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ex_matelot 12th Jan 2006 13:24

If you were PM for a day...
What changes would you make?

I would ban all 'PC' nonsense straight away and consign all those who make a living out of it to the dole queue as punishment.

I would make all public places state whether they were smoking/none smoking (they would have the choice) and the public could make their own minds up on whether they wanted to enter,as would the people applying for jobs there.

Cut many ties from Europe.

Bin all this new fangled painting classrooms pastel shades and trendy teaching methods that do not work,also make GCSEs and A levels as hard as they used to be.

Asylum-seeker immigration halted full stop.A points system such as used in Aus utilised.

Bring back the one pound note-made you feel rich with a wad of them (even though you were technically skint!

Theres just a few.

The TV channels would be rid of this celeb worship crap and property ladder DIY type tosh also.'In sickness and in health' starring Alf Garnett would become a national institution!

stue 12th Jan 2006 13:28

Re: If you were PM for a day...
Id have the cane in schools, and bring back capital punishment!
Then id pass a new law that stated that i was to be PM forever, then i would have some real fun the days after! :E

tony draper 12th Jan 2006 13:33

Re: If you were PM for a day...
Oh Dear tsk tsk tsk!
"Don't make me Prime Minister,you wouldn't like me if I became Prime minister"

Mr Stu and Mr Matelot would be concidered liberals in Drapes administration.

Taildragger55 12th Jan 2006 13:39

Re: If you were PM for a day...
I think you are exaggerating the powers of the PM.
If I was Dictator for a Day (well, I'd be dictator for life..like stue... dictators are difficult to sack) I'd... have all foglamps modified to explode if turned on during conditions of normal visbility..introduce a hunting season for celebrities and a bounty on their hides..and settle a number of old scores (you all know who you are).

ex_matelot 12th Jan 2006 13:42

Re: If you were PM for a day...
What 'decrees' would you make Herr Draper?

Whirlygig 12th Jan 2006 13:44

Re: If you were PM for a day...
Well I'd vote for you Taildragger55. Ah. Forgot. You're a dictator in a corrupt democracy so I presume I wouldn't have any other choice but to vote for you!



Grayfly 12th Jan 2006 13:48

Re: If you were PM for a day...
Make the study of maths and science a core subject all the way through education. Easy options like media, liesure studies, PE etc only after you've proved you really are that thick,shallow and tedious and actually willing to live on minimum wage.

No celebrity status unless you have a PhD in engineering, maths or science (big t*ts might be an acceptable NVQ)

Ban people on BBC who say about politicians 'on his/her watch'

Ban people on BBC generally, unless they have a PhD in engineering, maths or science.

Cut footballers wages to 1950's levels and make it only a part time job. I am sick and tired of hearing how they have short careers and need to earn squillions in a year. Get a real job.

Only have three or four really good TV channels, not thousands of airhead brainless satellite channels.

Make Jeremy Clarkson minister for transport and Carol Vorderman minister for education.

Overheating now and need to go and lie down :}

tony draper 12th Jan 2006 13:52

Re: If you were PM for a day...
You can forget the nonsence about votes forra start Whirls.
hee hee

ex_matelot 12th Jan 2006 13:55

Re: If you were PM for a day...
Democratic Republic of Tyneside??

Wheres that place that is still apparently at war with France??

tony draper 12th Jan 2006 14:34

Re: If you were PM for a day...
Which one Mr Matelot?

ex_matelot 12th Jan 2006 14:36

Re: If you were PM for a day...
The name escapes me Mr Draper but I think it has something to do with the Napoleaonic wars and somewhere in your midst is still officially at war with the frogs.

With have a scoot about and see if I can find out

ex_matelot 12th Jan 2006 14:41

Re: If you were PM for a day...
Its Berwick-upon-tweed,they are still officially at war with france due to a rep from there not being invited to some treaty signing or something along those lines.

May consider emigration further north!!!

Orion Man 12th Jan 2006 14:51

Re: If you were PM for a day...
I'd sack all the non-productive bureaucrats at Whitehall, in the Health Service and Education System, remove all speed cameras, make dustmen remove all your rubbish without it having to have the correct colour bin lid on it, tell George Bush he's an @rsehole, abandon PC, freeze immigration, stop benefit scroungers, pass laws to prevent people owning more than one home in the UK, stop these ridiculous reality TV shows that glorify nobodies and ban Posh and Becks from stepping foot back in the UK again.


Orion Man

acbus1 12th Jan 2006 14:59

Re: If you were PM for a day...
Shut down the public sector pension scheme. Starting with MP's.

Millions of private sector workers have had it done to them and our illustrious Government has done nothing except encourage it! :*

Be nice to balance things up a bit. :E

Standard Noise 12th Jan 2006 15:00

Re: If you were PM for a day...
How about just telling the truth for a change. That'd be a step up for any PM.
Oh, and slapping that miserable git Gordon Brown, anyone would think he'd just won the lottery and lost the blimmin' ticket!

ex_matelot 12th Jan 2006 15:05

Re: If you were PM for a day...
Slightly off-topic but, what is 'media studies' anyway and why does it neccesitate(sp) the wearing of black???

Anybody noticed that?you normally spot them all on that Clarkson show or in the audience on Chris evans type crap.Dodgy hairdos also.They must think being 'different' will earn 'em a penny.Sadly it seems to in some cases.

Vfrpilotpb 12th Jan 2006 15:14

Re: If you were PM for a day...
Pm for a day I would sack the entire labour Cabinet starting with Two Jags and Brown, pass a decree that Banned any person from Scotland, Wales or Ireland becomming an English MP, ban Scottish voices from the Radio and Television , pass a decree that adverts on the TV must last for 5 mins and only be on for 1 spot per hour.
Hang all murderers
Shoot all terrorists
Ban Traffic Wardens
Ban Garden Gnomes
Ban Caravans
Force all MPs to do the wishes of their voters, and
Ban Road Tax
Banish Income Tax
Give every Tax payer a 10 year refund
Cancel tax and duty on fuel
Ban Vat
Ban anything PC
Ban Speed Cameras
Make Fat Lazy Policemen POUND the beat again
Ban Unions
Ban Sundays and Mondays
Force Banks to stop charging Interest
Ban Mother in Laws
Ban Loud and agressive women,
Ban Traffic jams
Ban the M25 and M6
Ensure grants aid is recievable for Hobbies
Ban Council Tax
Ban Japanese Cars
Ban Anything french or German
Ban Thin People
ban anything else I may have been irked by in the past


Taildragger55 12th Jan 2006 15:24

Re: If you were PM for a day...
AH come on VFR, that's going to far. You are letting your right-wing luvvie- hating instincts get the better of you.
What harm have garden gnomes ever done to you?

ex_matelot 12th Jan 2006 15:25

Re: If you were PM for a day...
Im voting VFR so far but have to disagree on the M^ bit-how would I get oop north when required?!!

Also,Id ban women drivers with Camilla parker-bowels type haidos from driving 4x4s on any public road,also,any who say they got one ''for the kids''.

Got stuck on the A38 the other day and some woman on her 'school run' refused to move whenever a lorry tried to pass her,she was in a 4x4 and darent risk going anywhere closer than 6'' to another vehicle!

It was very clean and the tyres had never tasted mud either by the looks of it.

Wyler 12th Jan 2006 16:07

Re: If you were PM for a day...
I'd spend all day making prank phone calls to other world leaders.

'Hello Mr Bush, is Hugh Janus there please'.

Then I'd hang everyone in prison.

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