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US Politics Hamsterwheel v2.0

Old 12th Nov 2016, 16:32
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I am surprised at the lack of comments here regarding the names being floated for top advisory, cabinet, and chief of staff positions. From first blush they do not seem to be an impressive group...exceptions of course.
Just wondering what kind of posse he is forming.

Will Sarah Palin play a role? I know many consider her to be a deeply competent and strong leader but if I might opine that the sun would indeed not rise after such an appointment.
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Old 12th Nov 2016, 16:37
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Originally Posted by sitigeltfel
In other words, people who have yet to grow up.
Yet old enough to go off and fight and die in wars started by the 'grown ups', right?
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Old 12th Nov 2016, 16:44
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This from the Atlantic today

Chandler: Did you have any particular conversation that typifies that line of thinking?

Arnade: There was this kid named Paul in Prestonsburg, Kentucky. He was sitting in his truck and his truck had a Confederate flag, a big Confederate flag. Paul had only one leg. He had a titanium prosthetic leg. We started talking. He lost his leg to cancer when he was 8, he was placed in special ed, and he was like, “I spent all my life being called a retard and a cripple and I learned to fight.”

I was like, “What about the Confederate flag?” He says “That’s what I’m proud of. I’m proud of Southern heritage. I’m proud of hunting and fishing.” For him, that’s what he escaped into. He had been beat up and felt like a nobody and he found a community. That community was this sense of identity through the Confederacy, through racial identity. That flag represented to him some pride. It gave him a sense of place. Does that make sense?

When I posted the picture of Paul, people were like, “He’s racist!” A lot more complicated than that, man. A lot more complicated. I don’t want to come off as someone who believes racism is alright, I’m looking to find a more holistic solution to the problem than simply screaming “racist.” I think it’s helpful to understand context because it provides us the chance to find a more holistic solution to people who find an attraction to racist organizations. We need to find alternative ways to provide people with meaning, humiliated, white, working men with meaning, rather than racial identity politics.
There ya go!

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Old 12th Nov 2016, 16:56
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Displaying a confederate flag publicly is either right or wrong, that's really up you you Murkans to decide, collectively...
Once that decision is made, however, displaying that symbol on a hairy biker or a labrador puppy is exactly the same thing, doesn't make a difference one way or the other..
So I don't quite get the point of that story...

If I decide to wear a Swastika T-shirt here in Yurrup, because it reminds me of my early childhood bouncing on great-uncle Herbert's knees, it's gonna get me precious little sympathy...

Also, I still have trouble understanding exactly how the "white working man" has been humiliated... Humiliated by what and whom exactly???
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Old 12th Nov 2016, 16:57
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Here is a Study about Patronage and Appointments by Presidents.

Not that many will take the time to even scan over the thing but for those that do it might prove interesting.

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Old 12th Nov 2016, 17:18
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If you Google Wankpuffin, guess whose name and face comes at the top of the list!
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Old 12th Nov 2016, 17:32
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Whilst I actually think that the 45th president is a very average intellect (not the sharpest knife in the drawer), and notwithstanding my low personal view of him (I believe he speaks highly of me too)- he won! The 'who/what colour/ what income/what intellect voted for whom is really boring and pointless. Moreover, it's not debating, it's just (to repeat)... boring.

My concern is how he will react to being told regularly in the first 100 days, "No you can't!" And it's going to happen, because of all those pesky laws you have over there; and oh, the Constitution. Any US contributors want to enlighten me rather than just shout me down?

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Old 12th Nov 2016, 17:40
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Murricanes prolly won't 'get' this one

(unless they visit the John Lewis Xmas thread)

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Old 12th Nov 2016, 19:49
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Good morning, I was wondering if anyone on here had heard of an Act last used by President J Carter in 1979 ?

It is called " the the McCarran-Walter Act, the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 "

So when Mr Trump spoke about limiting immigration of certain groups he was severely criticised. Congressmen
and Senators swore that they would never allow such legislation and President Obama called such a prohibition
on immigration unconstitutional. It appears to me that they are not very well informed about already existing legislation
and that makes them look a tad dim. All they had to do was get an assistant to look to see if such legislation was in place
already before actually mouthing off.

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Old 12th Nov 2016, 20:34
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Here's the the link to the Atlantic article

Decide for your self, spend some time in dive bars, flight lines, truck cabs and it will ring true, I assure you. BTW, I passed thru the Valais enroute to Sion once and there flew the Stars and Bars in a camp.

Nervous SLF,. Yes the Act was pointed out as was Obama's record of deportations--water, duck's back.
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Old 12th Nov 2016, 22:06
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The Loony Left.....you just cannot make this stuff up and it be any more sad.

Days after Donald Trump stunned the world by winning the presidency, liberal America remains in the throes of a massive mental and emotional meltdown.

Anti-Trump protests have spread to more cities and continue to turn violent. In Portland Thursday night, rioters stoned police and vandalized businesses and cars. Remember it was the Trumpers that were supposed to be the violent ones!

Anyone expressing support for Trump has become the target of unrestrained venom: There are calls to boycott New Balance — its sneakers have been publicly burned — because an official said Trump would be better on trade issues.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Grubhub, the online food-delivery service, demanded that employees who agree with Trump resign, because “you have no place here.” (He had to retreat: His lawyers read him the First Amendment and noted that political discrimination also violates California law.)

