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Hong Kong -- What does the future hold?

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Hong Kong -- What does the future hold?

Old 10th Jul 2020, 20:49
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Take away the freedoms the average middle income strata enjoy in China now and that ambivalence will met away quickly.
Why should that happen? The politburo are not going to rock the boat whilst things are going their way. In the last forty years 500,000 people have been brought from poverty to a style of life which the western world consider a worth living.
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Old 11th Jul 2020, 04:24
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Originally Posted by Fareastdriver View Post
Why should that happen? The politburo are not going to rock the boat whilst things are going their way. In the last forty years 500,000 people have been brought from poverty to a style of life which the western world consider a worth living.
All economic booms end.

Thereís also a fair bit of bad blood towards China from other nations re Covid. If some nations as theyíve indicated hold the Chinese accountable through economic means, thatís trickle down to the man on the street. Neither one of us knows whether thatíll occur or not, but it canít be discounted. The Japanese seem to be leading the pack on that.
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Old 12th Jul 2020, 09:39
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If the west had taken as much s..t from China as China did from thw west through virtually the whole of the 1800's and well into the 20th C then I'm damn sure that had the roles been reversed today, we would have succumbed to the temptation to throw our weight about. Tell me what's different between the English takeover of Canton (Guangzhou) and the current one in Hong Kong? Apart from, that is, opium & pepper spray.
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Old 12th Jul 2020, 10:22
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One could also have a read of the Concession Ares imposed on China by the Western powers and Japan.


Here is a map of Tianjin/Tientsin. I worked near Tianjin and you could still see the shadows of the old 'Tientsin Municipal Building' behind the modern Chinese equivalent. One advantage though. The was a German bierhaus where they still had the original brewing vats producing white and brown beer. Just opposite the old Tivoli theatre.

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Old 14th Jul 2020, 07:11
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It would seem democracy is now illegal in Hong Kong......


results from an unofficial election in Hong Kong seen as a referendum on the national security law imposed by Beijing appeared to show that the most votes were won by candidates who supported a strong identity for the city or advocated resistance to the Chinese government.

Among them was
Joshua Wong, 23, a pro-democracy campaigner who is denounced by Beijing as a traitor and was disqualified in the past from running for public office because of his political party’s support for Hong Kong’s self-determination.

Running in the district of Kowloon East, Mr Wong, possibly the best known activist in Hong Kong, came out on top with more than 30,000 votes in a preliminary tally. The full results are expected to be released today.

The poll, initiated by Benny Tai, a law professor, and Au Nok-hin, a former MP, was designed to pick the best slate of pro-democracy candidates to win a majority in the 70-seat city parliament in September.

More than 600,000 voters cast their ballots over the weekend, a turnout that was seen as a strong protest against Beijing’s national security law. The law proscribes sedition, secession, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces in the territory, all punishable with life in jail.

As the preliminary results were revealed last night, Carrie Lam, the city’s Beijing-appointed chief executive, said that a co-ordinated effort by democrats to win more than 35 seats in the Legislative Council might violate the national security law.

“If this so-called primary election’s purpose is to achieve the ultimate goal of . . . resisting every policy initiative of the Hong Kong . . . government, then it may fall into the category of subverting the state power, which is now one of the four types of offences under the new national security law,” Ms Lam said, according to the Hong Kong Free Press.......
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Old 19th Jul 2020, 04:55
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TikTok shelves plan for global HQ in Britain

The Chinese social media giant TikTok has broken off talks to open a global headquarters in Britain and create 3,000 jobs as a tit-for-tat economic war threatens to erupt between London and Beijing. Its parent company, ByteDance, had been in negotiations with the Department for International Trade and No 10 officials for several months. However, it suspended talks because of the “wider geopolitical context”, a source confirmed.

TikTok, a video-sharing app wildly popular among teenagers, has 800 million users worldwide but critics have warned of security risks because of its links to the Chinese state. Donald Trump’s administration is considering a ban on TikTok; India imposed one last month.

