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Scruffy PM at Cenotaph today

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Scruffy PM at Cenotaph today

Old 12th Nov 2019, 09:19
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As had been said, lots of people just don't carry cash, I even buy a stamp at my local post office using my card.

Perhaps using card readers in conjunction with free wifi hotspots, or companies/shops allowing access to their wifi for the day might help. I see collectors in my local supermarket, it would be a nice gesture from the supermarket to give them access to wifi for card readers etc. Card readers not really expensive, I have one I paid about 19 for it and again perhaps these companies could donate readers for the cause.

Just a thought.

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Old 12th Nov 2019, 09:32
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davews: There is a difference between Remambrance Day and Armistice Day, which is what you are referring to.
Armistice Day was and always will be set for November 11th, with that being declared the end of fighting in WW1.
Remembrance Day came about on the 2nd Sunday in November (the closest to Nov 11th) during WW2 as the government didn't want weekdays observing Armistice Day taking workers away from the munitions output effort. At the end of WW2 it was decided to leave Remembrance Day as it was, partly because it was felt that to stick rigidly to Nov 11th would leave an impression that it was only about WW1.
I have to take exception to your comments re other conflicts being "tagged on". I left behind something like 30 colleagues in Aden (I say "colleagues" as they were not all close mates of mine but 3 were actual mates).
As for those crippled or killed in Iraq or Afghanistan; whether you agreed with those conflicts or not (and I didn't agree with Iraq 2003), they gave their futures in service of their country and they have every right to be remembered.
Shame on you!
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Old 12th Nov 2019, 09:58
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Originally Posted by Phantom Driver View Post
Yes indeed , needs to be addressed if sales are to increase . At the stall I approached , the lovely old ladies had no change to give ; " not allowed to hold a float" . Luckily I found some coins at the bottom of my bag and managed to pay for mine .

Another quirk--she said " we are not allowed to touch the cash ; it has to be deposited straight into the box " . I didn't query the reasoning behind that one . Maybe someone can enlighten .
The collector outside our local supermarket certainly had change. He gave me a 5 note in exchange for a 10 one.
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Old 12th Nov 2019, 11:57
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I don't own this space under my name. I should have leased it while I still could
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We used to collect for Marie Curie. They also introduced sealed pots and wanted 'secure' accounting. In our case it was impracticable. If we had a witness, who was to vet the witness?

Once you have established a norm for your area, year on year they could soon spot if you weren't banking all the take.

We had a suggested price for daffodils or pins and they knew how much was supplied. We often ran out.

A couple of years our dogs collected too. They sat with pot at tray at one end of the shops and we at the other. They did quite well.
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Old 12th Nov 2019, 12:08
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Well said - and remembered.
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Old 12th Nov 2019, 15:32
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Originally Posted by Tankertrashnav View Post
Talking of change, when I bought a couple of poppies for Mrs TTN and myself at the supermarket petrol station till I stuffed a fiver into the tin. The chap said "I could have given you change from the till - they are only 1 each" I told him I thought that they were not priced, but people could donate what they could afford, be it 10p or 100. Was I wrong? I never knew that there was any "fixed price" for a poppy.
TTN - Recalling your Scottish connections, you may well be aware that the poppies sold in Scotland are made for Poppy Scotland, the Scottish Poppy Appeal rather than the Royal British Legion, by Lady Haig's Poppy Factory. They are also made to a slightly different squarer design, and the simple straightforward poppy has no leaf, both since this is considered botanically incorrect as well as costing money that would be better spent elsewhere.

As you rightly say, people donate what they feel they can afford, or perhaps feel appropriate, although I seem to recall my Father explaining that there used to be four different types on sale in Scotland in the 1950s and the 60s, with the plain poppy going for an (expected) penny, more detailed ones for sixpence or a shilling, and a much larger one for attachment to a car radiator, whose price I don't recall.

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Old 13th Nov 2019, 00:48
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Actually I didn't know that about Poppy Scotland (or more likely I used to know, but I have forgotten!) - thanks. I do know that they used to have the letters 'H.F.' for Haig Fund in the centre. These disappeared some years ago, probably because of the present day toxic, but not entirely deserved, reputation of General Haig. I seem to remember that the poppies of my youth were of a rather nicer material than the present ones, but I hasten to add I am not saying more should be spent on the present poppies, they are, after all, just a symbol of remembrance, for which we make a donation.
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Old 13th Nov 2019, 08:19
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I don't own this space under my name. I should have leased it while I still could
Join Date: Dec 2002
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Remember we see less poppies as clothing and dress style, not to mention health and safety, have all conspired to reduce the numbers we see worn. How many sport button holes? How many people will pin a poppy to an annorak, shirt or dress. And of course who has a pin these days?

The trend to modern metal pins to some extent addresses this provided it is not a one-off purchase. I bought an affinity pin incorporating the poppy last year; it cost 3 of which I think about 1 went to the RBL. You can also buy some stunning jewellery poppies, made in all probability in China, but only a fraction of the cost to the RBL.

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