This is just vicious stuff. But for pure pathos crossing into the absurd, we turn (as usual) to the college campus. Consider:

The University of Michigan offered its traumatized students coloring books and Play-Doh to calm them. (Are its students in college or kindergarten?)
 The University of Kansas reminded its stressed-out kids that therapy dogs, a regular campus feature, were available.
 Cornell University, an Ivy League school, held a campus-wide “cry-in,” with officials handing out tissues and hot chocolate.
Tufts University offered its devastated students arts and crafts sessions. (OK, not kindergarten — more like summer camp.)
At campuses from elite Yale to Connecticut to Iowa and beyond, professors canceled classes and/or exams — either because students asked or because instructors were too distraught to teach.
Anarchist-fueled violence and destruction can’t be tolerated. Nor should corporate (or anti-corporate) temper tantrums that blatantly violate free-speech rights.

Collegiate sobbing and wailing, on the other hand, shouldn’t be tolerated — especially not by the parents who are shelling out tens of thousands of dollars to pay for it.

And they all should consider that their reaction to Trump’s win goes a long way towards explaining precisely why he did.
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Old 12th Nov 2016, 23:19
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Resident insomniac
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Clinton blames defeat on FBI director.
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Old 13th Nov 2016, 00:09
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If the Dems want a proper autopsy of the election, they should consider the candidate and the parties platform rather than point fingers externally. A flawed candidate and a platform that took white voters for granted provided for a failed election.

I was as surprised as anyone but reports after the fact make sense, white rural and suburban voters were assumed to be safe. The latin and black democratic votes were all the mentioned. You cater to one group, it disenfranchises others.
West Coast is online now  
Old 13th Nov 2016, 00:20
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I hope, for the Dems sake, that report isn't their future or they are doomed. They shouldn't be asking, "who did this to us?", but "where did we go wrong?" But then the Dems are all about being victims which means there must be a victimizer.

SASLess,. Un-friggin'-believeable! Play-doh and cry-ins! Kindergarten, indeed.

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Old 13th Nov 2016, 00:33
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Originally Posted by Hempy View Post
Yet old enough to go off and fight and die in wars started by the 'grown ups', right?
Hempy, he draft in the US ended 40 years ago. What point are you trying to make there? (Granted, people are still being required to register for selective service, on the gender discrimination basis of being male only, but the draft has been dead for 40 years).

On March 29, 1975, President Ford, whose own son, Steven Ford, failed to register for the draft as required,[21] signed Proclamation 4360 (Terminating Registration Procedures Under Military Selective Service Act), eliminating the registration requirement for all 18- to 25-year-old male citizens.[22]
Read the full text here.

So who stood it back up? Carter. The guy who granted amnesty for draft dodgers. Politics ... it's a strange business.

That said, I have found all three boomer presidents to be most willing to use the military for various causes and aims. Don't need a draft for that. I also note that "no boots on the ground Obama" has activated more troops, about 1700 members of the 101st, for the current fun and games with DAESH. Once in the oval office, presidents find out that this thing is there -- the military -- with a variety of things it can do.

They can't seem to resist using this thing. All that the precious little snowflakes that you are defending there need to do to avoid being deployed is not enlist. It's just that simple.
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Old 13th Nov 2016, 02:46
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"Hillary Clinton has blamed her defeat in the US presidential election on interventions by the FBI director.
James Comey's announcement of a new inquiry into her use of email while secretary of state shortly before election day had stopped her campaign's momentum, Mrs Clinton said.
The Democratic candidate was speaking to top party donors in a phone call, which was leaked to the media." bbc

Three days in seclusion and she has found the answer. The reason she lost. The person to blame. Yes, that's it, the FBI Director for investigating her wrong-doing. That's the ticket, let's go with that.
meadowrun is online now  
Old 13th Nov 2016, 02:48
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Apparently, Comey's suicide e-mail note was found in the Wikileak's dump tomorrow.

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Old 13th Nov 2016, 03:00
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There we have it in black and white.....the NYT admits it was publishing poop but now has seen the light and will once again begin to speak truth to power!

New York Post columnist and former Times reporter Michael Goodwin wrote, "because it (The Times) demonized Trump from start to finish, it failed to realize he was onto something. And because the paper decided that Trump’s supporters were a rabble of racist rednecks and homophobes, it didn’t have a clue about what was happening in the lives of the Americans who elected the new president.

Sulzbergers letter was released after the paper’s public editor, Liz Spayd, took the paper to task for its election coverage. She pointed out how its polling feature Upshot gave Hillary Clinton an 84 percent chance as voters went to the polls.
New York Times publisher vows to 'rededicate' paper to reporting honestly | Fox News
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Old 13th Nov 2016, 03:42
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There we have it in black and white.....the NYT admits it was publishing poop but now has seen the light and will once again begin to speak truth to power!
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Old 13th Nov 2016, 05:58
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I read Sulzberger's letter the opposite, SAS:
"We don't think we were biased during the election, and we'll use the same process on President Trump".

Nothing will change at that fishwrapper outfit, except possible bankruptcy.
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