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Until You Don't Like the Verdict

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Until You Don't Like the Verdict

Old 30th Nov 2014, 20:48
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PTT ....

Whatever resides in a 98th percentile is "uncommon" by definition; "particularly" doesn't usually come into that.

Granted, if you put your "victim" in a line-up of professional football players, then he might not be particularly uncommon, but out on the street? I bet Michael Brown stood out in the crowd as uncommonly large, at 6' 5" and 285 pounds.

Try turning your binoculars around; that might be your problem.
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Old 30th Nov 2014, 22:10
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Should they give this man a medal?

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Old 30th Nov 2014, 22:28
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John, details? Based on th picture how can we tell. If it happend in combat, then Purple Heart, yes. If he got this while driving drunk, no.
Old 30th Nov 2014, 22:32
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Oh, on other forum, I saw (unconfirmed) roumor that Michael Brown's, sealed, juvie record has at least one murdr conviction.

Would I be surprised if it were true?
Old 30th Nov 2014, 22:33
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Go ahead John, explain to us what an injured motocross rider has to do with this thread. You know you want to.
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Old 30th Nov 2014, 22:38
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Just for info

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Old 30th Nov 2014, 22:39
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Matari, you know what I think happened to this guy, in John's picture? He was driving along, minding his own business, when, out of nowhere, a mauve Ford ute with a pop-up tent appeared on the road. The poor guy in fear of his eyesight closed his eyes and ended up in the ditch. Some things just cannot be unseen.
Old 30th Nov 2014, 22:49
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Given the police are, to some on here, blameless, the excuse for this would be ?
Do the left have anything but emotional clap trap, devoid of any logic? I wonder what the left do when they get into trouble, they obviously don't call the police.

Should they give this man a medal?
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Old 30th Nov 2014, 22:53
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John Hill likes to accuse others of trolling, but that's exactly what he was doing here. That picture of the unfortunate motorcycle rider has been posted on other websites as that of Officer Wilson.

John Hill's oh-so-transparent attempt to bait someone into claiming that was Wilson failed, and he ironically exposed himself as a two-bit troller. Anyone surprised?
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Old 30th Nov 2014, 23:53
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Not at all. Ironically enough, he invokes the term troll on individuals asking him questions he doesn't want to/can't answer and then disengages from the thread.
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Old 1st Dec 2014, 02:24
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How did you get to 6'2" without eating your Brussels sprouts?
Can't abide them myself so I'm only 5'8" on a warm day.
This thread is as usual descending into the expected them and us.
Micheal Brown was a bad young fella who bit of more than he could chew, quite a common phenomenon among a large percentage of people these days what with human rights and all.

The saddest part about this whole sorry affair is the effect on Darren Wilson not to mention the community in general.
The sooner that the irresponsible media and the leaches that survive on public discontent (real or imagined) can be held to account the better but I'm not holding my breath.
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Old 1st Dec 2014, 03:15
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The saddest part about this whole sorry affair is the effect on Darren Wilson....
I trust you contributed a grand or two to his retirement fund?
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Old 1st Dec 2014, 03:35
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A young officer was attending to a child with difficulty breathing immediately prior to this incident.

I am morally certain that he had an unblemished record prior to this event or the media would have dug it up and printed it, scum that they have become.

So how his chosen career is over, through NO FAULT of his own, and comments like the one above are quite repulsive frankly.
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Old 1st Dec 2014, 05:52
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Nemo Me Impune Lacessit
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I trust you contributed a grand or two to his retirement fund?
John, that is quite pathetic. If that is the best you can do you should delete it.
(While you are at it, perhaps you could delete yourself as well?).
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Old 1st Dec 2014, 05:54
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Do you really think so? You think that ranks somewhat more than the comment that the saddest part of this episode is the effect on ex-officer Wilson?
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Old 1st Dec 2014, 07:18
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We concede defeat.

John, in that race to the bottom you are sure to win!

