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Loose rivets

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Loose rivets

Old 12th Dec 2021, 02:30
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sincere thanks to the moderators for reinstating your 'score'
Seconded, thank you Mods.
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Old 12th Dec 2021, 08:40
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Originally Posted by Loose rivets View Post
v3v, thank you.

It's been some years now and while on this bit of life's chaotic ride, I requested carpel tunnel ops so that I might resume my piano efforts. The ops, a year or more, were totally successful done by my charming back surgeon. He remembered I'd wanted to see in my hand so had the folk move the sheet and lifted my arm. There, stretched open with something that might have been made by Stanley, was the quite dry inner workings - he bid me wiggle my fingers. Just amazing.

He timed the actual op at 7.5 minutes for one hand.

I'd argued that I could drive myself with the help of BMW Steptronic auto-box. Of course, they wouldn't hear of it, but I'd practised what it would be like for the 30 miles of winding countryside. Piece of cake. I imagined being in an accident and the police asking me how the @$^$%[email protected] I'd got my arm bandaged so quickly.

I spent some weeks looking at Yamaha dream machines with roller-action mechanisms. Teaching my granddaughter piano had made me realise just how lazy I'd been teaching myself. But now the internet had been invented and there were so many superb teaching sites that I resolved to really work at the basics this time around. Whatever is prodding at me in this reality arrived right on cue. Things didn't sound right. After unforgivable delays I found myself in front of a charming ear surgeon. It was all over, I'd never be able to hear music again. It seems the brain makes modifications uninvited. If the note can't be heard, it transplants the signal from a different frequency. Gee, thanks. Now everything sounded like it was played by Les Dawson. Chopin nocturnes that I could play reasonably well are utterly unrecognisable. The Proms are on toni . . . Oh, buggah. Still happens. Never really quite believe it.

Does anyone have a normal life? I think they do, but I'm not one of them. After the bombing raids stopped we moved 20 miles to Walton on the Naze. Wonderful wild garden with more fruit trees than you could shake a twig at, however, our house was a tad basic. Another Dawsonism might have been, I wouldn't say it was damp but we had to moor our beds to the walls. Cold? I suppose, but I just took scraping ice off the windows as the norm. Five minutes to the beach and gritty sandwiches along with meth flavoured tea. At least the summers were heaven. Frinton, and bringing the kids up was just a dream but life in general became chaotic in the extreme, a bit like I imagine being on the back of a bucking bronco . . . with no saddle.

Suddenly living in Austin Texas, I was annoyed I'd been pried away from my piano. I bought one. Then the Rivetess' 'involvement' in Texas had them moving into a huge old brown and brassy hotel that was owned by a bank. It was all but empty. It just happened that it had two 9' concert grands, totally maintained, and since I had no duties I could play whichever of the three took my mood. I should have seen the warning signs. I think using up one's allotment of good luck has to be done wisely, so having 400% more pianos (including the English one) than normal people is kind of teasing at the Karma moderators. But still, Stait Music just down the road might well consider any of my woes as little more than a hiccup. The business was right by the delightful stone-walled river that runs through Austin. Normally a trickle. One day it really rained. The sea of the finest pianos in Texas was gone, probably into the Rio Grande. Only one was ever found. There was a European Bosendorfer in pride of place. I imagine Rhapsody in Blue would have been breathtaking played on that. Learning that in 3 months would have been beyond my dreams. I recall thinking it was the best piece of music in the world when I was a teenager.

Gasp! 02:16 and F1 is early tomorrow. I must do an hour of Jimerson before calling it a day.
Aaah normal service has been resumed, along with your post count
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Old 13th Dec 2021, 00:48
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As well as amazing stories.


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Old 4th Mar 2022, 13:22
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Loose Rivets

I don't appear to have seen any postings from LR for quite a while.
Does anyone have any information about his well being ?
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Old 4th Mar 2022, 16:57
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Hope he is ok
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Old 4th Mar 2022, 17:51
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LR posted this on 21 February:

Loose rivets ongoing saga
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Old 5th Mar 2022, 02:26
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Oh, hello. That was well timed. Well, on the timescales that I work to these days.

After my grand re-entry last time, I suddenly found myself banned from R&N. I pressed various buttons many times but it seemed that my removal from the sensible site was definite. It was odd because I could remember writing a very short post about a question I was asked while doing the verbal for my American ATP. I think it may have been thread-drift, but nothing more. Unless of course the contents of my headbone are playing me up. Anyway, I popped in for a look now and then but really didn't feel much like cheery banter. Suddenly, a message from the top which may, or may not, have been because I wrote a questioning message to 'the management'. I'd all but forgotten it when suddenly I was reinstated.

