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USA Politics - Hamster Wheel

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USA Politics - Hamster Wheel

Old 18th Aug 2012, 03:36
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Had Obama moved to the center after the 2010 Elections when the GOP took back the House (similar scenario with Bill Clinton), I suspect he could have assured himself a second term, and a set-up not to far from your observation.

Unfortunately, he went harder to the Left, trying to appeal to his ever dwindling base and alienated a lot of Independents that voted for him in 2008.

As a result, and now even more as of late, my confidence level for a Romney win in November has greatly increased.

At this point, I think it's Mitt's to lose because the DNC and their PAC's can't seem to get anything to stick.
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Old 18th Aug 2012, 03:39
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You definitely present a plausiblle scenario 11Fan...
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Old 18th Aug 2012, 04:11
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Unfortunately, he went harder to the Left, trying to appeal to his ever dwindling base
Well he went harder left, but managed to vastly increase his base. If there weren't enough folks feeding from the government trough, just manufacture some more. And a bigger trough.
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Old 18th Aug 2012, 07:30
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This says everything about Obama's supporters and MSNBC......
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Old 18th Aug 2012, 14:03
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HB....This Toure guy is an "Angry Black Man" and is known for his absolute deadeye focus on finding Racism in anything or anyone that differs from him on any subject at any time for any reason.

The fact MSNBC has him on their network, along with Al Sharpton, rightly supports your views of their sad lack of ethics, standards, manners, and absolutely impugns their claim to be "journalists" or participating in what passes for "Journalism" today.

I am building a tolerance to them however....I have yet to delete their channel from my cable box. I sure do not view them except for that random five second pause waiting for the Cable Box to catch up to my thumbing of the channel button. Sometimes that is entirely too long.
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Old 18th Aug 2012, 15:01
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These type of racial exageration anger me too...I don't really watch TV except for movies, cartoons occasional ball games and local news...

I know real racism exists...but blacks have been some of the most racists intolerant people I've met always looking to attack.

I've been accused of being racist[by my family members-on the American side] for having to physically defend myself against Blacks...and was asked what did I do to provoke that reaction...I said "well nothing..just minding my own business-and perhaps seeming white" then I was told it was my fault for not trying to understand them and that I'm racist...to which I finally responded I don't have much time to try to understand anyone trying so desperately to punch me in the face and also it doesn't help that I'm about 158-165 lbs and most of my attackers were at least 200lbs or so...

Lastly, many Blacks choose to limit themselves...I've been told aviation is white, fireworks are white and a few other things.

I was once asked by someone "is aviation racist"?...before I could answer -a Black gentleman [who is a retiredphysician] piped up and said, 'yes-it is' and I said well that's not my observation...and that many blacks simply see flying as 'whiteness' and don't get into it even though there are many opportunities to learn to fly...that being said, every Black pilot I've met or flown with was a regular pilot---in that they spoke fluent hoorse hooey and went on and on about planes or in one instance helicopters...
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Old 18th Aug 2012, 16:23
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When we do away with "Hyphen-ism"...all this will go away. When every Black Man decides he wishes to be seen as a "Man" and not a "Black Man" there shall be harmony. Likewise, we not of color have to be able to see others in the same way.....being "Men" and not "Black Men".

I would suggest we are far closer to that than is the "Black Community" in this country.
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Old 18th Aug 2012, 16:50
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I'm glad you liked the tune.

Since I've been holed-up in a great American classic - an Airstream trailer parked in the middle of some big space - I have had a lot of time to listen to music and contemplate one's navel.

It's ironic how this lifestyle has turned out to be a lot like the POTUS. It came with a lot of hope, hype, and promise, but has ended up costing me a lot of money and I'm not going anywhere.

Anyway, after reading this great thread (and other information that gets dropped by the mail plane every two weeks) I was wondering....

- why terrorists kill in the name of Allah and the media always responds with frenzied worry because there is a remote chance Muslims may be harmed by any retalliation?

- how the POTUS can pontificate about the "greed of the rich" at a place where the inhabitants possess a box office for the soul? (A 40k/plate Hollywood fundraiser).