The development came as fresh hostilities broke out over the decision last week to ban the Chinese telecoms firm Huawei from Britain’s 5G network over security fears and also over Beijing’s imposition of a draconian security law on Hong Kong. In an escalation of tensions:
  • Communist Party officials warned that British firms operating in China, including Jaguar Land Rover, BP and GlaxoSmithKline, could face retaliation over Huawei
  • A minister told business groups last week that up to £50bn of future investment from China could be at risk if Beijing retaliates
  • Officials said they feared that Manchester University and eight others were on the brink of bankruptcy because they depended on Chinese students for more than 20% of their income
  • Ministers are preparing to suspend an extradition treaty with Hong Kong.
ByteDance, which is valued at up to $100bn, has been accused of working with Chinese police to produce propaganda videos whitewashing the country’s re-education camps for Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang.....

ByteDance has legally domiciled itself in the Cayman Islands to dispel the idea that it is a backdoor to Beijing’s security apparatus and its website avoids prominent mentions of China. Its next step was to establish a global headquarters outside China. Several sources say that London is — or was — the likeliest destination, having become home to other big tech players over the past decade. Google has a £1bn HQ in the capital. Amazon and Facebook also have big presences.

Tomorrow Dominic Raab, the foreign secretary, will give a statement to parliament in which he will signal that the government has concerns about the Hong Kong extradition treaty, which Beijing could use to try to silence dissent around the world. Priti Patel, the home secretary, is supportive of calls to suspend the treaty and the decision rests with the Home Office. A senior government source said: “It looks like suspension is very likely.”

The China Research Group, led by Tom Tugendhat, wrote to Raab calling on him to back the move, amid reports that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is dragging its feet. The letter, signed by more than 20 MPs, warns that the security law could be used to demand the extradition of anyone who criticises China’s regime, including journalists and human rights activists.

It says: “A number of our allies including Canada, the US and Australia have moved to suspend their extradition arrangements with Hong Kong. Others including New Zealand are reviewing their relations.”

Last night a source said ByteDance could revive the plans for a UK headquarters if relations between the West and China improved, adding that talks had been “constructive”. However, the source added: “We won’t be making a decision any time soon.”......
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Old 23rd Jul 2020, 19:35
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Beijing threatens block on UK passports issued in Hong Kong

China has threatened to reject the British-issued passports of Hong Kongers in response to Boris Johnson’s decision to allow three million citizens of the former colony to live and work in the UK.

The foreign ministry said it may not recognise British National Overseas passports as legal travel documents, in a new twist to the strained relations between London and Beijing.

“The UK side disregarded China’s solemn representations but insisted on engaging in political manipulation of BNO passports,” Wang Wenbin, from the Chinese foreign ministry, said. “It blatantly broke its promise in violation of international laws and basic principles of international relations and grossly interfered with Hong Kong affairs and China’s internal matters.”

Mr Wang added: “China strongly objects to it. Given that the UK side is the first to break the promise, China will consider not recognising BNO passports as valid travel documents, and we reserve the right to take further actions.”......
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Old 23rd Jul 2020, 19:38
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Donít these people also have Hong Kong passports? I thought everyone would have had dual passports. No way to stop them then. Leave on Hong Kong passport and arrive on BNO passport
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Old 27th Jul 2020, 11:15
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Mark Lutter on Hong Kong in Ireland

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Old 31st Jul 2020, 06:39
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Passport veto as China says UK has poisoned relations

China will stop recognising British National Overseas passports as valid travel documents, its ambassador to London warned, potentially trapping up to three million people in Hong Kong.

Liu Xiaoming accused Britain of breaking the terms of the handover agreement with Beijing by offering residents eligible for the BNO passport five-year visas and a route to British citizenship. “Since the UK violated the pledge and commitment on BNO we have to take other measures not to recognise the BNO as a valid travel document,” he said.....

Mr Liu would not be drawn on the implications for BNO passport holders seeking to leave using Hong Kong or Chinese travel documents. He insisted the move was not a threat, castigating the British press for reporting his warnings of “consequences” for the ban on Huawei’s participation in the 5G network as well as for the decision offering citizenship.

