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Coming late to the party, but ny tuppence has to be Bosch. We bought the cordless 43 Li 6 years ago and it still does the business. Had 3 blades during that time an we bought it complete with 2 batteries and a charger. Since then, I have bought, st discount when spotted various additional batteries, so that when necessary i can have 6 batteries available.
The back garden usually needs at least 2, often more. Problem is we have an OCD neighbour where gardens are concerned and we realised early on that there was no point in "competing" so let him bust a gut picking up individual leaves or petals.
I've now reached that point in life where I can afford a gardener to take the effort out, and just keep the lawn going, while he does the heavy stuff.
Our hedge trimmer takes me the best part of a morning to do one side, he's done it in half an hour, but I'm not going to pay silly money for a professional piece of kit just to keep our hedges in check.
Life now is pleasant, I do what i want, he does the rest, and will probably increase his workload as I have to accept a reduction in mine. Plus we still have 7 weeks in Spring and Summer at our place in Spain.
G Tech? Dunno, try Bosch cordless or petrol if necessary.
Petrol works and whatever length of grass you have, cordless can't always hack it, or uses all 6 batteries, plus faffing around if grass is wet (and the longer it is the more moisture it seems to retain).
Bosch don't run expensive ads, but if you do go cordless think of having a battery system that can be sued not only for lawn but hedge trimmers, strimmers, chain saw etc.
But it's your choice.
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"Towards a corded version as I only have a small lawn."

Badly worded on my part. I meant in comparison to a petrol mower.

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