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Loose rivets

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Loose rivets

Old 5th Dec 2021, 14:56
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Location: moraira,spain-Norfolk, UK
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They banned me for having been taught English by an elderly spinster.
esa-aardvark is online now  
Old 5th Dec 2021, 15:15
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See and avoid
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Glad you’re back. Sad to hear about the nasty side-effects.
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Old 5th Dec 2021, 15:31
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Originally Posted by nonsense View Post
Maybe the mods could have a little think about vanishing a very active poster aged over 80 without a trace! It's inevitable people will start to wonder and to worry...
I don't usually comment on mod actions, but this one was very insensitive.
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Old 5th Dec 2021, 16:26
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Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
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Very relieved and glad that you're still with us, Loose Rivets. As an "oldster" myself, I empathize completely with your aches, pains, and mental gymnastics. As my father was fond of saying "Life is pretty tough, but it's not so bad when one considers the alternatives!"

Please don't worry about the moderation situation; instead, I hope you find health, wealth, and happiness - and the time to enjoy them.

- Ed
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Old 5th Dec 2021, 16:41
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Thread Starter
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Thank goodness Loose Rivets you're back, and with an informative but not too enjoyable post . Just keep a handle on your health and be careful with the meds, and keep posting, when I look at your post count I'll just put 4k in front of it.
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Old 5th Dec 2021, 17:24
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Greeting from the next county LR.
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Old 5th Dec 2021, 22:17
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See and avoid
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I used to sleepwalk as a child, albeit never came to a bad end as a result.

Once, as a teenager I dreamed that I was playing volleyball, which I did as a youth, and managed to leap out of my bed and fall on the floor when dreaming about blocking the ball or returning it, I can’t recall which.

At any rate, hitting the floor brought me wide awake. It wasn’t a big drop.

The covid pandemic has caused a lot of anxiety, along with a lot of vivid, often bad dreams. So you may have had a really bad dream which coupled with thrashing around caused your injuries. It may seem crazy, but I have dreams in the last year or so that I haven’t finished college, or that I am at work yet haven’t managed to accomplish anything. I graduated. I’m retired. It’s the general anxiety that nags at me when I dream. It probably doesn’t help that I like to fall asleep listening to the news on my radio. :-(


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Old 5th Dec 2021, 22:29
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See and avoid
Join Date: Mar 2003
Location: USA
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Old 6th Dec 2021, 00:42
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Another vote for a reappraisal by the Mods. I don't often understand your posts on scientific matters LR, way above my level of ken, but always look forward to anything you do pen. Sad to read of your sufferings, but glad to see you're up and about, and writing.
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Old 6th Dec 2021, 04:35
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I thoroughly enjoy being taken along for the journey even though I don't understand half of it, but that's not the point, as answers just raise more questions that need answers and so on and so forth.
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Old 6th Dec 2021, 08:09
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Join Date: Oct 2018
Location: Uka Duka
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Good to see you back LR.
Jet Blast wouldn't be Jet Blast without a few loose rivets rattling around.

To your good health.
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Old 9th Dec 2021, 10:17
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Location: Just South Of Cambridge
Age: 78
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Having just picked up on this thread a belated welcome back Loose Rivets!

can I also say there are a couple of other prominent posters having been "offline"
for a while now, both refugees from the V force. Pontius Navigator and Tanker trash Nav.
not seen them since I got back up and running in July.
Are there any V Force Nav Rads here who could shed any light on this please?

Clive R (Ex NBS)
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Old 9th Dec 2021, 11:49
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Join Date: May 2006
Location: london
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PN alive and kicking on "the other place"
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Old 9th Dec 2021, 12:22
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Sorry, Clive, can't.
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Old 9th Dec 2021, 17:17
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Location: Lemonia. Best Greek in the world
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Good to have you back. One day you might be elevated to First Avenue.
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Old 10th Dec 2021, 15:52
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Location: long island
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Hello LR and all. I dearly miss skype visits, although I have not used that platform for nearly a year now.

Periodically I check this site to see what LR is up to, and this came as something of a shock, but am glad LR is alive if not alive and well.

LR has my email and should know that communication in that realm would not be unappreciated.

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Old 11th Dec 2021, 01:18
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Psychophysiological entity
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Location: Tweet Rob_Benham Famous author. Well, slightly famous.
Age: 82
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Heart-warming to read in during this difficult time. Thank you all.

fin! Good to hear you're okay. We certainly have a lot to catch up on.

Much in the same way that I've been arguing with skilled audiologists, as mentioned, I'd come up with an hypothesis about my bathroom antics, suggesting that just one antidepressant pill had been enough to suddenly resume a sleep state and all injuries were while I was thrashing about in a dream. I've just read one of the PDF's sent by my son. It focusses on a 40 year-old man who was injuring himself and his wife after starting a course. The wife had got her loving and clearly intelligent husband back after a long decent into depression but the battles he fought during the night needed the removal of furniture and sharp objects. The strange thing is he was so normal upon waking. He's clearly a lot more robust than me.

