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frostbite 29th Sep 2005 17:39

How dumb?
Despite being highly cynical by nature, even I find myself amazed at the stupidity of some people.

'The Weakest Link' often provides proof, despite being a pretty ghastly programme, but it usually leaves me feeling a bit smug.

Dumb female tonight was asked 'Adolf Hitler, Oscar Wilde, and Geoffrey Archer, all wrote books where. In prison or in the Conservative Party?

She, of course, picked the latter!

The rest of the team weren't much brighter. Is this where Labour get their voters?

SLFguy 29th Sep 2005 17:42

Ah ha!! Trick question then...the answer obviously being "Both"!


TheFlyingSquirrel 29th Sep 2005 17:44

What happend to " I want that one " on the end ?

flown-it 29th Sep 2005 17:46

Ah the educated masses. A late night host on US telly (Jay Leno) has a segment called Jaywalking in which he asks simple questions which extract the most astonishingly stupid answers. How depressing.
In an effort to cheer you up, try this......

It's a phone call from a man in Texas who witnessed a car accident

involved 4 elderly women. It was so popular when they played it on

CHUM FM that they had to put it on their site.


Duckbutt 29th Sep 2005 17:49

My heart bleeds for you Frostbite, it must be so galling and frustrating that there arn't enough right thinking, intelligent & well read people around in this country to constitute a majority and vote the correct party into to power.


G-CPTN 29th Sep 2005 18:00

Remember that, by definition, half the population is above average intelligence (and half is below . . . ). One presumes that the lower half don't have ATP licences.
It is unkind to mock the afflicted.

Spuds McKenzie 29th Sep 2005 19:04

half the population is above average intelligence (and half is below . . . )
What about the third half...?


ChrisVJ 29th Sep 2005 19:30


Maybe you mean the mean, or is it the median? Not necessarily so about the average.

Sorry, what was that about 'the afflicted?'

Hilico 29th Sep 2005 19:39

Round our way the local intelligentsia have sprayed a graffito.

It says 'Vote BMP'.

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