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Darwin Awards 2022

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Darwin Awards 2022

Old 20th Apr 2022, 02:43
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Originally Posted by Sue Vêtements View Post
The bullet proof vest thing: I wonder if the second round went through the exact same place that the first round had already weakened
Or maybe hit him in the head, the shoulder, the leg, the groin, or the neck........
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Old 20th Apr 2022, 08:46
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I've never seen Monsieur Hulot's Holiday. Was he legless or just an armless old boy?
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Old 20th Apr 2022, 09:44
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Hi Sallyann - and apologies to others for thread deviation. Back in I think the 1990s there was a programme, possibly BBC2, about the Autoroute Du Sud. It showed a control room and how they dealt with crashes.. As I remember it was the usual July/August madness with the rush to the south and there were many accidents but they did everything possible to keep at least one lane open and not completely shut the motorway. The programme showed the French emergency services dragging wreckage to the side of the road and continuing with recovery and medical treatment as traffic went by. A bit different to the M6 being closed for hours for recovery and accident investigation. I'm sure I remember the narrator saying the only way the motorway could be fully closed over that period was to get a Presidential order. No idea if it is the same these days although no doubt the rush to the south is much the same.
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Old 21st Apr 2022, 07:54
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Thanks for the comments. I'll be checking M.Hulot later. It wasn't a documentary, this one was definitely set up to show serious accident scenes at every junction, as some sort of commentary on everyday carnage on the roads
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Old 21st Apr 2022, 10:17
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Originally Posted by Headstone View Post
A bit different to the M6 being closed for hours for recovery and accident investigation.
I recall being on the M11 just south of Stansted on the 9 mile stretch to Harlow when they did that for a car that had rolled up the bank by North Weald with fatal results, no one else involved. Took bloody ages to get the traffic off the M11, the need for pees was sorely felt by all occupants, finding a reasonably decent pub between Junction 7 and Ongar became our priority... Must have been after a Duxford show.
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Old 29th Apr 2022, 07:42
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I'm not sure which nominee sub section this would be placed in, possibly one marked "special " because, after all, who doesn't want to bring an unexploded shell home to decorate the fireplace or coffee table...by air, and using Tel Aviv airport...

Israel airport chaos as family brings unexploded shell - BBC News
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Old 9th May 2022, 22:30
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A former top manager of the Russian energy corporation Lukoil has died from suspected toad poisoning, reports say.

Following a session with a local shaman in Mytishchi, a city northeast of Russia’s capital Moscow, Alexander Subbotin a Lukoil board member, allegedly died in a basement after an anti-hangover session with the healer.

Subbotin visited the shaman, Magua, and his wife at their home, the Telegram channel Mash claims, to treat a hangover using toad venom.

“They made an incision on the skin, dripped toad poison there – and after vomiting the patient allegedly got better,” the channel said.

Mash also claims that Subbotin knew the couple for a long time and had regularly used their services.

It notes: “And so he came to them once again – to treat a hangover. Suddenly he felt unwell – his heart ached. The owner decided not to call an ambulance, gave Corvalol and put the businessman to sleep in the basement. There the man died. the deceased were just friends.”

According to reports, the shaman told police that they were just friends with Subbotin - the brother of Valery Subbotin, ex-vice president of Lukoil.

The tale of Subbotin’s curious demise is one in a number of unusual deaths involving Russia’s energy sector, following the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Recently, four current and former Gazprom officials – along with a further Russian energy official – died under mysterious circumstances over the course of several weeks, in the build-up to, and aftermath of, the Ukraine invasion.

In two cases, the executives’ wives and children, in Moscow and a Spanish resort town, were also discovered gruesomely hacked to death.

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Old 10th May 2022, 01:20
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That sounds like the very definition of the cure being worse than the disease
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Old 20th May 2022, 11:20
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I hope this link works. Russian soldiers apparently filling sandbags with Ammonium Nitrate.
All-time Gold Star award, if true.
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Old 21st May 2022, 11:59
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Ammonia nitrate, you think that’s bad, watch this Russian idiot unloading shells.

