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Meanwhile .. back in the Good 'ol NK ....

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Meanwhile .. back in the Good 'ol NK ....

Old 10th Mar 2017, 09:33
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I note that there's quite a few omissions from that list of titles though. Maybe someone should ask the South Koreans for some input.
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Old 10th Mar 2017, 09:59
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Originally Posted by Pinky the pilot View Post
No, no, no Gentlemen! A previous poster had it nailed perfectly!

'He has been recalled to Pyongyang for consultation.'

And he's still on my ignore list!
Perhaps he's been recalled for retraining. Is it possible he snapped his pencil lead or creased a page in his note pad? He will have missed the more normal (lethal) punishment because of his years of dedicated propaganda work on behalf of three generations of Nork dictators ?
Be lucky

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Old 12th Mar 2017, 09:07
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Good, but sobering, article from the Washington Post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world...d10_story.html
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Old 12th Mar 2017, 12:30
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The article below, raises the most worrying angle, as regards the nuclear and ballistic missile aims of the Little Fat Wun.

Nuclear proliferation expert says Trump administration should keep close eye on potential Iran-NK nuclear cooperation
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Old 14th Mar 2017, 19:18
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Has Kim John Hill been banned? I miss his balance on these matters....
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Old 14th Mar 2017, 19:54
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He last posted on this thread on the 14th Feb. Last post in PPRuNe 17th Feb. Before that he was posting three or four times a day.
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Old 14th Mar 2017, 20:13
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You all goaded him until he lost his temper.
He shouldn't have done of course, but now you will have to live with the consequences. You'll have to find another target to tease.
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Old 14th Mar 2017, 20:52
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Not to worry on the NK scene, Trump and XI are going to have a conference in a few weeks, to be known in history as the "Mar-a-Lago Conference." There, proposals will be offered and deals made, one of which will be "Dealing with NK." It will all work out...
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Old 14th Mar 2017, 22:55
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He'll be baaaaaack!

A bit of reconditioning at Dr. Benway's, and Jang Song-thaek's your uncle.
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Old 17th Mar 2017, 14:34
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Tillerson: Military action against North Korea 'an option' - BBC News
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Old 17th Mar 2017, 15:05
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It's always been an option. Spoken directly and at times cryptically as in "all options are on the table".
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Old 17th Mar 2017, 15:42
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More likely to be used with current POTUS though.
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Old 17th Mar 2017, 15:52
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I am certain I saw the Kim Jong Fat in Preston last Thursday
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Old 17th Mar 2017, 21:25
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Do you think you might be mistaken P-RB? I heard it was Wun Hung Low...
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Old 18th Mar 2017, 02:48
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I know that the chess that is played at the diplomatic level is an extremely complex and subtle game, but I think Tillerson's remarks of today were indicative of a real change in approach to NK.

Yes I know that he is Beijing bound and therefore some of his remarks are meant for our good freinds there, but regional allies need to know that the U.S., if not Mr. Trump, have their backs. Second, the long game of aid and patience was not working.

I realize the stakes here (perhaps millions of lives) and that there are no good solutions but I believe Tillerson was correct in throwing down a marker. Sometimes that frothing idiot opposite is indeed an existential danger. When some pudgy gent with a scary haircut is making overtures of reducing your cities to ash then there is a point when it has to stop.

I for one (or Wun if one prefers) would not wish to see the cousins launch a full spectrum suppression attack on my dystopia of a country. Irrespective of what one thinks of Iraq or Afghanistan, seeing air and sea power aligned in a major can opening of Whiskey Alpha is a different beast.

Yes it is irrational to wish to see an attack, however necessary, launched, but that visceral and human emotional side says warn that chubby pest that a new sheriff is indeed in town and he is just as crazy as you are.

Your move...
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Old 18th Mar 2017, 03:27
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Personally, I would like to see a very large USN ship launch an anti-missile attack on an NK missile, right after launch, destroying it mid-air.
T'would be a good real-life exercise, and at the risk of displaying currently-secret technology, it would probably be a good thing to show ones technical superiority, right about then.

When the frothy-mouthed verbal outrage attack from NK came, the U.S could merely defend its position, as coming from the belief that, "NK has always promised to attack the U.S. or its allies with missiles - we believed this missile to be heading to the U.S. or an allied country, so we were obliged to step in and take firm defensive action".

This could not be classified as a first strike under any circumstances, no matter how much the Norks would claim it to be.
Nothing like smacking a weapon out of a bullies hands, destroying it, and leaving him a little shocked, and feeling a little less inclined to continue the bullying.
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Old 18th Mar 2017, 20:14
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Thought the landing of three of the four missiles launched landing in Japans exclusive economic zone would have raised more of an outcry than it has.
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Old 21st Mar 2017, 16:42
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It seems that there is a video circulating depicting the bombing of a US aircraft and destruction of an aircraft carrier.

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Old 21st Mar 2017, 18:20
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After a stirring epic like that who wouldn't want to go out and sacrifice themselves for the great leader......

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Old 21st Mar 2017, 22:24
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North Korea to pursue development of ICBM - envoy
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