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A ride in a Vauxhall?

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A ride in a Vauxhall?

Old 3rd Dec 2014, 19:13
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A ride in a Vauxhall?

A stabbing here, a beheading there, a decades-long cover-up of a well-know pedophile by the BBC, an entire city police department ignoring more pedophilia, the odd shooting here and there, pretty soon it's not just isolated:

The American mother of a 14-year-old boy killed by an online gaming partner in Britain says she did everything she could to protect her son: She limited his access to electronics, installed parental controls and forbade him from using the same server as a boy she had grown suspicious of.

However, though Lorin LaFave, 47, said she warned both British police and her son, the boy, Breck Bednar was murdered by someone he met online on Feb 17.

Computer engineer Lewis Daynes, 19, pleaded guilty last month to Breck's stabbing murder that day in Daynes' house in Grays, Essex, England. The teenagers had been playing games online for several months, despite LaFave's efforts to put an end to their relationship.
Mom devastated after son's murder by online gaming partner | 7online.com

I'm assuming that "hands up" would've taken the killer's digits off his controller and therefore spoiling the game.
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Old 3rd Dec 2014, 19:20
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What's Vauxhalls got to do with it?
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Old 3rd Dec 2014, 22:28
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Isolated is a relative term.
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Old 3rd Dec 2014, 22:53
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brick, I don't get it what's the point you are making?

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Old 3rd Dec 2014, 23:11
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A dig at the UK I think Tom, hmmm glasshouses and stones come to mind
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Old 3rd Dec 2014, 23:16
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Tom, it's not too difficult; Brick is suggesting, in a rather laboured and roundabout way, that what with one thing and the other, people in the British glasshouse shouldn't throw stones.

It's an arguable case.

Edit: SuperQ can write faster than I can.......
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Old 3rd Dec 2014, 23:25
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A Ride in a Vauxhall

Have owned and ridden in many a Vauxhall in my 60 + years of life and been very happy with my experience....driving and otherwise !!!!!
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Old 3rd Dec 2014, 23:25
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I want to know how long he spent on the internet before he learnt the name of a British car manufacturer.
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Old 4th Dec 2014, 00:35
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Obviously not an alphabetical search! Its a pity he didnt find this one!

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Old 4th Dec 2014, 01:11
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Sad story for sure.
I rather enjoyed my Vauxhall Ventura and my Vauxhall Magnum back in the day.
Wrong title for the tread....duh
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Old 4th Dec 2014, 02:37
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My parents owned a Vauxhall when we lived in England. It was mother's car. Can't remember which year or model it was, but it was fairly new. As far as I knew it was a good car, mother liked it and that was all that mattered.
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Old 4th Dec 2014, 06:54
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VAUXHALL H I & J - 10 12 & 14 1946 TO 1948

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Old 4th Dec 2014, 07:16
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My only Vauxhall was a rusty old Viva that I brought back from NI at the height of the troubles. I made the mistake of leaving the NI plates on which gave the local police an excuse to stop me for every imagined reason under the sun. One plod patrol even stopped me because my tax disc had fallen onto the dashboard and they couldn't see it from behind.
I scrapped it when the spline driving the distributor failed and it was uneconomical to repair.

My only other experience of the marque was a Corsa I hired and I complained that it sounded as if it was misfiring. How was I to know that the bloody thing had a three cylinder engine?
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Old 4th Dec 2014, 07:45
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Vauxhall. The car manufacturer that invented the bio-degradable car.

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Old 4th Dec 2014, 07:52
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Reminds me of my mother's car a 1959 station wagon, or called an estate car in the UK.
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Old 4th Dec 2014, 08:04
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Brick has a blind spot when it comes to crime in the USA - has he ever inquired why the Catholic Church in the USA has paid out $500 million dollars in compensation to families and children ? How many convictions? Children violently killed - 2500 dead per year by gunshot alone,A murder rate nearly 5 times that of the UK and he has the gall to try to criticise us! We have crime in all its aspects the same as any other country but certainly not in quantity that is found in the USA.400 people shot dead by police per year on average - only 30 police officers shot dead last year. A violent society with an unhealthy obsession with firearms. I wonder if he knows that Vauxhallis a General Motors company.
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Old 4th Dec 2014, 08:45
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Gosh Blacksheep, I'd forgotten the old Victor - the car for which the term "rustbox" was invented!

Interesting fact (well I find it interesting). Did you know that the Russian word for railway station is 'Vauxhall'? A Russian parliamentary delegation came to London to study the newly built railway system. They were taken to Vauxhall station, then the nearest to central London and were told that this was Vauxhall. They took it to be the name for a railway station, and the word entered the language.

Reminds me of my mother's car a 1959 station wagon, or called an estate car in the UK.
Or "shooting brake" which my father in law, b 1915, called them all his life.
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Old 4th Dec 2014, 08:49
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My old Mk1 Viva simply fell to bits through rust. Did re spray it but that was nowt more than cosmetics as the rust just bubbled through in other places, shame really as it was a lovely little car.
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Old 4th Dec 2014, 10:02
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A friend of mine was driving a Wyvern when one of his kids in the back was jacked up to the roof. The metal had rusted awy from around one of the rear wheel spring hangers and the spring had forced its way up through the floor.
No problem. He stopped, found a short length of 4X2 on the verge, jacked it up, wedged the wood between the spring hanger and the floor and carried on.

It swayed about a bit but it got him home and then itself to the scrappie.
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Old 4th Dec 2014, 10:14
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Controversial, moi?
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Vauxhall. The car manufacturer that invented the bio-degradable car.
The FA Victor! It was a car that caused Vauxhall to have a fearsome reputation for rusting while you watched. All cars rusted badly in those days but some were worse than others.
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