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Originally Posted by mcdhu View Post
In the days of steam (yes I am that old) it was not uncommon for passengers to tip the grimy and exhausted driver and fireman when they walked past the locomotive after a lengthy trip from, say, Edinburgh to Kings Cross which was around 8 hours non-stop (The Flying Scotsman).
Personally I'd stay quiet on that one. Wouldn't want any of the low-cost carriers seeing this as a way of paying pilots.
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I first flew into Madeira in the late 1980s (TAP, 737) and not only did the cabin break into applause on landing but a good many of the local pax crossed themselves more than once on final approach. This may have something to do with it

Not surprised the practice continues!
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Biggest laugh I've had in a long time Nightstop. Er, I take it that your post was tongue-in-cheek?
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Iíll vouch for the Alitalia comments. Have experienced it quite a few times.
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It is caused by nothing else that a release from nervous tension. Load of scared once a year passengers after gripping the sides of their seats for the previous hour or so.
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Presumably the likelihood of experiencing the clap after landing depends on the destination ?
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With respect, your experienced SLF daughter has no experience whatsoever of piloting an aircraft into a Cat C airport, anywhere.
And I don't suppose any of the other pax had, either, but they applauded.
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My instructor applauded one of my landings once...
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I have had, very rarely, a pilot say "Thank You" after a good GCA in claggy conditions whilst he was short of fuel.

Never got a beer out of it, IIRC.

The pleasures of being in the Flying Prevention Branch of the RAF, of course.
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I often get a round of applause after a tour of London, having succesfully navigated a 14m coach round the capital without hitting anything or anyone (easier said than done) although as the tour guide is usually prattling away in German for all I know he could be saying 'clap if you think the driver is a complete [email protected]'
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In 1990 I saw a C141 Starlifter land at Robins AFB with one main leg missing. (It was left behind in Panama on take off).
The dual carriageway road next to the AFB was packed with people to see it land. When it touched down on one main leg and the nose gear, the people started applauding and cheering. I pointed out to a woman next to me that was cheering and saying that the pilot had saved all the people on board, that the interesting bit was yet to come with lowering the wing and outboard engine onto the runway.
All turned out well with the No. 4 engine taking all the damage.
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I recall a report from many years ago ; DC 10 at some South American airport . Wet runway after recent Tx. Floated.... greased it on.....much clapping from pax ; still clapping (apparently) as it ran off the end into the ravine following inevitable aquaplane .
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Just looking at the size and wield of modern aircraft I am always surprised that pilots manage to land them (mostly) tidily again and again and again and . . . . . . . . . Even though I understand wing in ground effect, flaps, lift dumpers (do they still call them that?) etc the idea that you can start in one place, fly exactly to another five thousand miles away and hit a small patch of concrete from about thirty thousand feet up and not break anything is so astonishing we should never take it for granted. That we can do so over and over blows my mind.

I always want to clap on touchdown.
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Originally Posted by Officer Kite View Post
I personally cringe seeing passengers applaud landings.
First time I joined in that was a landing in which the only way we knew we'd arrived on the runway was that the noise from the wheels started up - we didn't feel a thing. The pilot acknowledged the applause by waving the handkerchief he'd been using to wipe the condensation off the windscreen.

(A Trislander at Alderney.)

Mind you, I've subsequently done landings like that myself ... and diagnosed them as "too fast, too flat".
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I donít think Iíve ever been on a domestic flight anywhere in South America where people didnít applaud.
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Dunno if it still happens but landings in (Windy) Wellington NZ have been known to raise a cheer, the alternative being a detour and long coach trip.
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Originally Posted by MPN11 View Post
I have had, very rarely, a pilot say "Thank You" after a good GCA in claggy conditions whilst he was short of fuel.

Never got a beer out of it, IIRC.

The pleasures of being in the Flying Prevention Branch of the RAF, of course.
Yep, with you there 100% ole boy!

Mind you I did once get the comment:

"Great Talkdown - shame the runway's 7500ft wide and only 150ft long...."

I ask you!
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I first came across this on communist era Eastern European flights. Looking at the aircraft I could understand the gratitude expressed. I saw an aging Ukrainian pilot kiss the nose wheel on one landing.
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We all clapped on landing in LHR on the last Libyan Arab Airlines 727 out of Tripoli!
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You guys who know what you're doing have no idea how those of us experiencing 35,000 ft of nothing between us and the ground and with little to no idea of how we've managed to stay up there that long feel once we are back on terra firma..We might be applauding the landing, we might be applauding the pilot but just a likely there's a fair few applauding God (insert deity as required) for another miracle successfully accomplished ...
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