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Old 21st May 2022, 13:44
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The Twitter comments appear to indicate no connection to Ukraine.
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Old 21st May 2022, 15:22
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Originally Posted by NutLoose View Post
Ammonia nitrate, you think that’s bad, watch this Russian idiot unloading shells
Sorry I don't believe this. If there were that many shells lying around and one went off, there'd be nothing left of the camera to get the video from (plus why would he just stand there filming it? you'd only film it to show how stupid someone was being, and if you knew how stupid they were being, you'd have a pretty good idea what the consequences would be and therefore you wouldn't just stand there filming it)

Pus even Russians wouldn't do something that stupid

...and there's no Z on the truck
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Old 21st May 2022, 15:28
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That video has been circling at least since 2014 and in the original there is no explosion. Nevertheless, whoever those guys are I'd rather keep a longer safety margin to that lot.

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Old 21st May 2022, 18:13
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Originally Posted by dixi188 View Post
Remember giggling my way through Puckoon. It's up in the loft somewhere, I must find it.
Were you the verger wailing hysterically from the loft about the cat having pissed on the matches?
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Old 22nd May 2022, 00:56
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Direct link to video not working, go to
Select videos, scroll down to #fire safety.
The video of a guy in a lift is highly instructional. Self immolation, Houdini style.

Note how the top of his jacket melts, illustrating the level of radiant heat. He probably passes out due to combination of heat and lack of air.


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Old 22nd May 2022, 17:52
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Theft of catalytic converters is becoming a major problem in California, but it does come with some risks …

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Old 26th May 2022, 08:07
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A contender worthy of mention.

As seen a couple of nights ago on C5's "When holidays go wrong ", sorry, can't find a clip, but here's the synopsis.

Our "hero ", had previously mentioned how much he enjoyed jet skiing as, there were no laws, as such (that's the first clue) and even if there were, well, so what (second clue). Enter the classic "hold my beer and watch this ! "...this brainwave was hatched in a bar and yep, what bars sell had been consumed.

The award attempt involved getting on a jet ski, then, hurtling across the Solent to try and touch the side of a " xxx tonne " container ship....whilst it was under way.

Cue shots from his body cam of said contender blasting across the sea, and sound of container ship (bridge crew's opinion not recorded, sadly) horn, but, undaunted he presses on.

Gets alongside said ship, but then, alas....unfortunately, he reaches out to touch with his left hand, around which is the cord that stops the jet ski engine should it and the rider part company...said cord works as advertised as it parts company with jet ski. Thereafter, body cam shows lots of bubbles as our "hero" heads for the blunt end of the ship...underwater.

Quite how the marine life in the Solent weren't treated to an a la carte puree dish is a miracle really, but, as attempts to gain the ultimate award go...9.9 / 10 !
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Old 26th May 2022, 20:28
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Originally Posted by Krystal n chips View Post
As seen a couple of nights ago on C5's "When holidays go wrong ", sorry, can't find a clip...
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Old 26th May 2022, 21:27
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I could have found a better adjective than "fearless".
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Old 1st Jun 2022, 02:02
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Man dies searching for Frisbees in Florida lake amid alligator warnings

Well, Frisbees are important:

A man died searching for Frisbees in a lake at a disc golf course where people are warned by signs to beware of alligators, police in Florida have said.

The unidentified man was looking for flying discs in the water and “a gator was involved”, the Largo police department said in an email on Tuesday.

The man who died was 47 years old, the Florida fish and wildlife conservation commission said in an email. The commission said a contracted specialist was working to remove an alligator from the lake “and efforts will be made to determine if it was involved in this situation”.

The park’s website notes that patrons can “discover the sport of disc golf on a course set in the natural beauty of this park”. The course is set along the lake, which has no-swimming signs posted along it.

People who frequent the disc course said it was not unusual for someone to look for lost discs that could be sold for a few dollars.
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