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Is Global Warming Over?

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Is Global Warming Over?

Old 7th Nov 2010, 09:54
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Not that long ago, climate was warm enough to have vineyards grown in London so go figure!
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Old 7th Nov 2010, 10:56
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Keep going north, cs, the romans grew vines in Lincolnshire
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Old 7th Nov 2010, 11:46
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Originally Posted by Avitor
I am vehemently against school children being brainwashed on the subject. I feel it is a subject that should not be on the curriculum.
Absolutely agree.

When The Other 'Arf's grandchildren visited a few days ago, the eldest (7) showed me her school books and the project that she was working on.
One textbook in particular, on EVERY page there was some reference to MMGW/ CC.
I took great pleasure in helping her with her project, adding a wee bit of balance to her essay. That'll show 'em.
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Old 7th Nov 2010, 11:46
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Even further North maybe?

Vinovium [Northumberland/North Yorkshire]

"The name may be something along the lines of 'the Way of the Vines'"

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Old 7th Nov 2010, 15:29
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Could do with a bit more Global Warming today.
Had to put the heating on just now.
Bl**dy Freezing at present.
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Old 8th Nov 2010, 14:42
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I would say it is. Today it is snowing. The high temp. is supposed to reach a whopping 39F. I hope that this is not a sign of the impending winter and what it might be like. PLEASE.... NOOOOOOOOOO.
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Old 8th Nov 2010, 14:53
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Supposed to be a bad one in ol' New England this year... thankfully, I haven't lived there in 25 years.

Woolly Bear Caterpillars and a Rough Winter | Farmers' Almanac
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Old 8th Nov 2010, 14:55
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Yup, rgb, it's gonna be a chilly winter.

We now wait for Al Bore to whine about polar bears freezing to death because of Man-made Global Warling/Cooming/whatever
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Old 8th Nov 2010, 14:56
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Um... lifting

I was just going to check the Farmer's Almanac to see what they have to say about the coming winter for these parts. Thanks for the link!!!!!
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Old 8th Nov 2010, 15:16
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Out here, we expect the La Nina. CCCold. Or something like that.....not that it will have any effect on the "Spin". I think these events were happening before the motorcar, and Industrial whatever, but, I can't prove it, ya know.

Old 8th Nov 2010, 15:26
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Ah, but are you a woolly bear this annum?
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Old 8th Nov 2010, 17:56
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Extra long johns and PRIST for the bird. I hate Winter. Perhaps not as much as Gore, however.

Old 8th Nov 2010, 20:48
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with the freezing rain from this system we're getting in NYC...I want some good heavy global warming now
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Old 14th Nov 2010, 14:34
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Climate Science one big SNAFU...

" It has been almost a year now since the UEA emails known as climategate were revealed. What has followed has been a year of hilarity as one scandal after another followed. Just think about how funny it was when Pachuri (head of the IPCC) published his sex book, Mann publishing one self exonerating editorial after another all to try and prevent Cuccinelli from getting the other 12,000 emails publicly released. Just how did the IPCC accidentally transpose the time when the Himalayan glaciers would vanish from 2350 to 2035 and fail to change it when notified (don’t worry the glaciers will be there in 2350 and in 2035 becaus these guys don’t really know). “Scientific”Applause for Chavez’s hitleresque anti-capitalist rant in Copenhagen! hahaha. I’ve been laughing almost daily as these guys trip over themselves trying to make the case for global CO2 governance. The politicians are starting to realize that the whole topic is poison for their careers and if nothing else, climategate has had the fortunate effect of at least slowing the implementation of stupidity..."

Climategate, a year of comedy. the Air Vent

(How Government funding affects climate science) “…Unfortunately, laboratories concerned with the climate issue have to be extremely careful about relations with their source of funding since there is normally no other source of any significance. In the same manner as their financial master, they need to be careful not to step too far away from alignment with public belief…”

Quote via “The Climate Caper” by Garth Paltridge. Atmospheric physicist and a former Chief Research Scientist with CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research
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Old 14th Nov 2010, 14:55
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With Sonapanoma so dependent on wine, we pay close attention to the oenologist's reports. This last winter is the coldest in the history of records (back to 1870). The resultant lack of production and late/no maturity of the grapes, has people wringing their hands.

Now this is Weather? Climate?

To me, this is as dependable (more so?) than NASA GISS, or HADCRU computer modelling, NO?

What say y'all?

The tasty part of the story is that many of our vintners are of the Hollywood Liberal varietal, and their money/ideology quotient is at crisis.

Old 14th Nov 2010, 15:30
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More bang for your buck
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I'm not certain if this link has been published on here or not, if so I apologise.

Is the Western Climate Establishment Corrupt? Part 9: The Heart of the Matter and the Coloring-In Trick « JoNova
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Old 14th Nov 2010, 19:28
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Aviator Extraordinaire
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First of the final nails in the AGW coffin?

As many have said, 'follow the money', or now lack of it.

"The green scheme known as the Chicago Climate Exchange will stop trading hot air at the end of the year"

Imaginary exchange goes poof | Ezra Levant | Columnists | Comment | Toronto Sun

I sincerely hope Al Gore lost his butt on this Ponzi scheme.
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Old 14th Nov 2010, 19:52
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And just WHY do the powers that be shove Global Warming, Climate Change & Carbon Footprint / trading / credits etc down our throats?

Shit scared - thats why. Shit scared of the "the people" (us lot) knowing the reality that we are at, or very near to, (or maybe past) peak oil, peak gas etc. (Peak oil / gas is the midway point at which production, based on AVAILIABLE supply, is greatest)

Plenty left then - 42 years of Oil left, 65 of gas, alot less if China / India modernise as they wish to. 2 / 3 Billion Chindians with cars, & all the western trappings ? Think not, both energy & resourse wise. Don't forget the worlds population is booming - 9 Billion later this century, with over half the worlds easy energy (oil & gas) gone before them.

Shit sandwiches soon (cost 3 carbon credits each) !!.

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Old 14th Nov 2010, 19:54
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I'll just leave this shipment of tinfoil hats in the corner of the thread for you, shall I?
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Old 14th Nov 2010, 19:57
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Do you realize how much carbon is produced to create tinfoil hats?

Please recycle.
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