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Evidently I am an a**hole, w**ker, old t**t and a few other choice epithets all because I kept a supposed "tech advisor" from talktalk on the line for 20 minutes.
Having done my duties as the house husband, whilst the wife is at work, I had just settled down to Radio 2 and PPRuNe and this Indian, Kevin Cooper, from London called to tell me that my internet connection was causing problems and that he would fix it, yeah right.
Went through the whole rigmarole of opening the event viewer, took a long time 'cos I'm not very good at typing, and then trying to get me to give him control of my keyboard.
After 19.5 minutes he twigged that I was stringing him along and went ape*hit.
My best time is 1 hour 38 minutes for the same type of call, the shortest is about 15 seconds when I asked the "lady" what colour knickers she was wearing and, evidently, I will go to Hell
I only play when I have time, does anyone else do this or am I really a sad old git?
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I went through a phase of stringing-along as far as I could ("not sitting at my computer - I need to go into the next room") but now I just find the calls tedious and let the handset lie or firmly tell them that I'm not interested.
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Whilst on vacation in London last year, I received a call from an Indian lady who was very worried about the security of my 'Windows laptop'. Having told her that my Mac doesn't run Windoze, she suddenly discovered the same security problem would also inflict my Mac. She was adamant that, if I just handed over control of my 'puter for a few minutes, she would sort it all out. That led me to ask her, how stupid she thought I was. That opened the floodgates to a torrent of abuse, most of it in a language I didn't understand, but as she injected the F word numerous times in each sentence, I sort of caught the drift.

As I broke out in a hysterical laughter she hung up, but not before making it clear that I'd go to hell and burn for an eternity.
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If I have time I like to string them along as I feel that if they are talking to me, then someone a little less savvy isn't getting conned but if I don't have time, I like to ask them if they don't mind me master***ing whilst on the call, that normal gets the phone put down pretty quickly and if not a grunt and "finished" a minute or two later, always works.
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I try to string them along then say something on the lines of "OK so how do I pay you?" That usually takes you to his / her "manager" to get the card details. Needless to say having wasted 20 minutes of their time, it is the manager who gets it between the eyes. Only do it when the brain is cooling down from a period of hard work. On average no more calls for 6 weeks till the process starts again.

If I'm busy, its straight to the foxtrot oscar route.
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Used to have fun with them but I got bored, so if I don't manage to call-screen them out without picking up, the life vest whistle is right beside the phone. Can you hear me now?
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Nobody ever calls me, expect wrong numbers*.

*My number is one digit different to AMEX, who's main UK office is about 300m away. Sometimes I'm nice - sometimes I'm not.
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Good one meadowrun, must look out my old ref's whistle, is there any job for a "computer tech" who's half deaf?
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When I get a call from these scammers from India I tell them the police are coming to get them and they are going to the Pune Jail. They always hang up.
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Had one the other day. She spoke in English, I replied in French. She hung up.

Now what was that all about?
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Similar to ExXB, speaking to them in Dutch usually has them hanging up.

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I never get these calls. SWMBO and I bought the BT call blocker phones and they are great.
The only downside is their inability to recognise SWMBO's relatives from USA and Aus.
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My aim is to politely frustrate them until the swear at me.

Then I have won.
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If doubtful, pick up the 'phone and say 'Ello'. When the spiel starts and the accent is obviously foreign, respond in broad Yorkshire - or Geordie or Scouse or if you can Glaswegian. They soon give up.....
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Originally Posted by radeng View Post
If doubtful, pick up the 'phone and say 'Ello'. When the spiel starts and the accent is obviously foreign, respond in broad Yorkshire - or Geordie or Scouse or if you can Glaswegian. They soon give up.....
Ah, so if you are a scammer the key to success is to adopt a regional British accent!
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My office phone is apparently on an exchange that is going to be upgraded and I therefore need to upgrade my office phone system.

As we have moved office twice in four years to two different exchanges, have ported the number on each occasion and now operate using VOIP system I reckon they are lying and there is no need to upgrade, especially when for the previous ten years we used a simple system without upgrading each time we were told the exchange was going to be improved. I usually tell this before they get the bums rush routine.

One assumes BT would advise us if such works were going to affect us.
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The OP is no sadder than me. My record is just short of 30 minutes. I'm also incompetent at typing and the computer is so slow (must be all of those "Windows" error messages). I can normally bluff them up to the money stage and it's so nice to hear their disappointment when they realise they have been wasting their time. However, since installing a call blocker, I haven't had any calls. Shame really.

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Originally Posted by Espada III View Post
One assumes BT would advise us if such works were going to affect us.
BT? Possibly not.

I had responsibility for everything with a mains lead or a battery (GBP13k for batteries for the UPS...) when moving from a very cramped 5,000sqft into a 30,000sqft building. We needed "Redcare" for the security system and they only accepted BT landline connections. So I asked BT to get us one, just one, landline. We were with NTL and the building still had Ionica's mast outside (and still does). BT denied that the building existed and after a bit of discussion I told t'other end of the phone that there were still some live BT ISDN connections with red lights glowing in one of the computer rooms and asked would he like a number. With the number BT accepted that the building did exist and provided the line I needed.

After moving in I was checking a few details and phoned BT Directory Enquiries for the number of our company. They gave me the number of the Redcare line which was outgoing only. BT would only accept corrections on company letter head dead-tree and it could take a couple of months! I think that was the loudest shouting down the phone I did in a very stressful 6 weeks of moving in work.

On the plus side it seemed that the building's postcode had expired and on enquiring I was told that we could have anything that had not already been issued -- so we got one with the company's initials in it. Probably the current residents don't know why they are CB4 0ZT.

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The second the spiel starts I just hang up. SWMBO reckons that I am being rude but my argument is that the less time they waste with me the better chance they have else where.
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I'm with Orac as nobody calls me, not even Wrong Numbers

Did get the PPI claimers on Mobile once, getting address of company gave me a Swansea postcode, told them they interfering in Met Police Domestic Violence Abuse line, got his name and name of his manager.

Got lots more from him than anything he got from me.

Told him if i ever received a call on this line again he personally would be visited by South Wales Police as he responsible for interfering with Police issues.

Met cop friends told me impersonating a Cop is illegal, long as never said i was one it was not an issue, just wished I had recorded it so he could enjoy it.
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