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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Old 1st Oct 2019, 13:23
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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020


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Old 1st Oct 2019, 16:11
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The article says that the last version of Microsoft Flight Simulator was launched in 2014, but that was actually just a release of Flight Simulator X to the Steam platform, and there have been some content updates too. So this will be the first new FS version since 2006. I honestly thought that Microsoft were dropping FS, so this was a pleasant surprise.
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Old 1st Oct 2019, 21:08
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I came across a YouTube video featuring this new system recently. It's gorgeous. The graphics are amazing. Almost real but you need a high end PC.

But if you ever really flew an aeroplane there is no comparison.

I remember once on an early bright morning getting airborne, noting that the scenery looked almost high definition, HD.

But it was real. It was a weird moment when I realised that graphics and reality are so close.

But you still can't die on a sim. Even if the WX goes pear shaped.


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Old 1st Oct 2019, 22:53
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Here's some pre-alpha footage. I joined the Insider program today, though I expect I'll have to dial back the settings somewhat from the demo if they let me try it:

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Old 2nd Oct 2019, 17:47
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Aeros aren't quite as much fun on a sim

You can't die on a sim thankfully (ultra-realism mode?) so it's fun playing around "flying" some heavy machinery into places some of us would never be able to in reality.
Setting up ridiculously extreme weather conditions for attempted landings can be amusing for a while too
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Old 6th Sep 2020, 23:25
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MSFS 2020 Wow

Bought it and it's simply staggering, as an example watch this from 3-30, that's in game clouds, not some fancy loading screen, in fact they are all in game shots, need a better graphics card on my pc, but thats in hand

more to seriously show it off

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Old 7th Sep 2020, 07:58
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Agreed - now seriously addicted

Have perfected the "dirty dive" into St Barts though......
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Old 7th Sep 2020, 12:23
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Hmmm, I'm going to need to build a new computer to run this... Nutloose, which graphics card are you looking at?
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Old 7th Sep 2020, 13:28
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Originally Posted by Eclan View Post
Those graphics look amazing. One time after a long haul flight while waiting for our bags, one of the CC mentioned his plan to go home and arc up his MSFS. I asked what for, he'd just spent 8 hrs on a jet and it was 0600. He said he'd fire up the 744 sim, program the FMC to LAX, taxi out, take off, engage the A/P and set course. After top of climb, he'd go to bed and wake up in the afternoon, having had his "crew rest" and go check on his flight. Then he'd "check in" on some sort of airspace app, manned by human nerds who acted as simulated ATC for the simulated flights around the world and they would clear him for step climbs, weather diversions, hand him off, etc. After 14 hours or so of simulated flight his 744 would be ready for descent and approach into LAX, all controlled by these nerds. He knew all about the Boeing FMC, the pages, how to work it etc. I was impressed...... and a bit disturbed, at the efforts today's flight sim nerd will go to.
You think its very nerdy, just a hobby though. No more or less productive than someone walking around a field for 8 hours wearing salmon coloured clothes hitting a ball with a stick at some flags
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Old 7th Sep 2020, 13:55
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Originally Posted by VariablePitchP View Post
You think it’s very nerdy, just a hobby though. No more or less productive than someone walking around a field for 8 hours wearing salmon coloured clothes hitting a ball with a stick at some flags
Not to mention the blokes (it always seems to be blokes) stood in the lay-by, right by the wire at the end of the runway at BDN most working days. The photographers I can understand, but these blokes always seemed to be there in the hope of spotting some minute detail that might be different on one of the trials A/C. Always fun seeing them rush to take snaps if flying over them with some new bit of kit hanging off the A/C. Almost like the mythical reported behaviour of penguins falling over backwards on the Falklands.
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Old 7th Sep 2020, 14:18
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Originally Posted by Out Of Trim View Post
Hmmm, I'm going to need to build a new computer to run this... Nutloose, which graphics card are you looking at?
Looking at the new RTX3080 that comes out in about 10 days, it costs about 650 which might seem expensive, but it is replacing and runs at about double the speed of the RTX2080 TI model which cost about 1,400.. I feel for people that just bought the 2080, some on ebay were bidding on ones that hadn't ended when the announcement was made and they were already 100's over the price of the new card.

You will need a fast internet connection too to download the landscape graphics as it upates from the web ( 60mbps) the reason being.......

