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Incipient Sinner 23rd Jan 2004 00:30

Mornington Crescent

There's been a lot of water under the bridge and I think its been far too long so I challenge any who dare to a clean decent round of Mornington Crescent.

Basic Greives' Rules but with no blocking, shunting or bargeing. Looping is allowed but only during power play..

All clear then I'll kick off with... Edgeware Road

Grainger 23rd Jan 2004 00:58

Greives' Rules Huh ?

Would that be with the Moriarty Variation or are all reverse plays illegal ?

Either way, I'll see your Edgeware Road and raise you a Euston Square. . .

Incipient Sinner 23rd Jan 2004 01:04

I'm no expert but I believe looping is one of the 5 standard reverses allowable within the Moriarty Variation.

Euston Square to... Leicester Square and you're half-boxed :=

Onan the Clumsy 23rd Jan 2004 01:18

I'll claim a diagonal float and say Chigwell.

Actually, that would be an elongated float, sorry.

surely not 23rd Jan 2004 04:04

Someone check with Samantha as to whether that last move was legal.

I think that if you start with Edgeware Road you cannot have a diagonal float within 6 moves?

Onan the Clumsy 23rd Jan 2004 06:33

True, but as I explained, I mistated. It was an elongated float.

Chigwell it is then. Anyone?...

ILS32 23rd Jan 2004 07:54

Unfortunately Chigwell is disqualified under Rule 2b as Paddington is in the ascendancy after Edgeware Road

Onan the Clumsy 23rd Jan 2004 10:46

A common misconception, but in fact rule 2b does not apply in the case of the elongated float. And in any case Chigwell is deemed a member of the trump set in this instance. A daring move I'll warrant, but not made without judicious forethought.

Incipient Sinner 23rd Jan 2004 15:09

Judicious forethought or not I feel the need to put a stop to this mindless bickering.

From Chigwell back to the centre of the board with a standard and uncontentious Hamilton Place .

in fact, how less contentious can you get, it's only a stone's throw from Hyde Park.

surely not 23rd Jan 2004 15:28

If you are playing Hamilton Place then it has to be followed by MARYLEBONE

under_exposed 23rd Jan 2004 15:37

In a leap year! are you mad!
I think that gives me a passport to

surely not 23rd Jan 2004 15:43

The Leap Year rule doesn't come into effect when playing under Basic Grieves Rules. If you go back to the beginning of this thread it clearly states that we are playing under Basic Grieves Rules so I'm sure my play of Marylebone should stand.

Capt Homesick 23rd Jan 2004 17:41

Under Basic Grieves, the Central Line Gambit is a killer, so I'll play Epping.

litow 23rd Jan 2004 18:59

Epping Sir - you are mistaken

The Finklestein dissertation on Grieves quite clearly states, and I quote.
“One presumes the The Central Line gambit detailed by Grieves requires an intellectual move such as an elongated float or, on rare occasions, a green belt move such as Epping. However, this is a misconception brought about by an error in the text of the readily available reprinted version of Grieves, where the word not was omitted in error. The correctly worded paragraph is: The leap year restriction does not come into effect and therefore Central Line Gambits are not perilous to the player or team making them”

Finklestein goes on to say “that their use should be actively encouraged but only by seasoned professionals.”

Enough of this

I play - Bond Street

yintsinmerite 23rd Jan 2004 19:05

The Grieves rules always make it a "funny old game" !

Still, this does open the possibility of a wide rush hour only run down the wing to Turnham Green

Stockpicker 23rd Jan 2004 19:07

I see your Bond Street and - invoking Ladies Sleight - play Colliers Wood

Onan the Clumsy 23rd Jan 2004 21:25

Colliers Wood eh? You devious bastard. (1)

I'll retort with a basic but solid Harrow on the Hill. That shold stop play yet open up several new possibilities.

(1) That term is of course used here as outlined in the 1924 rematch where the Whitehall Team was penalised but later had their score from the second round of the first clutter reinstated after a successful challenge to the No Distraction Addendum promulgated as a result of the famous 1907 'rosary' series and does not, as might first be apparent, bear any relation to the unfortunate incident in the dreadful 1954 international invitational. Indeed, I specifically use it here in an attempt to remove that historical blot placed upon the escutcheon of our beloved game.I agree with Masterson that it's high time we all got past 1954.

ILS32 23rd Jan 2004 22:08

I had my initial Rule 2b ploy overruled.Being a true gentleman
I accepted the decision though I still believe it was unjustified.
I now intend to take this game into a higher dimension by
bringing into play The Finsbury Park Option.
your move if you can.

Onan the Clumsy 23rd Jan 2004 23:17

Excellent! I'll play a split. Baker Street and Hamersmith.

ILS32 23rd Jan 2004 23:23

Sorry wrong move.You should have played a cross section.
The Finsbury Park Option is still in play

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