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USA Politics - Hamster Wheel

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USA Politics - Hamster Wheel

Old 19th Aug 2012, 21:12
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Any real helicopter pilot knows the RV life....as one takes a vow of poverty and must live like a Gypsy about half the time.

I seem to have been the happiest when i had the least material things....and lived in a Fifth Wheel Trailer, a Lance Slide In Camper, or a Sailboat.

Nothing quite beats being able to pick a new view and new neighbors when you get the urge......or get urged!

Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Nevada all seemed to be my places of choice.

The Lance Camper was the best....as it could go just about anywhere....small enough to use old logging roads and skid trails or tracks out in the desert but still with all the conveniences. My first night way up in the forest in Washington....parked at the dead end of a logging road on a landing that looked down on half the World....freezing rain and sleet falling....hot Pizza straight out of the oven....a movie on the TV....the ol' Tin Tent paid for herself!

I might just take that lifestyle back up....but only during the Fall and Spring...when hunting seasons are open. Throw an ATV and a Harley in a trailer and hit the road. If Obama gets re-elected it might be like the "Grapes of Wrath" all over again....no ATV and no Harley.

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Old 19th Aug 2012, 22:08
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Hokay....since others are talking about it, I'll come back to it.

con-pilot, I am glad your father enjoyed his latter years, doing what he wanted. Most of the full-timers are retired - I guess I'm a relative youngin' - but I enjoy talking to many of the seniors I come across.

Lyman, you put it well, although that "freedom" does not come without its own set of challenges. Any RV is high maintenance; I've had to self-educate myself about propane/electrical/plumbing/heating systems etc. I have noticed that many boat-dwellers become RV dwellers or vice versa. They like those intimate spaces.

SASless, a lot of pilots (besides helicopter) know about the RV lifestyle. I do not know if it is there anymore, but a parking lot at LAX was turned into a pilot/airline worker RV park. I'd rather enjoy the comfort of an RV vs. an over-crowded, messy crash-pad. I am vaguely familiar with the Lance - have seen a few of them.

I enjoyed your narrative, especially the less is more observation. I couldn't agree more!

Airstream has a well-rooted American history. The orginator, Wally Byam, took his Airstream caravans all over the world. I'd be happy to just go cross-country someday.

Airstreamers are very friendly people who are proud of their trailers. If you come across a 'streamer, he or she will be glad to offer you a coffee, show you their trailer, and share the adventure of the open road. We have a saying - just because you are on that endless road - doesn't mean you have lost your soul.

I do not have a motorcycle or ATV, but some Airstreamers do. They cart them around in this....
Quite the "rig." See! I'm getting the lingo....

I hope you rejoin the lifestyle.....regardless of the next election.

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Old 19th Aug 2012, 22:18
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Just by chance, I happen to check to Weather Channel. Typed 666 into the ZIP (Postal) Code to and lo and behold, Hell has frozen over.

In a related story, the Obama Campaign Newsletter; Newsweek has apparently had a change of opinion. This is the magazine that has had more picture covers of our Dear Leader since he started his campaign that any other person in history.

This one, not so flattering.

From the article:

Why does Paul Ryan scare the president so much? Because Obama has broken his promises, and itís clear that the GOP ticketís path to prosperity is our only hope.
Niall Ferguson on Why Barack Obama Needs to Go - Newsweek and The Daily Beast
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Old 19th Aug 2012, 22:55
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Watch the media, they have predicted all the elections since Truman and Dewey.

V2.... Ex mechanic, so the RV was my slave..... I prefer the boat, and my horizons are growing westward. The Chris Craft has frozen her Lincolns, so, I bought a big ol Trimaran. This sailboat is faster than the motor boat, and runs on the Westerlies, not the Middle Easterlies. I am challenging my claustrophobia to two weeks at looking at the indigo blue of the Pacific..... Her name is Angel....
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Old 20th Aug 2012, 00:04
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Join Date: May 2002
Location: "Deplorable but happy as a drunken Monkey!
Age: 72
Posts: 16,612
Lyman.....a few words of sage advice.....BORA BORA!
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Old 20th Aug 2012, 01:08
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Elizabeth Warren shows her disappointment that not a single Hell's Angel Biker wanted to earn their "Red Wings." In fact, those surveyed suggested that given the choice between that, or start riding a Honda, they would chose riding the Honda.
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Old 20th Aug 2012, 02:25
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Caption #2. Elizabeth Warren proves her Native American Heritage by riding an Indian Motorcycle.

