublin accent, may go on to represent his country in Belgrade.

Ireland has won the Eurovision contest seven times but has failed to make an impression on the judges in the past three years.

Fortunately, Dustin is no stranger to musical success, having already released six albums and 14 singles, including duets with Bob Geldof and Chris de Burgh. But his entry for Eurovision - Irelande Douze Points - is ruffling feathers among the country's musical elite.

Frank McNamara, who wrote two previous Eurovision winning entries, told The Times it was "disgraceful" that the turkey had even made it on to the shortlist, while Shay Healy, the writer behind Johnny Logan's Eurovision winner What's Another Year?, was stunned that a "bunch of grown-ups could come up with this as a solution".

Bill Hughes, chairman of the Irish judging panel, told the Irish Times the panel did not pluck Dustin's song from obscurity for a joke. He said: "We did think seriously about it but once we heard it and we all laughed so much we decided it was worth including."

Dustin himself is reportedly joining the competition to help boost the Irish economy, believing there is a direct link between the recent downturn, his recent lack of musical output and Ireland's poor performance at Eurovision since 2004.

The turkey shot to fame in the 1990s on children's TV programme The Den with fellow puppets Zig and Zag before releasing a string of hits. He is so popular that thousands of voters spoiled their ballot papers in the 1997 presidential election by writing "Dustin".

Dustin is up against five other contestants in the Irish Eurosong contest on February 23.

(The song is titled "12 Points (Douze Points)"...

tony draper 6th Feb 2008 14:20

Well if My Lovely Horse can win,anything is possible.:rolleyes:

G-CPTN 6th Feb 2008 14:31

The Irish really haven't got the grasp of this Eurovision thing.
The winner has to host the following competition . . .

kms901 6th Feb 2008 14:45

Actually,the Irish have the right idea. It costs a fortune to host Eurovision. Might be worth it for prestige for the more obscure entrants, but losing makes great economic sense.

G-CPTN 6th Feb 2008 14:47

Except that the Irish keep winning!
(1970, 1980, 1987, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996 . . . )

S'land 6th Feb 2008 15:04

Who says that the Irish have no sense of humour?

Personally I do not watch the Eurovision Song Contest as I think that it is boring, but I might if Dustin is the Irish selection. It might just liven the event up a bit.

Standard Noise 6th Feb 2008 15:31

Oh come on, it can't be any worse than that soppy pr!ck Johnny Logan or that bunch of f*ckwits who represented Britain last year (or the year before), Scooch.

frostbite 6th Feb 2008 15:42

There you have it, Mr Noise!

The Muppets would be pretty well guaranteed to win it.

You Sir, Name! 6th Feb 2008 16:17

Dustin doesn't stand a chance when Bill Bailey will take it for the UK!


hellsbrink 6th Feb 2008 17:02

Bring back Lordi

bnt 6th Feb 2008 17:11

Well, that's Ireland's chances stuffed, then. :}

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