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War in Australia (any Oz Politics): the Original

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War in Australia (any Oz Politics): the Original

Old 4th Oct 2015, 06:49
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We do not have radical Bhuddists attacking Australian citizens.
We do not have radical Catholics attackign Australians.
We do not have radical Baptists attacking Australians.
We do not have radical Taoists attacking Australians.
We do not have radical Presbyterians attacking Australians.
We do not have radical agnostics attacking Australians.
We do not have radical atheists attacking Australians.
We do not have radical Methodists attacking Australians.

We do have radical muslims attacking Australians.

This one "religion" has repeatedly and openly declared war on Australia, and the Australian Civil War is (un)officially under way.

It began a few years ago when a rabble of radical muslims rioted in a Sydney park - and the law-enforcement and intelligence authorities did nothing to stop it or prosecute those who instigated it and took part in it. In other words, they were weak, and the radicals were emboldened by that weakness.

Our authorities, at every level, are guilty of endangering public safety by wilfull inaction. On a national scale this is close to treason - a crime which is far to stringently defined in Australia to be of any practical use in a court of law.

The oxygen-supply of the subversive element of Islam is the doctrine of "multiculturalism" - a doctrine which actively encourages radicals from incompatible cultures to be violent, to break laws, to disregard the safety of citizens in the community, all because their culture - which multicultiralism clearly states is the equal of any other culture - has to be first, foremost, and enforced by fear, fire, terror and the sword, or the bomb, or the AK-47 etc etc etc.

I vividly recall Malcolm Turnbull several years ago nailed his colours to the mast when he stated he was a dedicated and enthuisastic proponent of multiculturalism because it had enriched and strengthened our nation.

Given the ability of politicians at every level to perform backflips of truly Olympic magnitude and skill, how long before he grasps the figurative nettle and announces the doctrine will be rolled back and replaced by the doctrine along the lines of "Many Origins - One Culture". Abandoning the failed doctrine would go a long way to winning back disaffected Liberal voters and attracting many disaffected Labor voters as well. All he has to do is put it in the party platform, take it to the next election, win the contest and legislate the policy out of existence. It can be done - and it must be done, sooner or later. Actually, it must be done soon. Lives depend on this. Our lives, and those of future generations as yet unborn. We owe future generations a peaceful, prosperous and harmonious nation to live in. Under the versions of Islam being proposed by the radicals in our midst, these things are non-existent - under radical Islam they simply cannot exist.

"Many Origins - One Culture" simply says you can come to Australia from any country you wish, but once here you obey all our laws, respect and value our national political system and institutions, learn, speak and write our official language (English), adopt our style of dress and embrace our culture and make it yours as well. In other words, seek not to change us, change yourself instead and become us.

Several European countries have recoiled from their potentially-fatal infatuation with multiculturalism and have legislated to protect the cultural identity of their nation. So it is not impossible...multiculturalism isn't impossible to renounce. All it takes is a nation to become alarmed enough to see what is transparently obvious and to decide at a national level to do something, collectively and now, instead of applying band-aids or closing the stable door after the horse has well and truly bolted.

Interestingly enough, those European nations which have rolled back their multicultural experiment have not been boycotted by their trading-partners, have not seen violent protests about abandoning multiculturalism, and haven't been wracked by civil-war as a result. They have had the courage to talk about the problems,openly. Try doing that in Australian and you are instantly called a "racist" and yet radical Islam is possibly one of the most racist idealogies ever seen. (By the way, the most racist nation on earth is Japan. Is anyone refusing to trade with Japan because of its racist and exclusionist attitudes to non-Japanese immigration etc. I don't think so!)

The patience of the Australian people is long, but not infinite. When it breaks, their anger will be experienced not only by the radicals and their identifiable fellow-travellers, but also by the supporters and proponents of the failed political doctrine which has imported, fostered and protected these traitors in our society.

"A fish rots from the head down." So too do Australian political parties. Both major parties are now showing the truth in this saying. Shorten is so rotten many Labor voters cannot envisage voting for the party whilst he leads it. Turnbull has a similar taint for a sizeable number of Liberal voters. Where do these disaffected Labor and Liberal voters go?

I note there are what many will call "Centrist" parties emerging in the Australian political landscape as a response to the decades of mediocrity and inaction which has characterised both the major parties. Are they potential magnets for disaffected voters, or feeble twitchings of the Australian body-politic as it enters its early death-throes before it is replaced by violence, terrorism attacks on an industrial scale, the prelude to the civil war?

