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Chemtrail debunking...

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Chemtrail debunking...

Old 16th Apr 2015, 13:46
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I love the ICA Facebook page and the comments of the gullible

We're all assassins
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Old 16th Apr 2015, 13:51
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Incidentally looking at WebTrak, the only aircraft consistent would be JST705 ML-HB @ 1132EST-

Webtrak tops out at F300 and SIA298 was at F340. It's interesting seeing the angle of the turn over Tulla exaggerated by perspective.
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Old 16th Apr 2015, 14:21
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Yes,FL340 not FL360
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Old 16th Apr 2015, 14:31
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Originally Posted by TWT View Post
Yes,FL340 not FL360
I was only meaning the level was above Webtrak's purvey rather than correcting you. They climbed not long after ML to 360 so you weren't far wrong
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Old 16th Apr 2015, 21:56
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Facts and data are no weapon against a deeply held superstition!

Good luck Andy
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Old 17th Apr 2015, 10:27
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Man Bilong Balus long PNG
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It's a serious concern to many that they are allowed to walk amongst us.
No argument there cowl flaps, but what really worries me far more is knowing that they can, and do breed!
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Old 17th Apr 2015, 14:10
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---------- is knowing that they can, and do breed!
And vote!!

Tootle pip!!
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Old 17th Apr 2015, 21:56
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And vote!!
Some of them probably don't though - they will claim religious reasons or conscientious objector to get out of it.

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Old 18th Apr 2015, 00:29
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Ah yes, but they support the economy by keeping aluminium foil manufacturers in business - how else would they make tin foil hats to stop the guv'mint from controlling their brain waves?
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Old 18th Apr 2015, 03:18
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Thread Starter
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Originally Posted by Snakecharma View Post
...how else would they make tin foil hats...
That's why they never work! They keep making their tinfoil hats out of aluminium...

Anyway, no news is just no news at all. I must engage in conversation to see what the reaction really is. Wish me luck! My SARtime is 0800Z Tuesday...
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Old 18th Apr 2015, 05:34
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It is a chemtrail! There wouldn't be any seeding without some carboney type burnt fuel and other trace amounts of unburnt kero..

That's chem..and it makes cirrus if the conditions are right..so what..been happening since the 60's when people started travelling on jets..in fact I've seen pics of it during ww2 with daylight strat bombing..

..the only conspiracy is "why the nervous generation have only just noticed it"
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Old 18th Apr 2015, 05:38
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Ahhhh no, they are caused by water vapor from the exhaust and are NOT un-burnt fuel.....

Contrail - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Or this

Why do some planes leave long trails, but others don't? - Contrail Science Contrail Science
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Old 18th Apr 2015, 06:11
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Tell her that the 'stuff' is Dihydrogen Monoxide.
Then point out that since its sprayed from 30 000+ feet up, by the time it reaches ground level it will have been dispersed into a very very low concentration (anyone who believes in chemtrails probably believes in homeopathy as well).

As an aside, isn't there a good chance that someone started chemtrails with the same intent as the Dihydrogen Monoxide hoax/parody?
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Old 18th Apr 2015, 07:01
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Cloud seeding - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Does this count??? Always having a go at this in Thailand.
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Old 18th Apr 2015, 07:46
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As an aside, isn't there a good chance that someone started chemtrails with the same intent as the Dihydrogen Monoxide hoax/parody?
Possibly, but there are large numbers of people who flatly refuse to believe even very simple things that are driven by the laws of physics.

Try telling people that moist air is less dense than dry air, for example. I've given up doing it because the majority of people with no technical or scientific background will immediately say I'm wrong, for the "obvious" reason that water is heavier than air. Even pointing at clouds and asking them why they are floating high up, instead of being always on the ground, doesn't work to convince them, nor does pointing to texts showing that water vapour is less dense than air.

Years ago I had an argument with SWMBO about the temperature of tea. I was making us both some tea and she yelled at me not to put the milk in hers yet as she liked it hotter than me. I made a big mistake, by mentioning that her cup of tea with no milk in would cool more rapidly than mine that already had the milk in (and so was at a lower starting temperature, with a lower rate of heat loss).

The argument clearly wasn't going to be won by logic or explaining Newton's law of cooling, so the next day I decided to demonstrate it by experiment. I borrowed a couple of decent thermometers from the lab, and made two cups of tea in front of SWMBO, one with milk in, one where the milk was added five minutes later. I asked her to write down the temperatures every minute and the final temperature of the two cups after we'd added milk to hers. Even with the hard evidence to prove that her cup was cooler than mine, she claimed I was tricking her, as she "knew" that tea stayed hotter if you put the milk in later.......................
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Old 18th Apr 2015, 08:15
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See if this helps explain things to her:

Here is a photo of the morning sky above me a few days ago in Central London. The whole sky was completely criss-crossed with vapour trails:

So this was the sky, and if chemicals WERE being sprayed on us...

1) I was not wearing any metallic or nut-based protection and I am still fine (wibble, fwibbib)

2) The whole of London was being sprayed, including Halitosis Hall, Ministry of Defence, Home Office, Foreign Office and all other departments of government and Civil Service, Buckingham Palace, Lambeth Palace (Archbishop of Canterbury), Windsor Castle and everything else. Who the hell would have ordered this ? !
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Old 18th Apr 2015, 08:25
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Who the hell would have ordered this ?
The Supreme Master

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Old 18th Apr 2015, 08:57
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I thought that was Swanwick's annual 3-dimensional noughts and crosses championships.

The Supreme Master
Ah - Vladimir (Ras)Putin.

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Old 18th Apr 2015, 10:05
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More than just an ATCO
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Who the hell would have ordered this
Has Farage blamed the French yet?
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Old 18th Apr 2015, 12:12
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Too late, they're already sur la valise:


Maintenant, ou est mon chapeau en aluminium....
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