It's a difficult time. Friends are becoming scarce. My two very close friends both drove my first car and now are faced with not driving anymore. One as of now and the other not at night and perhaps never. Another good friend doesn't feel confident about driving in Colchester, our nearest sizable town. I'm not surprised, it's become a revenue by fines system, with traps for even the most wary.

I had a pal in my teens - through to early 30's - who took himself to warmer climes. I got a call on Thursday from a local life-long pal that owns a motorcycle shop. It wasn't long before the conversation got round to the teens-pal and his Bugatti collection. He'd trusted me with his new silver Norton Dominator, a prized possession back ~1960. I was aware that he'd done well and had purchased a new but rare Bugatti some time ago which took pride of place in his office. He had a collection of various types to boot. A big collection. It seems that one or more of them was worth over a million quid. He had some yachts, a factory and a family. My local pal said, 'Did I tell you he was dead?'

He was such an amiable kind of chap when he was young. When he last visited 'home' we chatted as though the last 30 years hadn't happened, and we were back on Boxted airfield drag-racing an MGB. Well, patronising it, anyway. The thing about being incredibly successful and dying is still as real to me as it was when I was a kid. So much more annoying. Stands to reason, dunnit?

I was talking to my 'walking friend' yesterday. She'd had exactly the same horrible thought as me the day before, realising that she'd totally run out of people to see - that she hadn't already chatted to on the phone very recently. No one, though she hasn't reached the stage of talking to spiders yet. I do, despite knowing they haven't got ears. She's an OAP, but walks so $#%#% fast and gets cross with me when I can't keep up. She's got a First in Engineering but prefers talking to my won't-go-to-Colchester friend about the JET experiment rather than to me about space. I try to explain that mankind should understand the vacuum of space before . . . well, anything really. He has the advantage, having designed kit to focus the plasma thingy. He handed me a book the other day. Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw. Why does E=mc²? I thought it would be a bit simplistic, and in part it was, but every so often he'd slip in some jaw-dropping oddity that it made the chapter worth reading. A bit like Lisa Randall's Knocking on Heaven's Door. I had no idea how much the Eiffel Tower weighed until I read that. And was bewildered to find that one of CERN's machines weighs a lot more. IIRC, 23,000 tonnes vs the modest seven and a half thousand of the tower. Some folk just don't mind not knowing things. I was one of them but now seem to want to learn everything in the last few years. For example, in E=, the speed of sound is mentioned. Proportional to Temperature Absolute. Well, I knew that, it was the only formula we had to derive in the whole of the ALTP/ATPL. But Cox and Forshaw just happened to mention why. Obvious, when you know what molecules do to keep themselves amused.

I took my last remaining AVO 8 out the other day and was dismayed to find it was as dead as a Dodo. My best one is in Texas . . . possibly. Anyway, AVOs are fixable, no? Probably not. About five solid hours so far and more and more bits. Hmmm . . . 03:00 and in danger of rambling now I've signed in again. :-)

The pdf from AVO tells of the sheer brilliance of this instrument. It's hard to imagine just how much of the difficulty of reassembly will revolve around the overload device. If the 50 microamp movement gets thwanged hard over the only way they had then was a mechanical thing that tripped a cutout button. But then, this meter was £19 new in the box against the nearly 900 when they could no longer be economically produced.

That coil is wound on mu metal and the rectangular loop in the magnetic field, damps the movement. Imagine how clever the person who thought of that must have felt. Prior to that, meters were damped by Dashpot damping, a piston moving in a curved trough of air.

Well, somebody did wonder where I was.

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Old 5th Mar 2022, 09:56
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Aw, Rivets, nice to hear from you. I've missed your discursive style.
so, do tell, how do you fix an AVO if you haven't got another one?
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Old 5th Mar 2022, 10:15
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Oh dear! The dreadful irony of the picture of a beautiful AVO in pieces apparently being fixed with the assistance of a nasty, cheap, yellow plastic 'bought from the pound shop' multi meter.

Hope you get the AVO restored to it's full glory!
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Old 5th Mar 2022, 10:15
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Originally Posted by Piper.Classique View Post
Aw, Rivets, nice to hear from you. I've missed your discursive style.
so, do tell, how do you fix an AVO if you haven't got another one?
It's in the first picture - RHS.

Good to see you back, LR
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