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s new engine adds far more detailed models, higher resolution textures, more realistic lighting. It creates a far more detailed world, from trees with individual leaves, to moving traffic on roads, to wild animals in fields, plains, and forests. It also opens up the entire globe to fly in, letting pilots select from any of the 40,000+ airports, located in more than two million cities. Each is rendered accurately to their real-life counterparts using more than three petabytes of real-world satellite imagery that Microsoft’s Bing maps utilize, as well as 3D photogrammetry data, with the smallest elements in the world rendered at just three centimetres. This will deliver deeply detailed three-dimensional buildings and natural features for pilots to explore from high above and in low altitude passes.Alongside using the latest maps from Bing to generate a realistic world, Microsoft and Asobo will also leverage real time weather data to create up to the minute weather conditions in sim. While individual clouds won’t be tracked and rendered, the sim will factor in precipitation, wind direction and speed, humidity, and more, to generate the kind of weather in-sim that is being experienced by real pilots in the real world, in real time.

Rainbows, storms, turbulence, and more will all be rendered and experienced dynamically in-sim based on the latest weather data from a multitude of tracking sources, making the skies of Flight Simulator 2020 the most realistic and up to date experience possible with modern technology.

This isn’t just a flight simulator, it’s a real-time weather tracking tool that is being utilized to fly virtual planes in. It’s an astounding achievement even in its earliest incarnations and if Asobo and Microsoft can remotely pull it off, this could be a landmark sim in a genre that has generated some serious landmark experiences in its history.
There are 1,024 terabytes (TB) in a petabyte -- or 1 million gigabytes (GB)
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Old 7th Sep 2020, 15:07
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efforts today's flight sim nerd will go to.
You would be surprised how many commercial pilots are keeping up their skills flying for their virtual airline, and using all of the planning, dispatch, fuel and procedural elements of a scheduled flight. I am personally aware of a pilot who had retired with many 1000's of hours and who was quite willing to share his knowledge with a new generation of "Nerds", several of whom have gone on to be professional commercial pilots including flying the B747.

Many of the controllers operating in the virtual environment are already licensed in the real world, and some perform that function every day.

Some "Simmers" may and some may not, make it commercially, some may be unfit "Nerds" who once had a dream, but they all enjoy flying.​​​

Labelling people as "Nerds" suggests that you would not be prepared to help people up the aviation knowledge ladder, even though many people helped you.

You might want to rethink your attitude to flying "Nerds"

IG - Now a retired flying "Nerd".
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Old 7th Sep 2020, 15:14
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Not very entertaining without the turbulence effect on my chair at the computer
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Old 7th Sep 2020, 15:16
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Real view beside the simulator view, shows how good it is.

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Old 8th Sep 2020, 01:33
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I hadn't flown for years. Never gave much thought to having a job again but a pal was working for a company oooop north and suggested I came and had some fun. But now there was the issue of remembering how to fly.

I pootled with a little piece of software called ATP. They bemoaned the fact that someone had stolen their, quite good, software and would be going out of business. I had a joystick that must have cost $10, and a lot of computer stuff left over from my CAD company. It all started to come back but was very vague. A very good pal came in with his arms laden with a new joystick and Flight Sim. It's about the year 2000, and don't know what version, though fairly recent.

I got the hang of it and amused myself for some time, but now some work. The deal was I flew their Shed for the rest of the summer and then they'd train me on the ATR. I'd got some time on Sheds and could set it up fairly well. For some reason, I plumped for LBA. It was a field I'd been into many times flying the F27. I set runway 15, with a wind about 30 off to the right. Quite stiff, 30 kts aloft tapering to 15 at DH.

It turned out it was a bit of a fag to change the weather, so I didn't bother. I did many dozens of ILS's etc., on Rwy 15. I imagined everything horrible happening that is known to happen to people who fly. Then some. I grew board and put it all away.

I appeared in Newcastle and got sent to Leeds Bradford. Hmmm . . . stayed in the biggest wooden building in the UK. Nice it was. Went to meet the training captain at a civilised hour. The era of security had begun. I was not used to it. I used to wander over downed fences at Gatwick to get to me DC3.(which once contained millions in newly printed notes) Now I was being challenged with a flying question to make sure the licence I was waving was really mine. "What is the lowest height over a built up area etc., etc." I searched back to my PPL days and fished out the answer. I was IN. On an airfield again, after nearly a decade. I was told to turn right. "But but the airport is . . ." "RIGHT!" Okay, right it was. A Portacabin. Okay, looks rather smart. Knock knock. "It's the next one". Oh, but but etc. There were a myriad 40 gallon drums and way back, hidden in the metal slew was a . . . an erection. It was the most modest Portacabin I'd ever seen. Kind of leany, and rippled. I knocked on the door.