- how two tax cheats can yell about other tax cheats while they are custodians of the Tax Code? (Geithner and Rangel).

- citizens in favour of a balanced budget and loyalty to the Constitution are labelled as "extremists?"

- how a government can spend 7 million/minute and bark they "don't have enough money?"

There's more, but I can't take it.

Back to the music. And isn't it strange - that the above is never embraced by the POTUS groupies as the litmus test of patriotism - but this musical rendition always is???.....

Still....I'd rather be stuck in the middle of nowhere than under the thumb of any government.

Last edited by V2-OMG!; 18th Aug 2012 at 17:03. Reason: "Navel" - not "naval" and other goofs!
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Old 18th Aug 2012, 17:14
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SASless Unfortunately the reason that that attitude is so prevalent is that the 'brainwashing' starts early, many are [especially] males told they have an automatic right to everything that they are automatically superior, and that any adversity they meet is due to racism.

There's also what I call the 'my baby syndrome' in which the mother excuses everything her son does...the fathers might not be any better

One story I haves is I was once sitting outside playing my drums and this chubby little Black kid appears next to me---this kid was a 100% normal kid and he was watching with a smile, because I'm as good as Gene Krupa[bold-faced lie]...

Anyway the father all off a sudden says to me, in an aggressive voice, "let him play" and then repeats it with the qualifier "don't deny him"...but not thinking about the father, I hand the sticks to the kid and I let him play a little---then I ask himto "let me show you something?"--so I proceed to show him triplets,...and he begins to catch the beat---

All the while the 'father' is grilling me with this most angry look, meanwhile his kid is happy and smiling...finally, he says "my boy has talent on the drums-you should let him play more and stop taking the stick from him"...to make the story short the kid picks up a few rudiments and begins to play them then as soon as the father sees this kid's progress he says C'mon we gotta go, when the kid tells me thankyou the 'father' yells "I said come the fk on" I don't know what to say-this account speaks for itself...

I have several stories along this vein, some I don't wish to share, because, it's too personal, but suffice it to say even within my own family I've experienced some pretty hurtful racism...I'll leave it at that...also some Blacks accept me partially but get visibly annoyed if I speak Spanish, like in a store or on the phone [not the women though]

I must say [although it's unbelievable] I have never lost a fight because I'm emotional and sensitive and when I feel threatened for no reason-my inner hurt causes me to fight with extreme predjudice, but I still maintain precision and speed...after about 18, except for one incident, I never had to fight again...and I've also learned that with Blacks, once they see you really don't care they tend to soften up a little...

when I saw that Biden shit I wanted to Slap him...that only helps to perpetuate these things...as I've said before these are extrem examples...I meet and have met many more Blacks who are decent normal people, some have even helped me...so I don't want anyone to think I'm being racist...

Oh here's me on the drums btw

Last edited by Pugilistic Animus; 18th Aug 2012 at 17:53. Reason: bits and pieces and to add
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Old 18th Aug 2012, 17:39
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I don't know... I think Rangel needed to be booted out years ago

That's far from my favorite redition of SSB, but I do see the complexity...always thought it was his way of taking a piss on the country, but the artistry IS undeniable...I HATE Mariah Carey's and Beyoncee's versions though because you can see it's not about the song; it's about them...
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Old 18th Aug 2012, 19:47
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Man, that Hendrix sounds like the cat section of the local humane society when the wildfire reached it.

Not my cuppa, I guess.
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Old 18th Aug 2012, 21:20
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It's time to revive an old standard...

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Old 19th Aug 2012, 00:25
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I give more cred to the SEALS who were on the ground in Pakistan, doing the job, than I do to an admiral who I suspect is sucking up to his boss.

Obviously you do not get it. The troops under McCraven's command follow him as he is one of them. Any BS comments on his integrity from you have absolutely nothing worthy of anything above contempt.

As to the OPSEC PAC. They are apparently ex "Seals" (i find most of them at 7-11 with a lot of Ebay packages) and "intelligence agents". This translates to the ones which are actually real failed when they had the chances under Bush or were not good enough to be even considered for the mission. The President gave all credit to the warfighters and yes he was the one who pulled the trigger as he committed our brave operatives to a risky incursion in violation of international law to do what he said he would do. Get OBL no matter where he was. This was something Bush and the Neo-cons did not want to do as it would not have give Cheney the excuse to invade Iraq and waste 30000 plus of our soldiers through injury and death after Shrubs "Mission Accomplished" victory dance.

