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Unusual check-in items

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Unusual check-in items

Old 12th Jul 2017, 17:15
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Unusual check-in items

You're checking in what?
A man has successfully checked in a can of beer as his only luggage on a domestic flight in Australia.

The man, identified in media as Dean Stinson, said he and a friend had come up with the idea as a joke.

The can arrived, tagged and unopened, as the first item on the baggage carousel at Perth Airport after a four-hour journey from Melbourne.

The airline, Qantas, said it did not encourage other travellers to follow suit.

"This guy's done it and he's won the internet for the day, so we're happy to move on," a spokesman said in a statement to the BBC.
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Old 13th Jul 2017, 01:30
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I checked in an umbrella once, one of the cheap transparent Japanese disposable ones (500 or so, about $5). My wife loves them and tries to buy one whenever we're in Japan. We'd checked our bags in and then the checkin agent said, "oh, so sorry, you can't take that in your hand baggage" (even though neither of us is Bulgarian). So they wrapped it up in layer after layer of bubble wrap, then tagged it. I even have a picture somewhere.
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Old 13th Jul 2017, 04:01
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I had that happen in Mumbai once. I bought it in YVR, Global trip ended for me in Mumbai with an airline flight home. Agent and security refused my attempt to hand carry the umbrella, nice one, too. Wrapped in a dozen turns of that sticky clear cellophane tale they use there on bags. I couldn't believe when it was on the baggage carousel in JFK.

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Old 13th Jul 2017, 06:21
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I had a tiny tube of superglue confiscated from me at a small airport in Australia. I said to the security people 'just bin it'. They then told me that that they would put it in a sealed bag and check it in for me,and that I could collect it at the luggage carousel at the destination. I shook my head in disbelief and walked off. Of course,it didn't materialise at the destination.
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Old 13th Jul 2017, 09:28
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Stuck somewhere in the system?
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Old 13th Jul 2017, 09:46
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My leatherman is always on my belt, forgot about it until I got to security at LHR, headed back to the checkin desk where they found a little cardboard box just about the size of the leatherman and pouch, and labelled it to my destination for me, I was confident that it was the last I've seen of it. It was first on the belt at IAD...
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Old 13th Jul 2017, 10:47
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Was it not Billy Connolly who wrote about someone slipping a small loaf of bread with a label on it onto the luggage conveyor, and stood there watching it go round with all the suitcases....
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Old 13th Jul 2017, 12:06
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One Saturday in 1998 I was on crew change from Norway and had flown into Stansted. While I was waiting for my bag there was an artificial leg going round and round the carousel. I actually looked at the label, it's flight had landed at 05:30!

It was one of those utterly surreal moments.

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Old 13th Jul 2017, 12:51
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If the leg had gone missing, the owner would have been hopping mad.

The loaf incident happened at Glasgow Airport. I think it was one of these.

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Old 14th Jul 2017, 04:42
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Haha the guys who did this are my neighbours! It was originally posted on a max privacy facebook page next thing they know it had gone viral all over the world, just goes to show don't put anything on facebook that you don't want the whole world to know....
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Old 15th Jul 2017, 04:18
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On a Brazilian airline I tried to carry a kit of small spanners and Allen-keys for buttoning up Ku-band waveguide onto the plane. But it was detected and removed. The terminal security staff said "It will be sealed in a bag and carried on the flight-deck and you can get it back when you land". That seemed like a fair arrangement, but I was still a little sceptical. However, I boarded the flight and arrived in Brazil.

Sure enough, when it came time to collect my bags, another security official, holding a sealed paper-bag, wandered across to the baggage carousel and called out my name. I was re-united with my little canvas roll of waveguide tools, all intact and as packed, and thought the entire incident had been handled rather well by the Brazilians.
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Old 15th Jul 2017, 10:25
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In the early 1980s I was an 'international sales engineer' and I travelled with a 'mobile office' so that I could work as I flew.
Included in my kit was a 'box-cutter' (a small craft-knife blade in a metal sleeve about 2 inches long) - useful for cutting-out 'quotes' from magazine articles which I could then paste (literally) into my reports using a Pritt-stick.