Indian Motorcycles : Official Website
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Old 20th Aug 2012, 03:06
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Helping our Veterans.

The Grammy-nominated rocker, along with nonprofit Operation Finally Home and representatives from Pulte Homes, presented Sgt. Davin Dumar and his wife Dana with a mortgage-free 2,600-square-foot property that will be finished by the end of 2012
Wounded war veteran receives new home from nonprofit, Kid Rock | Fox News
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Old 20th Aug 2012, 03:46
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Good for you V-2.
I have used and stayed in a fifth wheel RV also.
Bought property years ago,
Had it cleared septic put in, well etc.
Built a big storage/ workshop also.
No mortgage all cash.
While starting to build the house they would not give me a temporary power pole.
Everything before this I used a generator for saws etc.
Some county one horse town regulation said i needed an occupancy permit for this service and only a contractor could get this.
I said B/S on this.
Kept using the generator for the power tools, bought 2 120 watt solar panels to charge the batts in the RV.
With inverters for the TV laptop etc could run this thing everyday at no electric expense.
Gen was used for power tools, microwave etc.
Hot summer days i found that the Air Cond was required.
My 299 USD champion gen handled this fine using less than 3 gallons of gas per day.
I know many that live in the RV full time and are really happy.
Maybe one day will hook mine up again and just keep going.
With solar power no need to spend 30-50 usd a night in campgrounds.
Many state Parks are free.
Have included a link here for the ones maybe interested in solar and RV.
This guy is smart and will save you a lot of time and money and his advice is good and free.
Camping world or RV dealerships don't even bother using them they are clueless.
They will try and sell you LED light bulbs for 23 usd each.
You can buy 10 of then for 12 bucks off of ebay and they are still the same manufacturer in china.
Talk about a rip off.
This guy has his shxt in one sock.
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Old 20th Aug 2012, 04:19
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Lyman, many pilots own sailboats. I was talking to one who sailed across the Atlantic. He said the physics of flight/sailing were similar.
All the best as you hit the open sea with Angel.

Earl, thank-you so much for the help and link. I understand that "red tape." It bothers the heck out of me too. I would be happy doing what you did - parking my rig under cover on a remote piece of property someday. Generators are pretty-much a must have as air conditioners won't run on battery power alone. BTW, you must know about "Camp WalMart." Most WalMarts allow RVers to park on their lot overnight for free.

Hokay....back to U.S. politics.

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Old 20th Aug 2012, 04:55
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Yes V-2 have heard about Wal Mart allowing this, good on them as they know most RV owners will resupply from the stores.
Parking in State Camp grounds usually free or maybe 1 or 2 usd in the tip box on the way out
Think they call these free sites boon docking in the RV world.
Solar power with an RV does work if connected correctly, made many mistakes then found this link I gave.
Camping World/ RV dealerships well they are in kahoots with the RV parks, they don't want you to be able to find a cheaper way.
That Champion gen is very highly rated, much cheaper than the Honda.
68 Decibils though, inside with the RV with AC on you cant hear it, maybe sounds like the water pump running.
Have 30 foot power cord.
It has a RV receptacle built in also, so no need for adapter.
I run the 4000/3500 watt gen from champion.
Had it for a few years , hour meter says about 900 hours now, only repair was at 700 hours had to put a new set of brushes in it.
Cost less than 20 usd plus shipping from the champion website.
Brushes took less than 5 min to install.
That gen is made by American company but assembled in china.
Have heard it is the clone engine of the Honda one.
Now a days I spend my money on things that are proven and work.
Really don't care what country they are made in.
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Old 20th Aug 2012, 06:10
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Aviator Extraordinaire
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This one, not so flattering
Yes, hell has truly frozen over.

'Newsweek', the weekly news magazine of the DNC. Who would have ever thunk it.

So, I wonder who will be next to figure out that the Emperor has no clothes, NBC?

Naw, life will end as we know it if NBC ever tells the truth about Obama and the DNC.
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Old 20th Aug 2012, 14:57
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Naw, life will end as we know it if NBC ever tells the truth about Obama and the DNC.
I think NBC and its cousin MSNBC are actually on life support. CNN (US Edition) is being wheeled out to the morgue.

If the Mainstream Media doesn't make a sharp Right turn, they are toast as well. Although, CBS is starting to come around and ABC has Jack Tapper, who seems to be the one trusted soul over there.

