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Gainesy RIP

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Gainesy RIP

Old 19th Apr 2011, 11:42
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This is very sad, very sad indeed.

RIP Gainsey.

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Old 20th Apr 2011, 02:32
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Very sad news, as others have said, his posts were always worth reading.

RIP Gainesy
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Old 20th Apr 2011, 03:31
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smooth sailing, mate, you,ll be missed!
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Old 20th Apr 2011, 14:00
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PPRuNe Bashaholic
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Another good guy gone. His posting here will be missed, but not forgotten.

RIP Gainesy
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Old 20th Apr 2011, 15:05
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Please have a look at this thread:

Gainesy in Memoriam
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Old 21st Apr 2011, 09:28
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Funeral Details

As promised here are the details of Mike's funeral:

It will take place in the Memorial Chapel at Surrey & Sussex Crematorium, Balcombe Road, Crawley RH10 3NQ on April 27 (next Wednesday) at 12.15pm.

The service will be followed by drinks and buffet at Mike's favourite pub - The Plough, Lower Beeding, RH13 6LT - from 1.45pm onwards.

From Mike's widow:

"Anyone wishing to attend the funeral and drinks will be more than welcome. Equally, if people just want to come to the drinks/buffet that will be fine too."

No flowers please, donations to St Catherine's Hospice as previously mentioned.

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Old 21st Apr 2011, 22:01
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Late, as usual ...

Not logged on for a while ... but knew of his Passing from the other grapevine. Gainsey would be amazed at the response. Pity we didn't know about St Catherines in time to visit.

I'll remember Ex Elder Forest in April 1988 - Gainsey RTB'd early due to air sickness. About the only time I got one up on him.

Max Aileron
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Old 22nd Apr 2011, 14:53
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More than just an ATCO
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back to page one
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Old 22nd Apr 2011, 20:01
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I've been pottering around the house for a week and for some reason a real sense of foreboding told me to sign in tonight.

How horribly right I was. And 411a as well.

Gainesy and I would PM quite a bit about local Sussex haunts and I was aware how ill he was and what a brave fight he put up. We never got around for a meet at the Pease Pottage services did we matey?

I'm gutted I can't attend the funeral as I'm away on a Battlefield tour.

I, too, regard his Luton comment as one of his finest.

I hope that the genuine love and respect for a fine man shown on these pages are of some consolation to his family.

There must be some work for the chainsaw up there, musn't there?

Now its off to the other thread.
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Old 22nd Apr 2011, 21:23
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There must be some work for the chainsaw up there, musn't there?
Well they do need to keep the fires of hell burning and the fuel must come from somewhere.
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Old 23rd Apr 2011, 20:16
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RIP Gainsey, you will be sadly missed.

I'll try to get to the Crem on Wednesday just to say farewell.
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Old 24th Apr 2011, 15:45
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Reading in having not visited PPRuNe for a while I saw the title and for a split second hoped that it would be some mischievous, tongue in cheek humour from the man himself.

Umpteen tissues and loud nose-blowing later, I just want to say that I only met Gainesy once at one of my earliest Gatbashes and...I recall we had a rather entertaining debate about the curious feeding habits of people at a buffet!! He made me smile then and continued to guarantee a chuckle when writing here.

You are horribly missed, Gainesy.

I, for one, will be raising a glass in your memory on 27th.
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Old 27th Apr 2011, 20:01
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You will all be pleased I'm sure to hear that the funeral went very well indeed, as well as these things can.

Pictures and a report will appear in due course to prove that Gainesy finally managed to attend a PPRuNe bash, which I am certain that he would have enjoyed very much indeed.
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Old 27th Apr 2011, 20:56
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Gainesy's Last PPRuNe Bash

Gainesy had made one of the early Gatbashes where many of us met him for the first time. Sadly he was unable to make any of the later bashes, but he definitely was there for this final PPRuNe Bash in his honour.

The initial PPRuNe contingent waiting outside the crematorium prior to the service.

These 3 (johnfairr, flapsforty [all the way from Norway especially --- respect!] and ThreadBaron) were slightly surprised when Wholigan bowled up too as he had decided that it would be a good thing to avoid the window fitting and drive from Zoomerzett to attend.

The service was well attended and the very good eulogy written by an old friend was read out by the vicar (many of you will know him as Steve the Shaman from Gainesy's posts), as the old friend was sadly unable to attend. The eulogy brought forth many smiles of fond memories amongst the assembled throng. Gainesy had specifically asked Steve to run the service for him as an old mate, and Steve came down from his new home in Norfolk to do the business, and he saw Gainesy off in fine style.

After the service we all repaired to Gainesy's favourite pub near his home to celebrate his life.

The PPRuNe reps with suitably charged glasses ready to toast his memory.

PPRuNers plus Mrs Gainesy and Steve the Shaman

Apparently, Gainesy's usual place in the pub was propping up the back bar counter and blocking the way in for people so he could vet who came and went. Johnfairr decided that he should relive that tradition in Gainesy's honour.

The rest of us then decided that we should follow in his footsteps too.

Mrs Gainesy said that she had loved reading the posts from all of you in this thread and in the Gainesy memorial thread and had read them with a mixture of love, laughter and tears, which was about right we thought.

She was also thrilled at the thought of planting many trees in his memory, and also saw the delightful irony in that, juxtaposed with the thought of Kevin the chainsaw!!!

We have arranged to contact Mrs G when we know what is happening with the trees etc and we will also let you all know what, when, where and how the initial "ceremony" will happen.

I can't let this report go past without mentioning that there was a certain driving instructor amongst the PPRuNe contingent who managed to get severely nagged by Wholigan's small red pussy-puller during the journey from the crematorium to the pub because he had NOT fastened his seat belt!!!

I'm sure I'll pay for that and I'm also sure there will be more anecdotes forthcoming from the others.

On the whole a very good day for a very good man.
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Old 28th Apr 2011, 06:30
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Old 28th Apr 2011, 06:38
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For those who missed it first time around or have forgotten:


I lived next door to a chap in Luton who was taken prisoner in
Italy in 1944,(?).
He came originally from Dresden.
I asked him once if he ever went back there. He told me that there
was no point going back because there was no one left of his family.


That's just awful.

Nobody should have to live in Luton.
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Old 28th Apr 2011, 06:41
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Hovering AND talking
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For those who missed it first time around or have forgotten:
Or those who always chuckle ...


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Old 28th Apr 2011, 07:16
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Just reading the OoS and the report from Gainsey's farewell had tears flowing but a big grin because of his mosic choice. Thanks to those who attended and saw him off. RIP Mike.
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Old 28th Apr 2011, 09:10
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Lady Lexxington
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Awww dear, made me laugh and cry at the same time. Love the music choice and the post.

RIP Mike.
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Old 28th Apr 2011, 09:31
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Even though he's gone, he's still able to make us laugh. Class act.

Thanks for the feedback on the funeral, chaps
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