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Ozzy 27th May 2005 19:59

Snipping or Tying?
It has come time to consider a more permanent form of contraceptive. The question is, should I let someone close to me genitals with a sharp knife? Or should Mrs Ozzy let someone close to hers with some string (the tying part I assume).

Recommendations and reasons?


FLCH 27th May 2005 20:02

If you're over 40 try nudity !!

colmac747 27th May 2005 20:26

Sharp knife?


flapsforty 27th May 2005 21:39

Mr FLCH, a very ageist remark there. ;) Good thing JB isn't as PC as your home country!
....... oh and by the way, are you gonna stop having sex with the lights on once you turn 40? Or is puritanical groping in the dark already SOP in the FLCH household? Hmmm?.......

Ozzy people more qualified than me will give better founded answers, so I'll refrain. Let me point out to you the third alternative though, as favoured by 'someone I know well'.
Tell your missus that yes you are seriously considering getting it done because you know that for you the procedure is much less invasive than it is for her. Be seen regularly perusing relevant sites on the internet and be able to knowledgeably discuss the ease and painlessness of undergoing a vasectomy. Claim convincingly that of course you are not afraid of losing your ability to perform.

Keep this up for about 30 years, and above all never ever get around to making the actual doctors appointment, and voilą: your problem will have solved itself! :ok:

sprocket 27th May 2005 22:00

It's less painful if you get the missus fixed up.

BALIX 27th May 2005 22:08

What a bunch of nancy boys you all are (except Flaps). Be a real man. Get 'em chopped off.

(But ask for a GA...)

Whirlygig 27th May 2005 22:11


Get yersel' to the vets - they can do it a lot more cheaply. Failing that your wife could probably perform the task with a couple of bricks!



Seriously, it is a relatively simple procedure for blokes and a lot more involved for women.

TheOddOne 27th May 2005 22:30


Couldn't agree more, seriously invasive surgery for women, a no-brainer for us blokes (actually outside the body proper) No comments please about where we keep our brains!


Sure, I was as scared as H*ll and I mentioned this to the surgeon. He said 'no worries, I've chased 'em round the table before now'.

For anyone who considers that their family is now complete and who has reached the age where they cannot face the prospect of any more nappy changing (I reckon I did 35-45% of my last 2, in my mid 40's) it really is the only way to go.

I do think it's unfair to expect women to go through the equivalent unless it's done at the same time as another abdominal procedure; but that's another whole debate!

To any guys out there who are considering it, but are wavering due to being apprehensive, the op ain't really a big deal at all. Just go for it.

One thing, though. Do talk it through with your partner; it's for both of you. She might have issues of her own (like, what happens if one of our children dies and I think we should have another?) If it's on the NHS they will be looking for support from your partner. You might find talking that through a whole lot tougher than the op (been there).


The Odd One

FLCH 27th May 2005 22:44

me umblest 'pologies Flaps 40. However I must point out that I am above the age of 40, can not one poke fun at ones age ? .By the way if you really must know poking fun is the only poking I get to indulge in these days unfortunately Mrs. FLCH saw me in the buff !!....I rest my case your honor.

XXTSGR 27th May 2005 23:34

Just nobody mention bricks... :eek: :bored: :{ :ugh: :ooh:

Whirlygig 27th May 2005 23:36


Good points, well made.

I watched my (ex) husband's "procedure"; dead fascinating... wanted to make sure job done properly:p So to all you guys out there wondering.... it is not so much "snipped" as cauterized. It will be painful for a couple of days (like a kick in the cods, apparently) and it is recommended that no heavy work is undertaken i.e. desk duties. You will also need to "acquire" some supportive pants - you'll need all the support you can get. Other than that, you will spend a lot of time in the bath so that wieght can be taken off "things"!

Then, of course, there is the "testing" procedure to make sure that it has worked. You will be supplied with a couple of "receptacles" and, when full, these are sent off to the lab. Around a month later after two clear samples, you get a nice little letter.



PS - just to be cynical here - the one who has the op is the one who can play away :suspect:

Miserlou 28th May 2005 00:00

We tied the knot and I can garuntee that my wife has not been pregnant since we were married!

cosworth211 28th May 2005 01:00

I sometimes can not simply be less then amazed at what someone will discuss on this forum.

But to join in, I would definately get the missus to have the op. I will get shot down in flames but what happens if you split up with her? How would your new partner take your "jaff-ness". Would you not feel inadequate after? I can imagine (awaiting more abuse) that after a woman has the op that the lack of periods is a godsend? Ive never met an older bloke thats been put off by the fact he can bang a chick that wont get knocked up? Excuse my rationess. Discuss.

Onewordanswer 28th May 2005 01:08

Agreed its your duty to fertilise as many chix as you can.........well don't just sit there!

Avtrician 28th May 2005 01:18

The op is not painful, (unless they run out of gas as happened to me:} ), the worst thing is when the kids run up and jump into your lap. Now that hurts for abou two weeks. Lifting heavy objects( anything over 3 Kilos), riding a bike (motor or push) and climbing stairs/ladders is out for two weeks also.

The best bit is that you can still go hunting, ytouare just firing blanks, therefore environmentaly friendly.:E :E

fernytickles 28th May 2005 01:53

cosworth211 - you may want to go and do a little, teensy, weensy bit more research about what actually happens to women who are sterilized and the different types of sterilization before passing comment on the subject from the female perspective...... You may find it broadens your knowledge considerably... :ok:

FLCH - if you do a little research on the equivalent operation for women (tubal ligation as its called in the US), and long term, I think you'll be surprised at how many women seem to become pregnant again. Not really the desired result!

BlueDiamond 28th May 2005 02:07

I can imagine (awaiting more abuse) that after a woman has the op that the lack of periods is a godsend?
Duhhh. That's a hysterectomy you're thinking of, cosworth211. Most people (both men and women) have only their tubes dealt with if they want to avoid pregnancy. Errm ... it's not medicine you're studying at uni is it? :uhoh:

Val d'Isere 28th May 2005 06:45

Anyone want to object to sexual equality?

By which I mean both have it done. That way there's no argument.

Strange though, from my experience sexual equality only seems to apply these days when it suits the female...... :rolleyes:

B Fraser 28th May 2005 06:52

Why don't you give your lady some of that food that puts them off sex for life....... I think it's called wedding cake :}

Capn Notarious 28th May 2005 06:53

Laparoscopic sterilization with Filshie Clips.
They used to be called Filshie clips. Done using a general anaesthetic: which is risky.
For any male suggesting " get the wife done " is an attitude of the dark ages, selfish. Playing in the adult play pen demands adult responsibility.
What do I know? Assisted at 100 plus vasectomies and taught family planning.

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