“We make no threats. We threaten no one,” he said. “We just let you know the consequences.”......

Mr Liu’s warnings came as election authorities in Hong Kong announced the mass disqualification of well-known pro-democracy candidates from running in elections for the city parliament scheduled for September 6. Joshua Wong, 23, one of the most prominent young activists, was among 12 candidates disqualified, a day after four others aged 16 to 21 were arrested under the new security law.

Authorities said the candidates had been barred for advocating Hong Kong’s independence, lobbying foreign governments, objecting to the new national security law and refusing to recognise Beijing’s sovereignty over the territory......

Lord Patten of Barnes, the last governor of Hong Kong, called the disqualifications “an outrageous political purge of Hong Kong’s democrats”. In elections for local councils last year, Hong Kong voters chose overwhelmingly to support pro-democracy candidates while those supporting Beijing were trounced.

“The national security law is being used to disenfranchise the majority of Hong Kong’s citizens,” Lord Patten said. “It is obviously now illegal to believe in democracy although this is what Beijing promised in and after the joint declaration.”

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Old 10th Aug 2020, 07:01
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Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai arrested under new national security law

One of Hong Kong’s most strident pro-democracy figures has been arrested and the newspaper he runs searched by police in a stark escalation by authorities enforcing new national security laws brought in by Beijing.

The raid on Apple Daily, Hong Kong’s largest pro-democracy daily paper, and arrest of Jimmy Lai were condemned by activists and journalists, who said they marked “the day press freedom officially died”.....

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Old 10th Aug 2020, 07:20
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Hong Kong: Five Eyes countries the U.K., U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand have issued a joint statement calling on Hong Kong to reinstate candidates disqualified from upcoming Legislative Council elections. The statement links the ban on candidates to Beijing’s new national security law, which they say is “eroding the Hong Kong people’s fundamental rights and liberties.”

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Old 10th Sep 2020, 07:17
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Top designer brands desert Hong Kong in droves

Some of the world’s top brands have pulled out of Hong Kong’s prime shopping district amid an economic crisis brought about by protests against China’s increasingly authoritarian rule over the territory.

Rolex, Omega, La Perla, and Kiehl’s have all closed their stores in Causeway Bay, following in the footsteps of Prada, which left its Russell Street shop in February. Valentino has closed its flagship store, while Tiffany & Co and Chow Tai Fook also have pulled down the shutters on their outlets in upmarket areas of the city......

The number of visitors fell by 99 per cent in the second quarter because of the city’s restrictive travel rules. Tourists have also avoided the former British colony on account of the tumult caused by demonstrations against Beijing’s new security law, which restricts the rights of citizens.

Paul Chan, the city’s financial secretary, has said the depth and the length of the economic recession have exceeded expectations, with restaurants, retail and tourism hit the hardest.

Any recovery appears to be a long way off. Cathay Pacific, the territory’s flagship airline, plans to park as many as half of its 180-plane fleet in long-term storage in desert locations such as Alice Springs in Australia, according to the South China Morning Post.

Meanwhile, more US businesses are considering leaving. Almost 40 per cent of the 154 firms surveyed by the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong said they had plans to move capital, assets or operations out of the city.

“The trend for companies considering leaving Hong Kong has become more pronounced,” the survey report said. “In sum, a larger proportion of individuals have considered leaving compared to companies“.

Of those companies considering leaving, about five-sixths are thinking about doing so in the medium to long run,” the report said......
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Old 10th Sep 2020, 22:24
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Why do we in the UK even care.. apart from some business links and huge corporate we have zero interest east of suez.. let the yanks deal with it
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Old 10th Sep 2020, 22:43
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Originally Posted by SARF View Post
Why do we in the UK even care.. apart from some business links and huge corporate we have zero interest east of suez.. let the yanks deal with it
Well you are commenting on a post in the Hong Kong thread so... duh!!
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Old 11th Sep 2020, 02:31
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So far the Chinese government are belligerent towards the USA, UK, Australia, Taiwan, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Canada. Have I left anyone out ?
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Old 11th Sep 2020, 03:08
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South Korea by the my friend's enemy is my enemy rule.
New Zealand and now Zimbabwe probably in the wings.
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Old 23rd Oct 2020, 13:34
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Up to 1,000,000 people could arrive in UK from Hong Kong from January

Up to one million people from Hong Kong could emigrate to the UK in the next five years under new visa arrangements, according to official estimates. Some 500,000 could arrive in the first year after the visa becomes available in January, the estimations from Home Office officials suggest.