I Zoom once a week with some colleagues from the olden days and despite needing to use a headset, it dawned on me how well I was able to manage. I occasionally have to request a 'say again' but for the most part it's okay-ish. Not least for this reason I've protested about the hearing aids I've been presented with. Ungrateful it might be but I argue, strenuously, that if one older set allows me to hear myself, somehow, some way, with astonishing clarity, that means it's being sent to my brain. I ended up in a contest with the nice bloke I saw next, seeing who could grab the most relevant bits of a porcelain head on his desk. He seemed to warm to me and said he'd refer me on, though perhaps it was nervous laughter.

Back to a book I found I'd ordered some time ago on Kindle. He kicks off by going over some of the arguments for a fabric of space. Most mainstream astrophysicists will object to that 'fabric' word despite so many quotes implying a complex field structure. What's odd is my seemingly urgent need to find out what's going on. I hope there's not a PAT test for the afterlife.

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Old 11th Dec 2021, 01:42
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Location: Down Under somewhere not all that far from YPAD
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Good to see you back Rob; sincere thanks to the moderators for reinstating your 'score' .
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Old 11th Dec 2021, 01:56
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See and avoid
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Best wishes for the future.

Being able to listen to others helps keep one sane, so if you have hearing loss, please keep at least one ear open to suggestions.

I am glad that you can type, as I’ve never actually “heard” another PPRuNer in person.
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Old 12th Dec 2021, 01:17
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Psychophysiological entity
Join Date: Jun 2001
Location: Tweet Rob_Benham Famous author. Well, slightly famous.
Age: 82
Posts: 3,131
v3v, thank you.

It's been some years now and while on this bit of life's chaotic ride, I requested carpel tunnel ops so that I might resume my piano efforts. The ops, a year or more, were totally successful done by my charming back surgeon. He remembered I'd wanted to see in my hand so had the folk move the sheet and lifted my arm. There, stretched open with something that might have been made by Stanley, was the quite dry inner workings - he bid me wiggle my fingers. Just amazing.

He timed the actual op at 7.5 minutes for one hand.

I'd argued that I could drive myself with the help of BMW Steptronic auto-box. Of course, they wouldn't hear of it, but I'd practised what it would be like for the 30 miles of winding countryside. Piece of cake. I imagined being in an accident and the police asking me how the @$^$%[email protected] I'd got my arm bandaged so quickly.

I spent some weeks looking at Yamaha dream machines with roller-action mechanisms. Teaching my granddaughter piano had made me realise just how lazy I'd been teaching myself. But now the internet had been invented and there were so many superb teaching sites that I resolved to really work at the basics this time around. Whatever is prodding at me in this reality arrived right on cue. Things didn't sound right. After unforgivable delays I found myself in front of a charming ear surgeon. It was all over, I'd never be able to hear music again. It seems the brain makes modifications uninvited. If the note can't be heard, it transplants the signal from a different frequency. Gee, thanks. Now everything sounded like it was played by Les Dawson. Chopin nocturnes that I could play reasonably well are utterly unrecognisable. The Proms are on toni . . . Oh, buggah. Still happens. Never really quite believe it.

Does anyone have a normal life? I think they do, but I'm not one of them. After the bombing raids stopped we moved 20 miles to Walton on the Naze. Wonderful wild garden with more fruit trees than you could shake a twig at, however, our house was a tad basic. Another Dawsonism might have been, I wouldn't say it was damp but we had to moor our beds to the walls. Cold? I suppose, but I just took scraping ice off the windows as the norm. Five minutes to the beach and gritty sandwiches along with meth flavoured tea. At least the summers were heaven. Frinton, and bringing the kids up was just a dream but life in general became chaotic in the extreme, a bit like I imagine being on the back of a bucking bronco . . . with no saddle.

Suddenly living in Austin Texas, I was annoyed I'd been pried away from my piano. I bought one. Then the Rivetess' 'involvement' in Texas had them moving into a huge old brown and brassy hotel that was owned by a bank. It was all but empty. It just happened that it had two 9' concert grands, totally maintained, and since I had no duties I could play whichever of the three took my mood. I should have seen the warning signs. I think using up one's allotment of good luck has to be done wisely, so having 400% more pianos (including the English one) than normal people is kind of teasing at the Karma moderators. But still, Stait Music just down the road might well consider any of my woes as little more than a hiccup. The business was right by the delightful stone-walled river that runs through Austin. Normally a trickle. One day it really rained. The sea of the finest pianos in Texas was gone, probably into the Rio Grande. Only one was ever found. There was a European Bosendorfer in pride of place. I imagine Rhapsody in Blue would have been breathtaking played on that. Learning that in 3 months would have been beyond my dreams. I recall thinking it was the best piece of music in the world when I was a teenager.

Gasp! 02:16 and F1 is early tomorrow. I must do an hour of Jimerson before calling it a day.

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