It's the thing about life. One learns to expect the unexpected, but is still often handed a surprise. The interior was dry, it had maps on the wall, and manned by quite simply the nicest bloke I'd ever had the pleasure to aviate with.

I got the weather, and it sounded strangely familiar. It stayed exactly 30 off from the right for two days flying. I didn't say a word. This is when I learned that Flight Sim had a potential. I swear, I never had to give a moment's thought to intercept angles, time in the hold, teardrops or any what have you, they were all exactly as per the computer in my den.

You're probably astonished to hear that I chatter a little. So does my new trainer. We talked about all-sorts as the wind reliably changed from 15 to 30 kts at 2,000'. After several full procedures, he suddenly shouts, "You're freaking me out! You're arriving back at the beacon within 2 seconds accuracy every time." I said nowt then, but told him a few weeks later.

When I see what MSFS has become, it make me rue my decision to go to America even more. I'd got a house that we'd run our company from, rooms devoted to big screen computers. Suppliers that took me seriously and a current licence. I got an astonishing response to a call to the local school. Parents were interested in the idea of training. And this is 20 years ago. But I went. If only MS would come up with a time travel program. Perhaps, like Baldric, I'd make it really work.
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Old 8th Sep 2020, 09:18
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I have flown them off and on for years and just find it so relaxing, especially this version with the built in landing competitions and the sight seeing opportunities.

Eclan, nearest for you is DCS, its a free download, but you can add scenery and aircraft.


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Old 8th Sep 2020, 11:16
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Had a few PC flight simulators in the past, even went the full nerd for a little while, but I'm not a fan of MS-FS.
On one version of MS-FS I even purchased a 3rd-party local scenery add-on (cost more than the game) which made the game a little more interesting, however I just find MS-FS to be way too clinical and ultimately dull to play regardless of the artificial eye-candy "out the window".
Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator was a bigger POS.

My favourite PC flight simulator before I gave up on them all was European Air War. The flying was actually loads of fun. I used to enjoy flying the Messerschmidt 262 jet and taking one's chances antagonising a fleet of B17 bombers with P51s trying to catch your tail. A memorable moment was taking my PC to work on a weekend and hooking it all up to the conference room big screen and sound system. The loud sound of the Me262 cannons saw the police arrive with a request to turn it down.

Now the nerd bit. At one stage I scored a real F-111 control grip (ex surplus) and from that built a custom flight control system around it with full linear movement (stick, rudder, throttle), coolie hat trim, buttons galore, even an ejection handle, all of which needed two cables, one into the games port and one into a special keyboard I modified with an RS232 port. Then USB came along and my system wouldn't work on new kit but I couldn't be arsed with it any more.

Simulated computer realism, no matter how well it's done, is just that and doesn't particularly excite me anymore. However, I do recognise that MS-FS is also a great tool for learning about some of the basics, and for that they should be commended, but you don't need over the top graphics to achieve that.

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Old 8th Sep 2020, 16:40
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Ohhh deer CattleTruck, still have the discs somewhere... EAW Flying around killing deer
I was into IL2 and used to do the skins for it, had over 30,000 downloads of my paintschemes.
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Old 8th Sep 2020, 17:32
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I've been learning to use the new 2020 version of MSFS for about a week. The scenery is brilliant and the weather effects are amazing, especially icing on the airframe and windscreen. The modern avionics are so good that, unless you are familiar with them for real, they are difficult to learn. There are some annoying weaknesses:

The pause feature doesn't really pause everything so, when you unpause, especially after a long pause, the aircraft goes out of control and is likely to crash. I am told that this is because you can't pause real weather.
The accelerate simulation function doesn't seem to work at all. You have to use the slew function once you are on the right course.
The map function is very weak except when you zoom into airports to see the taxiways. I understand that there is a free app. which does provide excellent maps.
All the aircraft I have flown so far seem too low to the ground from the cockpit. This makes them much easier to land than the real aircraft. I haven't tried anything bigger than the Citation so far.
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Old 8th Sep 2020, 20:43
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Is this bad boy being released with the new X box ? So it could be on a huge tv ?
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