The findings are part of an impact assessment carried out by the department after plans were set out to allow British National (Overseas) (BNO) citizens and their relatives who live in Hong Kong to apply for visas to live and work in the UK. Officials have stressed that these figures are at the high end of their estimations and may not be reached, particularly because there is a high degree of uncertainty over how many people will take up the offer, given the coronavirus pandemic and other factors.

The assessment also gives ‘central range’ figures, anticipating between 123,000 and 153,700 people could arrive in the first year, with between 258,000 and 322,400 over five years. At the lower end of the scale, the department estimates as few as 4,000 people could come to the UK in the first year, with up to 9,000 over five years. The net impact from the arrivals could be between £2.4 billion and £2.9 billion in revenue to the UK over five years, with the majority coming from extra taxes being paid, according to the findings.....

Around three million people are thought to be eligible for BNO status and there are around 366,000 passports in circulation.

From January, BNOs and their immediate family can apply for 30-month or five-year visas to live, work and study in the UK and can seek British citizenship once they have been in the country for more than five years. They will not need a job or a valid passport to apply. They can use an expired passport to provide their identity or the Home Office has pledged to help confirm the status of those without documentation.

Although applicants will be able to access healthcare and go to school, they will not initially have access to benefits and will need to prove they can support themselves financially for the first six months of their stay. They also have to provide a tuberculosis test certificate and show a commitment to speaking English. Criminal history will be taken into account but it is unclear how immigration officials will view convictions for participating in protests, which constitute breaking China’s national security laws.

Applicants will have to pay for the visa and the immigration health surcharge. If they wish to remain in the country permanently they will need to later pay a settlement fee of around £2,400. It is unclear what support may be offered to applicants with financial difficulties......


UK gives details of new visa offering many Hongkongers pathway to citizenship

Britain has announced details of a new visa for Hong Kong people who hold British National (Overseas) passports and close family members, confirming their right to work or study in the UK for up to five years as a pathway to full citizenship.

London originally announced plans to extend the immigration rights of BNO holders on July 1st, the day after China imposed a draconian national security law on Hong Kong. A local activist group described the new visa, open for applications from January 31, as generous.

The cost of the visa has been set lower than many others. A five-year visa will cost £250 (HK$2,532) per person. Applicants will also be able to apply for a 30-month visa which will cost £180 per person. Like other nationals moving to the UK, BN (O) citizens will have to show they can support themselves and their dependants financially for at least six months.

The new visa scheme also extends to a BN (O) holder’s adult children, their spouses and their underaged children. It may also extend to relations such as grandparents and siblings where a high level of dependency can be shown.......

Kezia Daley, a UK immigration specialist, called the new arrangements unique.

The fees applied are incredibly low in comparison to other routes into the UK and can be seen as a direct response to China and its recent actions… The UK is clearly attempting to send a message that it intends to protect the special and enduring ties the UK has with the BN (O) citizens of Hong Kong,” Daley said......

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Old 23rd Oct 2020, 14:57
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Well that good news, we will need people to replace the EU workers we are about to chuck out. Hope some of them are bricklayers....

Priti Patel has overruled immigration experts who recommended easing Brexit visa controls on bricklayers, masons and welders because of skills shortages.

The Home Secretary has rejected a recommendation from the Governmentís independent advisor that these key trades be included on the UKís shortage occupation list (SOL).
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Old 23rd Oct 2020, 15:04
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Originally Posted by WB627 View Post
Well that good news, we will need people to replace the EU workers we are about to chuck out. Hope some of them are bricklayers....
We can always train up the immigrants arriving in record numbers in Kent. I'm sure they will be glad to have jobs in the building trade.
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