This was way before 9-11, but security decided that I wasn't allowed the blade in the cabin and it would be carried in the cockpit and returned to me at destination (it never was - though I might have overlooked it - and it wasn't expensive).
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Old 15th Jul 2017, 11:11
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Back in the 70's coming back from Arlanda, I had my ordinary penknife in my pocket, which I had been using for cutting PCB tracks to put faults on the equipment I had been training some Swedes on. I had carried it out from LHR no problem, but the Swedish security took it off me and put it in a little cardboard box. I was dubious about seeing it again, but it appeared on the whirlygig at LHR all right.
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Old 15th Jul 2017, 12:20
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In 2009, my soft briefcase attracted a lot of attention at security screening at Perth (Aust) airport. It went through the x-ray four times, with various bits of the contents being removed each time.

Finally, we found my 6 inch hunting knife in its leather scabbard stuck down at the bottom of the case

I expected it to be confiscated but they arranged for it to go in the hold and I got it back when we arrived in Darwin.

On thinking back, I realised I had put the knife in the briefcase in 2006 when I took the family on a four week road trip and had forgotten all about it.

In those three years, I had unwittingly gone through security at Darwin, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Perth on multiple occasions with the knife in the bag - and never been stopped.
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Old 15th Jul 2017, 15:49
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Does a baby stroller count?
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Old 15th Jul 2017, 20:28
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Originally Posted by Bob Lenahan View Post
Does a baby stroller count?
Was it occupied at the time?
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Old 15th Jul 2017, 21:28
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"Forgot" my Swiss Army knife ex- HNL. TSA Agent suggested that the airline, Hawaiian, might help, go out again.
Airline clerk found what must have been the largest, empty, cardboard box in the terminal, placed knife inside, gave me baggage tag, no charge. Fly Hawaiian.

Hong Kong ... Swiss knife removed from Flt. Eng. I asked if she was stealing it ? No, seal in plastic bag and bring out to Captain of aircraft. I am Captain of aircraft, give it me now. No. Just before engine start, Flt. Deck door opened, girl with plastic bag, I signed for it, tore it open, gave knife to Flt. Eng. and said ... You are bloody stupid. (to her )
Left, Right, Left, Right ... subsequent "interview" with Flight Manager. No tea and biscuits.

Glad I'm not flying now ( sometimes ) I'd be in an orange jump sit in Guantanamo Bay, having hit one of the present TSA morons for sheer bloody stupidity to crew.

Why are crew putting up with it, then being allowed to take charge of a multi-million dollar flying Bomb - complete with handy fire-axe ?

World's Gone Mad.
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Old 16th Jul 2017, 00:23
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Guitar effects processor and a few cables.

They pulled me aside, swept it with a plastic wand with a chemical wipe, and I volunteered to open the bottom of it with a screwdriver.

I was truly disappointed when this large box with a ton of switches, buttons, and an expression pedal had all the wires going to this tiny board no larger than a business card.

It took up most of the room in my suitcase.

They laughed and let me take it on board.

That was september 10th, 2001.
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Old 16th Jul 2017, 03:18
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Went to do the walk around in Istanbul and was very surprised to see a passenger coming down the jetway clutching a ceramic toilet bowl.
After some discussion he was convinced that he couldn't bring on to the aircraft as hand baggage and that it had to go in the hold.

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Old 16th Jul 2017, 05:27
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Originally Posted by galaxy flyer View Post

I had that happen in Mumbai once. I bought it in YVR, Global trip ended for me in Mumbai with an airline flight home. Agent and security refused my attempt to hand carry the umbrella, nice one, too. Wrapped in a dozen turns of that sticky clear cellophane tale they use there on bags. I couldn't believe when it was on the baggage carousel in JFK.

I saw a bare umbrella on the belt @ PVD yesterday. No bubble wrap, no cellophane, just the barcode tag wrapped around it!
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