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US Politics Hamsterwheel v2.0

Old 13th Jul 2016, 17:44
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The UCMJ Article does not differentiate what the other person's status is beyond not being the Offender's Wife/Husband.

Having it away with someone not your Wife/Husband while you are in the Military and getting caught is frowned upon.

Harm to the Good Order and Discipline of the Service or other aggravating circumstances determine how the offense shall be handled.

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Old 13th Jul 2016, 19:20
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BB has the right of it, though I got the impression that the Army enforced it more strictly than the Navy did. Only case I saw while serving was a senior NCO having a go with a junior NCO's wife while junior NCO was at sea ... in the same wing. Only time I saw charges of adultery preferred. My Army colleagues indicated to me that it was more common to see the write up in their experience.
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Old 14th Jul 2016, 00:23
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Yes, he was an O-6 in the midst of a divorce, civilian woman. Hilary got off, period. Patreus did share TS papers with his mistress who held a TS clearance, it was never accessible, just handled improperly. Hilary's servers were not likely hacked, they were hacked by a Romanian named Guccifer.

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Old 14th Jul 2016, 01:03
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I always thought that an odd part of the CMJ and remember having more than a few conversations on the subject over the years. A good friend of our family (Commodore, naval air base) nearly lost his retirement due to an (unsubstantiated) accusation of indiscretion. He was on the side of the CMJ's stance. His response was along the lines of "it is about honor and inegrity. If you cannot be trusted to keep your word with your spouse, or engage in dishonorable liaisons with a married gal, how can you expect to be trusted as an officer?"

Security clearances and classified information: As I understand it, just because you have a clearance, doesn't mean you have access to any and all classified material the government vaults contain. You must have authorization to view the material. The mistress did not have that. Aside from those distinctions, again, what worked mostly against our General was the fact that he intentionally tried to cover it up.
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Old 14th Jul 2016, 19:53
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Está servira para distraerle.
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Doesn't Trumpandpence have a reassuring ring to it?
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Old 14th Jul 2016, 19:57
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Trump named his VP Choice today.....Governor of Indiana and a proven Conservative.

Polls show Hillary dipping over her Email problem no matter the Fix being in.

Republican Convention speakers list is complete.

Talk of "Never Trump" efforts to free Delegates to vote their Conscience are going on with rumors some Delegates might risk punitive action to change their dedicated Vote from Trump to Cruz or some other Candidate and deprive Trump of the First Ballot Victory as he is assured without that happening.

At least this is not Politics as normal where the Establishment anoints their chosen Candidate.

This should indicate just how far detached the Establishment is from the mood of their own Party.

Trump has garnered the most Votes ever by one Candidate in the history of the Republican Party and did so with Seventeen Candidates in the field surpassing even Ronald Reagan.

Why we watch Ohio for how the Election might go each time.


Trumpence, perhaps!

Last edited by SASless; 14th Jul 2016 at 20:07.
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Old 14th Jul 2016, 22:09
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Not really clear on what Pence adds - except that he's not Christie (too much of a "trans-Hudson" ticket; damaged goods) and not Gingrich (who could steal Trump's spotlight). And willing to take the job.

Religious conservative - but Trump has most of those already. Indiana is going to go GOP regardless. Maybe hoping for "next-door neighbor" influence in Ohio. And if they actually win, Pence has some Washington/congressional experience, without being too establishment.

Polls - yep, it was Hill's week in the dog house, all right. Long-term, it probably costs her 1%-point, once time passes and we have the Conventions, with their "bumps" for each candidate (unless there is blood in the streets of Cleveland).
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Old 14th Jul 2016, 23:25
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Pence on the Dollar

So, he's been issued with some adult supervision, at last.

Just like Shrub was.

Nice haircut, btw.
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Old 15th Jul 2016, 00:37
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Trump and Delegates - it depends on how they interpret the rules.

Precedent would be set if the rules were changed to affect this convention - for the past many decades, major rule changes in the Republican party's convention practices were directed at the next convention, not the current one.

Long-time political analysts and party regulars find it highly doubtful that there would be a last-minute coup of some kind, allowing bound delegates to change their vote - going against Trump. Looks like we are stuck with the blowhard which makes it the Democratic candidate's race to lose.
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Old 15th Jul 2016, 00:43
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Each will get a Convention Bump....but if you read the Poll Internals there is really bad news for Hillary that far exceeds the sheer Top of the Page numbers.

When 60% of Democrats think she should have been indicted for the Classified Documents aspect of the Emails....that is very bad news. Far too many folks have held Security Clearances and know how they would have suffered had they done anything remotely equal to Clinton. Knowing the very most sensitive classified information that was contained in the Emails that cannot even be described by the FBI Director was compromised by dozens of people with no Security Clearance at all or at best only limited Clearance but with absolutely no need to know and thus a breach even if they had a Clearance, this is not a small insignificant event.