The Sultan
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Old 19th Aug 2012, 02:15
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And Cheney is good people.
Anybody that shoots a lawyer gets my vote.
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Old 19th Aug 2012, 02:57
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They are apparently ex "Seals" (i find most of them at 7-11 with a lot of Ebay packages) and "intelligence agents". This translates to the ones which are actually real failed when they had the chances under Bush or were not good enough to be even considered for the mission.
Ignoring the fact that what you said above is utter fg gibberish... I seem to get the drift that you think that the men that did the job they did only did it because of the courage of "our" great president...

The gutsiest thing he did that day was to risk the vote of his base by doing something that required more balls than they have collectively. I'll give him plenty of credit for risking the vote, but none for sending soldiers into harms way to try to garner votes from another sector of the voting public. The votes he risked hate the soldiers anyway so their deaths would be meaningless and those that he tried to win are those that lack the intellect to see through his games...

Either way, good men were put in harms way by a president that would, (under his rules), never have found OBL yet he blows a big trumpet about how he "did the business"...

We've all seen him throw a ball... He's a girl...

Like Clinton claimed to be the first black president, Obama can claim to be the first female president...

No! He can't claim to be the first black female president, because he's only half black... Bill has him on that..
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Old 19th Aug 2012, 05:22
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Did anyone see the First lady on Jay Leno a few nights ago?
Seems he was showing a video from a sports event that the Obamas attended and asking why no action taken when they where highlighted on the kiss cam.
After looking at this woman and the protruding buck teeth she displays I would have a problem kissing her also.
Now if someone had said positive rate,,gear up and the teeth retracted would have been an entirely different story.
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Old 19th Aug 2012, 12:30
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Sultan as ever is so far off the mark it is almost comical.

Sultan cannot even get the Admirals name right for crying out loud...and from there it only gets worse.

For Sultan to sully the critics of the Leaks being put out by the White House flys in the face of the bi-partisan concern shown by Congress. Note for Sultan...."Bi-Partisan is defined as meaning from both the Republicans AND the Democrats.".

There has been real harm done....and is being done as a result of the leaks.

What is evil is the reason for the leaks.....a sordid effort to make Obama look good to voters leading up to the November election.

This is just another Third World Tin Pot Dictator kind of administration in its actions, conduct, and eventual outcome.

It is folks like the Sultan that are gullible enough to fall for the propaganda being put forth by the Obama camp.
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Old 19th Aug 2012, 15:37
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A lot of people would like to live like that...for a while. Hope it works out for you as you are very much in tune.
Bandaide, thank-you for your good wishes.

I have encountered many full-timers. There is also a growing number of "workampers" - those who go from job to job while living in an RV. I like the downsized self-sufficiency and the lure of the open road. Many Airstreamers are also active/retired pilots, civilian and military. It's just another version of that aluminum tubular transportation.

Airstreams also "fly."
Pictures - Have you ever seen an Airstream fly? - National RVing | Examiner.com

Sorry for the thread drift; didn't mean to derail the stream of good debate.
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Old 19th Aug 2012, 17:36
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Aviator Extraordinaire
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Sorry for the thread drift
Don't be, as I am going to continue the drift for at least this post.

My father bought one of those huge motor homes to travel around in. He had sold the house he had been living in and had no permanent address except for a PO Box.

He mostly stayed in the western third of the US, going north until it got too cold and then back south until it got too warm. He loved living that way until his health got too bad to live as "nomad".

Once he came to see us and while he was here he took the motor home in for a tuneup, he was overjoyed when he discovered that his gas mileage went up to a whopping 5 mpg.

So enjoy!
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Old 19th Aug 2012, 19:43
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V2...Bless you, child. I have lived in the RV or the boat for five years. It does wonders for the independence, and the perspective.

No more concrete, no more lawns..... The desert, the mountains, or the Beach...

Ah, Freedom.

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