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Nasty Paramedic attack

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Nasty Paramedic attack

Old 11th Jan 2017, 19:24
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Nasty Paramedic attack

Is it me or am I being to harsh on my criticism of the UK justice system. Some scumbag was given just 12 weeks in jail + £250 fine for headbutting a Paramedic who was trying to do his job. Utterly disgraceful.

West Midlands Ambulance man attacked by patient he was trying to help - Birmingham Mail
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Old 11th Jan 2017, 21:44
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Oh, I fear you are going to upset the touchy-feelie brigade. The attacker needs help, not punishment in their eyes. Lord help us all.
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Old 11th Jan 2017, 21:57
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Such events are far to regular unfortunately - and soft sentences of this sort are part of the reason.

If he had he done this to a police officer would the penalty would have been much higher (I suspect so) ?

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Old 11th Jan 2017, 22:12
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One of our RNLI boys got smacked in the chops on a rescue last year. . Beers and drugs involved of course. ..
We had to deal with a huge inquiry afterwards. Took about 4 hours.
With over 12 people involved.

Well after about 6 pints we all concluded he should have ducked
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Old 12th Jan 2017, 07:10
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Sadly, this is becoming common place. With over 20 years’ experience in the emergency services (Fire) I have either seen, been party too or heard first hand stories of Ambo’s, going about their job, and been belted, abused, threatened attacked by dogs (of the animal/pet kind) and worse, spat on.

One that immediately springs to mind is the case of one of my closet friends who responded to a call to an unconscious male in the gutter of a less than desirable Sydney (NSW) suburb, on arrival said ‘victim’ was found non responsive, shallow breathing, erratic and thready pulse – with a self administered needle inserted into arm. Friend sizes up situation, secures needle and then administers naloxone, better known as Narcan.

Said Gutter Dweller is revived over time and comes up swinging, grabs the nearest thing he can find, an Oxy Viva, weighing close to 10kgs and stainless construction and proceeds to lay into Friend, because Friend had just ruined a $60 heroin trip. Plod kindly asks Gutter Dweller to cease and desist what he was doing by appropriate means. Friend said that the irony of being transported to hospital in his own wagon was not lost on him. While gutter dweller was taken to same hospital by Plod, on arrival no prizes for guessing whom saw the Doctor first, Friend left sitting around for an hour before receiving 12 stitches and sent back to work. Gutter Dweller taken to Police Station charged and released before Friend had even finished his Shift.

Two weeks later Plod and Friend called in by respective management and given opportunity to discuss the event then informed that gutter dweller has filed complaint of assault against all involved in saving gutter dwellers miserable life. Short end, never got to Court, 3 weeks later Friend hears that Gutter Dweller is deceased from OD in nearly the exact location.

On a more personal note, back when I was a young and very enthusiastic fire fighter we were called to respond to a building alight in the same less than desirable suburb, on scene, another station, 2 appliances and crews working furiously to protect the buildings around the ‘about to collapse’ derelict two story unit (well-known local squat/drug house). Everyone - firies, Plod and public were focused on the fire – everyone except the that decided that the lifesaving equipment, tools and hydraulic equipment in the pockets of our appliance would look better in their lounge rooms or sold off for a few bucks than where it should be – on our Motor. Nearly $4K worth of gear stolen in less than 10 minutes. Less than happy, Motor parked up U/S, 5 weeks to replace stolen kit.

I have also had bricks pelted at our motor as we responded through several western Sydney suburbs, stopped from putting out burning cars/houses/various things by drunks, drug crazies and one irate and disgruntled wife – but that is a story for later.

The job is hard enough without dealing with numpties……….
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Old 12th Jan 2017, 07:14
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Certain "communities" here in France regularly set traps for the emergency services by setting fire to vehicles and waste bins.
The first to arrive can expect a hail of missiles, and occasionally gunfire.
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Old 12th Jan 2017, 07:28
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Can sort of understand anti-social nut jobs attacking Police.
But cannot get my head around people attacking paramedics, firemen, doctors, nurses etc.
Is it an anti establishment thing?
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Old 12th Jan 2017, 08:46
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Originally Posted by Senior Paper Monitor View Post
Such events are far to regular unfortunately - and soft sentences of this sort are part of the reason.

If he had he done this to a police officer would the penalty would have been much higher (I suspect so) ?
Sadly the attitude of the CPS and Mags seems to be that an assault on a PC is seen as part of the job and therefore rarely means a harsher sentence.

Attacks of Doctors, nurses, paramedics, ambulances and NHS facilities seem to be happening on a more regular basis. I've read stories about a defib being stolen from an ambulance and being found vandalised a short while later, a satnav being stolen from an ambulance, a full rubbish bin being emptied into an ambulance, paint being daubed on the outside of another one, a photocopier being urinated on in an A and E, nurses being threatened with needles when a patient didn't get seen as soon as he wanted and so on ad nauseum.
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Old 12th Jan 2017, 09:04
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that Gutter Dweller is deceased from OD in nearly the exact location.
So T'was a Happy ending then. sort of....

Just a pity that your Friend and Plod had to put up with the shit from that piece of gutter dwelling detritus in the first place!
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Old 12th Jan 2017, 10:39
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Brother was on an Ambulance crew for 10 years before he had enough.
Found out he had a stab vest issued.
Going out to work he looked more war like than when he served in the Army.
Except for the weapon, but give it time I suppose.
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Old 12th Jan 2017, 10:55
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I have a friend who was a (male) district nurse. He regularly had his car vandalised when parked in a certain estate while visiting patients. The yobs hung around in groups just waiting for an outsider's car to be left, and made eye contact /gestures as he went into the flats. He knew the car would be damaged when he went inside, and of course it was. This was his private car, and he just got paid for mileage, not repairs.
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