Actually, there are many valid points to be raised about the problems America has with its minorities when it comes to our system of law enforcement. For instance, many current drug laws punish the trade in, and possession of, "crack" cocaine especially harshly, when that is a relatively cheap drug that blacks are more likely to be caught with. This accounts in part for the disproportionately high rate of black imprisonment, helping to create a negative spiral of conviction, imprisonment, and joblessness.

Many people, including successful blacks, have given up on the Michael Browns of American society, simply leaving the cops to try and keep them under control to a certain extent, faced with this stupid validation of a criminal sub-culture when it becomes necessary to kill one or two of them, just culling the herd basically.

Those of you who post against the cops, well, when was the last time you robbed a convenience store and then walked off down the middle of the street, telling a cop to go f*ck himself when he simply told you to get back on the sidewalk? No, that is not something you would ever think of trying, let alone grabbing for the cop's gun and beating on him, but somehow you can, to a greater or lesser extent, excuse this "child" having done that.

Now we have the spectacle of this pregnant black woman, an unmarried mother of two who goes by at least two different names, having lost an eye after her boyfriend self-admittedly drove his car at some policemen there in Ferguson, provoking one of them to shoot. She now says that she wants "her justices," and I hope that Al Sharpton helps her try to get them.

Last edited by chuks; 1st Dec 2014 at 07:41.
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Old 1st Dec 2014, 08:36
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So, using your wonderful guns, you kidnap an entire race of people from another continent, you then treat them as sub-human slaves for 200 years, suddenly grow a conscience and set them free, and 50 years later you can't understand why you have a 'race' issue? Good call!!
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Old 1st Dec 2014, 09:25
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Did I miss John Hill explain why he added that photo? I can't believe he is still posting without doing so....

As for Hempy, are you seriously blaming the African Slavers for Michael Brown attacking a Police officer? Curious....
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Old 1st Dec 2014, 09:40
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you kidnap an entire race of people from another continent

With the greatest respect I suggest you read up on the history of the slave trade, which - and I quote "would not have been possible without the complicity of the black rulers in Africa who sold their own people into slavery for profit."

In the 1850's King Gezo, the King of Dahomy, had an income of 60,000 pounds sterling a year from the slave trade (Royal Navy Intelligence estimates).

Interesting reading:
F George Kay's "The Shameful Trade"
W E F Ward's "The Royal Navy and the Slavers"
Warren S Howard's "American Slavers and the Federal Law"

Just to add: the African kings practiced the slave trade for years before the While Man got there. Often the Arabs were involved (so nothing has changed there). The African Kings collected the slaves and kept them in huge stockades ready for the White Man's arrival. Of course for the latter, this was unlimited bounty. As much as they practiced the evil of transport and selling, they simply took over - and greatly expanded - a practice which they found already in situ in Africa.

You might also consider the status of the African slaves in the USA before and after Liberation. It is telling how little support for "freedom" John Brown found when he tried to raise the slaves in revolt before Harper's Ferry.

Last edited by OFSO; 1st Dec 2014 at 10:23.
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Old 1st Dec 2014, 10:14
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Hempy ...

Your timeline seems to be a bit off.

Institutionalized slavery (involuntary servitude) in North America lasted from about 1600 until about 1863. (That included indentured servitude involving white people, by the way.) So, about 250 years in all, meaning that you are off by about 50 years.

From 1863 (the date of the Emancipation Proclamation) until today makes 150 years since the official end of slavery in North America, not 50 years as you have it. You think there was slavery in the USA in 1964? Really?

Slavery has been over for about 150 years, so that it might not feature in the problems our society faces right now when it comes to cases such as the killing of Michael Brown. Race, on the other hand, yes, that definitely comes into this.

In any case, those of us who are seriously interested in such issues have a much better grasp of basic facts than you show, given that you didn't even bother to get some of those even approximately right before bursting into print.

There in Australia, you have no race issues to deal with, none at all? I think I can come up with a few, just off the top of my head, but you tell us, please. All simply down to slavery, I assume ....
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