My feeling is the forthcoming Australian Civil War will be fought with such ferocity, viciousness and disregard for human life that in future centuries historians will use it as the definitive case-study. A culture that refuses to take up arms to fight for its cultural values against those who deliberately attack it and seek to replace it with a totally different, incompatible culture is a culture that has been "taught to commit suicide". That's the long-term effect of multiculturalism.

How much Australian indigenous culture would remain under an Australian Islamic caliphate? None at all. How much Judao-Christian culture would remain under an Australian Islamic caliphate. Exactly the same amount. The only thing necessary for the triumph of radical Islam in Australia is for good men - and women - of all political persuasions (except the extreme rat-bag Left) to do nothing.

Multiculturalism requires and encourages society to do precisely nothing when attacked by those of another culture. In that sense, multiculturalism is institutionalised treason and inherently subversive. A people under attack will only do nothing for so long before they start to fight back. There are ample historical precedents for this. Do we need to test the limit-of-patience of the public? For decades the anti-gun people here have been telling us we are "awash with guns." I hope they're right because sooner or later we're going to need them, and men (and women) who can shoot straight.

The hastily-assembled civilian militias (our version of "Dad's Army") may well have to go to war armed with rifles such as the Lee-Enfield No1 Mk3 or the 8mm Mauser, or the venerable M17 in 30-06 calibre, all of which will be well over a century old. Thank the gun-control advocates in Australia for that. Naturally, the Australian government and armed forces will simply not have enough rifles (or ammunition) to supply the militias - or they will refuse to do so anyway "for legal reasons".

The extinction of the national identity we know as "Australian" is exactly what will happen if the failed doctrine of multiculturalism is not abandoned and replaced with something that is enforceable, equitable, and positively contributes to building a well-integrated, harmonious nation. Multiculturalism by its very definition cannot do any of that because it actively discourages homogeneity, it advocates division and it encourages hostility. It is the 20th Century version of "divide and rule" - and it has served major political parties better than they could have ever dreamed. But it is a poisoned chalice - and it slowly poisons the very fabric of the society which embraces it, for those exact same reasons.

Will Australia commit cultural suicide - or will it rise up and empower itself to rid itself of the traitors , subversives and culturally-incompatible elements currently being incubated within its society, legal and political systems?

The next three decades hold the answer.
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Old 4th Oct 2015, 08:15
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short flights long nights
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Critical mass, I vote that as post of the year.
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Old 4th Oct 2015, 09:43
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I don't usually post in here but it seems like the best place to ask - does anyone know what's happened to Worrals?
Been overseas for a few weeks, thanks for asking. After following the PM changeover from OS and shovelling through my mail/emails on return, I was going to come back with a chirpy 'been away, have I missed anything'? but given recent events, that would now be inappropriate.

Being recently back from Europe where the immigration/exodus from the ME is front page news every day, I'm still thinking about the Para murder. An Iranian? That's a bit weird. A fifteen year old? His sister fled overseas?

Well done to the Constables, they did a great job. One death is one too many, but it could have been a whole lot worse. As for the other issues, I dunno. Maybe some of you have a point . That said, once again it's one person. Not a group (at least not that's been established and/or made public), but another single nutter with a cause. How many people did the Yank in Oregon kill before he was stopped? What was his religion?

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Old 4th Oct 2015, 09:54
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Welcome back, Worrals.
Look forward to hearing some of your European observations.
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Old 4th Oct 2015, 10:02
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First, All this stuff about engaging with Muslim "community leaders" is divisive in itself and gives them a feeling of being separate (special and more deserving?) from the rest of the wider Australian community.

Second, how many teenagers listen to their parents? I know when I was 15 I knew absolutely everything and they were just squares who didn't understand etc etc. I do remember some young Muslim kids saying exactly that on some ABC panel show.
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Old 4th Oct 2015, 10:08
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short flights long nights
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Oh it's getting better. It appears the shooter was a member of some radical Muslim group that preaches death to the west. How in hell, are these groups allowed to exist in Australia?

And if it is found that the parents knew about this, they should be deported ASAP. The sister has already deported herself.
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Old 4th Oct 2015, 10:20
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How in hell, are these groups allowed to exist in Australia?
They aren't, but firstly, you have to find them. Law enforcement can't be everywhere.

Any bozo can set up a discussion group; advertise through word of mouth, email and their friends' FB accounts. Even prior to the internet there were ways and means, as employed by the IRA and other extremist organisations. The general method back then was to advertise general discussion meetings, isolate the radicals who turned up, invite them to more specific discussion forums, isolate the extremists who turned up to them, and so on. From there you could gradually sift out the reasonable people and get yourself a group of proper crazies .