The Right has the Social Media this election season. Barry had it in 2008 and it won it for him.

It will lose it for him this time.
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Old 21st Aug 2012, 20:37
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Caption Time

SpongeBama Squarehead. Hey, it worked for Jack in the Box. Just add a few facial features.

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Old 21st Aug 2012, 21:29
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It's a game changer for Akin for sure. The Left has NOTHING to go with so they are trying to paint everyone with the same brush.

I would prefer that the Romney camp waive at it and stay on message but he did say this.

"GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney says Missouri Rep. Todd Akin, who is under fire for his comments on rape, should drop his bid for a Senate seat, but Akin says he'll stay in the race.".
The momentum is building for the Convention next week and with Chris Christie giving the Keynote address, there is going to be some serious ass-handing going on.

Source for quote. Romney calls on Rep. Akin to drop Senate bid over 'rape' comments | Fox News
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Old 21st Aug 2012, 21:37
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Snipe Hunt

Inside sources suggest that President Obama told Biden that the convention was next week.

The Drudge Report cited sources Tuesday saying that Secret Service agents have been spotted in Tampa telling people that they are doing advance work for Bidenís trip. Heís expected to be in Tampa on Monday or Tuesday, the news website reported.

Read more: Secret Service prepping for Biden to appear at GOP convention, says Drudge | The Daily Caller
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Old 21st Aug 2012, 22:39
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Maybe Biden will make the "key-hole" address.
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Old 21st Aug 2012, 22:58
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If that hurricane makes landfall while Joe's there, there will be two blowhards in Tampa.
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Old 21st Aug 2012, 23:18
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I heard the Akin gaffe and thought, "This is a game changer?!" It was a
minor gaffe, yet is dominating the news and commentary today. Certainly no worse than Joe Biden's clueless diatribe. I was actually disappointed in Republicans reflexively deserting Akin like scurrying rats, calling for him to walk away from his candidacy, though I don't defend what he said in any

Meanwhile, a Minnesota Democrat congressman was caught soliciting on
Craig's List, and carrying out a tryst with a minor boy at a rest stop. Hardly a peep to be heard, unless you follow the conservative blogs.
The media knows Obama is vulnerable, and will stop at nothing to get their boy re-elected by attempting to use anything negative anyone says or does as flingable poo in an effort to make it appear to stick while they sidestep the issues. They are desperately trying to create an impression in voters' minds that there is "controversy" that is somehow pertinent to the election, hoping the weak-minded voter will cast their's for Obama if only to dis-associate themselves with anything labeled "Republican" rather than for or against each candidate by virtue of their records or plans. The media is obviously aware that Obama is still as bankrupt as when he took office, and that his record since has been abysmal.

Diversion is the name of the game in this election because of Obama's failure as President, so expect more and for the hype about irrelevant nothings to only increase, similar to the way David Duke was fed into the national media machine as fodder before the 1992 election for the purpose of associating him with the Republican party he had switched-to for the purpose of winning a vulnerable seat in the Louisiana State House during a special election. Despite the fact that Duke was disavowed and non-funded by the Republican Party nationally and was a Democrat during the time he was a member of the KKK running for multiple seats from 1975 up to his bid to win the 1988 Democrat primaries, as far as the early 90's media was concerned, David Duke's political history didn't begin until he switched to the Republican Party, and depended on the impression that this former Grand Wizard had always been one. The reality was, Duke had always been a racist sideshow freak in almost everyone's book and completely irrelevant legislatively or otherwise to 99.99% of everyone in the country's lives, yet suddenly the country was forced-fed "David Duke the Republican" almost every day as if he mattered.

My non-American wife saw her first American election from inside the U.S. in 2008 and she was stunned by the way the media worked as a propganda tool to help Obama get elected. She had heard of the media's left-wing bias and only-half believed it, but 2008 opened her eyes to just how overt the tactics are and how broadly-based this bias actually is.

In case some haven't seen this clip before, for your entertainment here's a guy you all know with a big brain and experience schooling, with as much effort as it takes to flick a fly, a sophmoric media shillwhore trying deperately to carry the Democrat's water by attempting to invent "controversy" where there is none. Fully exposed as the lightweight idiot she is, she goes down in flames. They really have no shame...

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Old 21st Aug 2012, 23:41
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I reckon that if the big O loses the last you will see of him is entering Air Force 1.

He will land in some foreign country, declare a sudden religious conversion, and sit back to enjoy the cash he has banked all over the world.
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