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Old 7th Mar 2022, 21:42
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See and avoid
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As I probably said before, I have had many phone calls and e-mails “from Amazon” asking if I’d placed several orders for expensive electronics with a link to get in touch with them ASAP.

In all cases, I went to my Amazon account, looked at recent orders, and found that no such orders had been placed.

I’m sorry, I’m not clicking on your links nor panicking about fake orders,
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Old 7th Mar 2022, 21:58
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I also have recently gotten a couple of robocalls on my cellphone telling me someone had charged some $1500 item and to reply immediately to stop the charge. Only issue is that Amazon didn't have my cellphone number.

Like you, I checked my Amazon account only to find no such charges. I then did what I should've done long ago and set up two-factor authentication for log-in to my Amazon account.

So, now Amazon has my cellphone number but only to stop scammers.

The bad guys never rest.

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Old 8th Mar 2022, 00:33
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Originally Posted by bafanguy View Post
The bad guys never rest.
True, but neither do the good guys. D1 & her hubby both work in high-level internet security, and are flat out, SIL in particular. 14-16 hour days, 6 or 7 days a week, are not uncommon.

Trouble is, the bad guys only have to get through once; the good guys have to stop them every time.
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Old 10th Mar 2022, 07:48
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Just this minute received a scam call - number displayed was 01439 339269 which is a genuine looking UK number.
Got a very pleasant young lady with an accent from thousands of miles away She was in a huge call centre judging from the noise
in the background and said she was from Virgin Media Security. They had been monitoring my broadband connection for two days and had detected numerous hackers gaining access to my PC. The offer was to install a firewall to increase security...

I said " Don't be stupid love" and hung up.

They clearly have info about Virgin account holders phone numbers.
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Old 11th May 2022, 17:30
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My wife has just received one from [email protected].

This one was addressed to her by her first name and included our address (less the post code), so quite specific compared to the usual scam emails.

Starting in May, there has been an initiative program which helps property owners save hundreds if not thousands per year on their utility bill. If you still currently live at XX XXXXXX XXXXXX, you may qualify to take full advantage of this

Then there was a button to press to get qualification status...

With high energy prices, I'm sure there will be plenty of people clicking on it just to find out.
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Old 31st May 2022, 06:15
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I have been getting some emails from 'Garmin' lately - the first one stated ''Your account will be deleted in so many days'' and presumably it had a 'linky' that I was supposed to click on LOL
I got a follow up one yesterday stating ''Your Garmin account has been deleted'' also presumably with a linky to click on.
Obviously I binned both wothout even opening them .
When I got the first email I did go into Garmin Express but there were no dire warnings on there - I did however carry out map updates on both our UK mapped units whilst I was in there (just in case LOL).
We have a fine selection of cheap 2nd hand ebay garmin satnavs (probably 5) for a variety of applications,so not a big financial loss if they did stop working.
Interestingly I mentioned it to my OH this morning and she had been sent a 'Garmin' email as well - even though she has never (as far as we remember) had anything to do with map updates etc.
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Old 12th Jun 2022, 07:21
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Just received a text, supposedly from “NHSTestKit”, with the message “You’ve been in contact with a person who has contracted the Omicron variant. Please order a test kit via:” with a convincing looking link that took me to a convincing looking “NHS” web page.
That stated it was compulsory to get a PCR test due to the rising levels of a new variant of Omicron [as reported in the press recently, therefore quite convincing!] and said that there was no charge for the test, but a 99p charge for the postage.

That rang alarm bells - fortunately went no further with it, and did a bit of checking, and it is almost certainly a scam to get your card details. Hope none of you get caught by that one.

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Old 13th Jun 2022, 06:28
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Man Bilong Balus long PNG
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Late last month I was getting around two scam sms per day and just deleting them and blocking the number until one day about three weeks ago I finally snapped and, before blocking the number, I sent a reply sms calling them a crude term for a part of the Female anatomy scammer and inviting them to involve themselves in some simultaneous sexual activity and travel!

Haven't had another scam sms since.
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Old 13th Jun 2022, 09:14
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They haven't forgotten me - there were a few months of relative peace, but now the phone calls have started again - at least one every day. We're also getting a few emails now which are so obviously shonky when first viewed on Mailwasher, that they get deleted and bounced without ever bothering to download them to my email program. This must be an enormous industry world wide for so many people to be 'tried out' by these criminals with the frequency and intensity we are seeing. The real problem is that these activities must be rewarding, otherwise they would have given up. Sadly I heard of a case recently where someone - ordinarily a very astute individual - was so cunningly deceived that the ruse actually succeeded. Don't let up on your vigilance - once you open the door and 'let them in', they can be very seductive.
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Old 17th Jun 2022, 08:22
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Take a look at Mark Rober's latest attempt to sort out the scammers.
Go to his You Tube page:
or if the PPRuNe system lets me, here is the link to the video
entitled "Pranks destroy scam callers - GlitterBomb payback", which appealed to my sense of humour.
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Possibly a new one for the list. A mail claiming UPS has a parcel for me asking for an address. No thank you, but if by coincidence you were expecting a UPS parcel at the same time you might get caught out, so be careful.
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A neighbour received one from DHL... the image accompanying the email was of a UPS truck... not sure what the top bit was all about though.

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I always work on the premise that even though large organisations have your contact details they
will never be proactive and try and contact you should any transaction go awry. No tosses given.

Even my local mechanic never bothers to call me when my car is ready even though I always ask him to
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