As with many legitimate interest groups like goldfish fanciers and lego fans (and followers of Aus politics ), the internet has hyped this process up and allowed crazies to hook up with each other really easily. You don't have to put flyers up on uni/pet shop / church/mosque notice boards any more; while the process remains the same it's a whole lot quicker and easier, and much harder to police.

P.S. Cheers, Stanwell.

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Old 4th Oct 2015, 12:34
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short flights long nights
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Just seen vision of the shooters family. They look like they have become well intergrated into Australian society....not.

Bet they enjoy the welfare money however.
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Old 5th Oct 2015, 00:55
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How do you find them? Well you don't - they will find us.

Last Melbourne Cup day - Melbourne city centre November 2014. In a peaceful quiet city centre there are thousands of muslim men marching "against oppression".

Many small groups of angry enraged young men. Not one woman.
Not one sign or chant in english. Our police cowering away from them.

The irony of it!

I hang my head in shame at what we are losing.

They come here and turn our country into what they left behind.
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Old 5th Oct 2015, 03:44
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SOPS, I thought the same thing.

Don't forget people, according to Turnbull and Bishop in this morning's paper it was a political killing, not a religious killing. Apparently waving a gun around shouting God is Great in Arabic has nothing to do with religion at all, and we were all mistaken. Got that?

If this has annoyed yours truly (Miss Moscow herself) then I'd guess that it's also annoyed the heck out of everyone to my right, i.e. at least eighty-five percent of the country.
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Old 5th Oct 2015, 03:49
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Nemo Me Impune Lacessit
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Old 5th Oct 2015, 03:59
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short flights long nights
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And here in lies the problem. This guy is a Muslim community leader. And he identifies himself as a Australian_Lebaneese.

There should only be one community, the Australian one. And either your Australian or you're not.

Look at the shooters parents of the shooter, they have made no effort to intergrate, and you see these results.

No intergration, no English, no Western dress?......no welfare.

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Old 5th Oct 2015, 05:47
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Don't forget people, according to Turnbull and Bishop in this morning's paper it was a political killing, not a religious killing.
When are they going to wake up Worrals? In the Muslim world politics and religion are one and the same.
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Old 5th Oct 2015, 06:09
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short flights long nights
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Just when I thought she had gone way, Two Dads has just popped up demanding all the country shoppers on Naru be let back in to Australia.

We have had one person killed by a terroist this week, and she want more of them let in.
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Old 5th Oct 2015, 06:57
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Dunno what you lot are complaining about.

Oz under sharia wont be so bad. Yer get to throw fags off tall building. Any lass dare to say the wrong thing to yer and ya get to wallop her. Any lass goes out side the family or marital home with out a male relative, and whamo, gang-bangers delight.. and then she goes to jail.
And then there's yer wife... slave.. what yer mean, 17 kids is too many...

And all yer have to do for this heaven on earth is bang ya head on the floor a couple of times a day and say nonsense words to some imaginary god..

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Old 5th Oct 2015, 07:00
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If anything, what we need are more camps to keep those Muslims under control. Considering the literal dozens of Muslim terrorists that have popped up around the world over the past few years, you just can't be too careful. Plenty of space in the outback we can keep them, they're used to the desert anyway so they will have nothing to complain about. I believe other countries have tried similar programs in the past with great success.

I mean these people come here with no intention to integrate at all, they won't even eat a pork chop with a cold beer at a Sunday BBQ. Forget about giving any of their women the old second glance at the beach either. Very un-Australian I tell you. The only course of action we can take to protect our great culture is to treat them so inhumanely that one by one they beg to be returned to the war-torn hellhole from whence they came. We must remain a proud nation!

Have I forgotten anything? Oh yes... welfare!

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Old 5th Oct 2015, 07:05
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Shorten actually said this! The man is starting to channel Abbott..

"If there are organisations in this country preying upon vulnerable young people, filling their head full of murderous, crazy nonsense, then those organisations are breaching their social contract with the Australian people," Mr Shorten said.

"These organisations preying upon young people are a sort of political or a terrorist version of the paedophiles who prey upon young people too. It is just unacceptable."

Parramatta shooting: Bill Shorten says radical groups preying on young people are the 'terrorist version of paedophiles' - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
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Old 5th Oct 2015, 08:23
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Shorten actually said this! The man is starting to channel Abbott..
Out of interest, was that a compliment?
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Old 5th Oct 2015, 09:05
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So everyone has been released into the community in Nauru. How long before a few "escape" onto a flight to Australia?
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Old 5th Oct 2015, 09:18
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I spent nearly a year on Nauru, genuine escape would be difficult.

Giving the detainees the run of the island may be good, until the very first drunken assault and attempted rape, then there will be blood shed.
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