The Email thing continues and it gets messier each time there is testimony given....or refused.....or avoided....or spun completely out of any possible credibility...and it will just be a huge drag on her campaign.

The vast majority of people who actually listened to Director Comey spend almost Fifteen Minutes convicting Her in his News Conference before announcing no Indictment grasped she was "guilty" but just was not going to be charged.

Then wen Bubba met with the Attorney General in what was supposed to be a discrete (I hate to use the word "secret" or "covert") event and were busted by a local news hound.....that made the smell even worse.

Then when both Comey and the AG gave such vacuous testimony before Congress afterwards....the wrapper was off the week old Fish.

This will be a Death of the Thousand Cuts before it is over with.

If there is a Clinton Foundation Investigation being done by the FBI....imagine the problem the FBI and AG will have in announcing the decision on that Case that will involve far more than just the Clintons.

Then there is the Perjury Investigation Request that has been referred to the FBI by Congress....how is that going to look when it is reported out. Considering the Email Investigation contains the foundation of the evidence....all is missing is to contrast that data to her Sworn Testimony that was video taped and it will be over and done with....with yet another "interview" of Clinton.

Just like Watergate....the original Sin is far less deadly than the Cover Up!
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Old 15th Jul 2016, 00:59
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Governor Pence has no scandals in his background, his social conservatism is loved by the Christian right (big part of the GOP's base) - recall this was the man that stood behind businesses in Indiana that chose to discriminate against members of the LGBT community - which is a bit of a flip-flop from his youth, when he was a solid Kennedy Democrat.

More on how Pence improves the (far-right) GOP ticket:
The Speaker likes him, he has ties to the Koch money, is anti-abortion, voted against the banking bailouts, is for LGBT discrimination in the workplace (and marketplace - see above), voted YES on school prayer (I kid you not), he is a free-trader, but against Campaign Finance Reform, has an 'A' rating from our friends at the NRA, fully for the US Patriot Act (including expansions), was against investigating the Bush Administration for lies leading up to the invasion of Iraq. He's tailor-made for the extreme right-wing of the Republican Party.

Last edited by vapilot2004; 15th Jul 2016 at 10:02. Reason: standing behind is more fitting than standing up
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Old 15th Jul 2016, 01:12
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To accuse Director Comey, a long-time public servant and straight shooter, of anything but integrity and honesty is nothing more than a desperate grasping at straws, and is a dishonorable way to go after Clinton.

I have (very loose) ties to Comey through a family friend who works for the same company Comey did for a while and I can tell you, the man's ethics are unimpeachable. He stood up to the Bush White House (his boss) during the early days of the NSA wiretapping debacle. Director Comey is a good man.
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Old 15th Jul 2016, 06:32
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Sorry but friend of a friend insight doesn't offer the warm and fuzzy as to his integrity. The level of pressure and influence he is subject to is immense. Haven't read through today's posts here, but reading that he's associated with the Clinton foundation as board member.

Nothing raises even a degree of suspicion VAPA?
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Old 15th Jul 2016, 09:55
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Well, don't take my word for it, look at the man's record, WC. Smart, fair, and unimpeachable in honesty and integrity.

Perhaps the fact that Director Comey, then Deputy AG, stood up to the hawks in the Bush White House re: NSA Wiretapping/Patriot Act, or the lesser but still important testimony regarding the US Attorney dismissals in 2006, stains his reputation in some eyes?
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Old 15th Jul 2016, 15:12
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If he sat on the board of a company linked to the Clinton foundation, shouldn't he have recused himself in the case of the Clinton email case?
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Old 15th Jul 2016, 16:17
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Yes.....and if there is an On-Going Investigation of trhe Clinnton Foundation by the FBI, IRS, SEC or any other Federal Agency....he should step down as FBI Director or call for a Special Prosecutor.

Remember the howls from the Left about Dick Cheney and his former employment with Halliburton...odd you don't hear a peep from the Left about this!
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Old 15th Jul 2016, 22:27
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A very interesting article about Honour appeared in USA Today 26th May 2016. It was
written by Phillip Jenkins and compares the actions of Clinton with an deceased Marine
captain named Leonard F. Chapman 3rd.
I doubt Clinton supporters would believe it even if they could bring themselves to read it.
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Old 15th Jul 2016, 22:40
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Captain named Leonard F. Chapman 3rd.
With a named and numbered like that, he should be Prezzdendt. Without delay.

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Old 16th Jul 2016, 06:09
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Leonard F. Chapman 3rd, honour personified. BZ.

Secretary without honor: Voices
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Old 16th Jul 2016, 20:09
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Which way will the Trident vote go?
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