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Lessons will be learnt (Rotherham child abuse scandal)

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Lessons will be learnt (Rotherham child abuse scandal)

Old 9th Mar 2020, 10:04
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Originally Posted by KelvinD View Post
Well, that was interesting, although not exactly informative. In fact, the 2nd link (barthsnotes) leads to some contradictory accounts. It seems to start out as an attack on the GMP detective Maggie Oliver but provides nothing of substance other than a link to a police whistleblowers forum which appears to condemn Wedger and Oliver for not doing things their way, rather than accusing them of making things up.
The video from the Hoaxted youtube account is worse than tedious; it doesn't say much of anything other than to expose the facts behind the criminal history of the female pimp, referred to as "Foxy".
A search for the Hoaxtead group shows lots of denunciations of this group, including this lady's blog:

Yes, it is anything but clear. But would it be?

I think the detailed (and excruciatingly dull) account of Foxy is in itself worth a lot. Because it appears to show Wedger to be a liar or fantasist or both. If he is so loose and wild with matters which are a matter of historical record, what else is to be believed?

And has not the recent IICSA which encompassed politicians and pedophile sex rings pretty much debunked institutional conspiracy, finding isolated peadophilia amongst some members (Smith obviously), turning a blind eye (Steele obviously) and agencies not acting fully iaw the law (the Police). Bit like Saville and the BBC - clearly some people knew, others suspected, few if any, did the right thing. But ain‘t that the way in all walks of life? The 70s and 80s were more chauvinistic and deferential than today. An in some respects quietly awful. These days the grooming gangs are just another area where too many people looked away and failed the girls involved.
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Old 9th Mar 2020, 11:01
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I agree with what you say but how would one explain other accounts originating in different forces across the land.
I wish I could remember the name now but I recently read an autobiography by a long serving police officer who worked throughout South London and when he came across things that didn't seem right in Lambeth, things started happening to him such as finding he was posted to a unit that suddenly went out of existence, then reappeared under a different name and housed in disused office blocks etc.
And then there is the case of the Wiltshire Chief Constable who investigated and wrote the report on Ted Heath. Things became difficult for him and an issue involving damage to his police issued phone were raised. He had initially said the phone was damaged by being run over by a golf cart. He later apologised for this excuse to the commission investigating the incident, saying he had actually damaged it during a fit of pique when he whacked his golf bag with a club, following a particularly bad shot. The investigation had begun as a result of someone claiming he had damaged the phone deliberately in order to destroy information relating to the Ted Heath inquiry. As well as apologising for his lying about how the damage was incurred initially, which he said was to try to avoid embarrassment at his bad tempered outburst on the golf course, he had his labs retrieve all the data from the phone. The inquiry subsequently found he had nothing wrong, other than his poor judgement in making up a story to cover his embarrassment and should perhaps face sanctions for that part of his conduct. Meanwhile, he had applied and been accepted for a new position with the Teesside force. Suddenly, he was sacked by them for reasons that are not entirely clear.
The whole issue is murky in the extreme and I wonder if we will ever learn the truth?
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Old 9th Mar 2020, 19:04
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And then there is the case of the Wiltshire Chief Constable
And then there was Stalker.... a fine man much maligned by those who were not happy with his findings... a textbook case in slurring.
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Old 9th Mar 2020, 19:32
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Originally Posted by flash8 View Post
And then there was Stalker.... a fine man much maligned by those who were not happy with his findings... a textbook case in slurring.
Yep. Bang on (also with respect to your comments Kelvin)

But that is the old copper culture - not an organisation that should be allowed to self-monitor. Not even another constabulary. Processes can‘t eliminate that inherent organizational loyalty.
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Old 20th May 2020, 07:18
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As a note, this whole thing came to light over 6 years ago and is still ongoing.


Bradford: 27 men arrested in connection with online child sexual exploitation
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