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Rough day with the doc

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Rough day with the doc

Old 20th Jun 2011, 11:05
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On the OP,I got diagnosed with Type2 Diabetes in March.It's in the family and I only crept into the red area but the quack advised Metformin and Statin at low doses.

I decided to go pro-active and cut out cheese (my favourite) cream and butter.Switch desserts to fresh fruit and increase my exercise.I went back last week and have lost 11kg in 16 weeks.My Hba1c has dropped from 7.5 to 6.1 and BP 130/80.It's not been hard and I have not been hungry.Eaten lots of fish and chicken,still have a sirloin at the weekend.
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Old 20th Jun 2011, 11:09
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OFSO's words of advice.......

1 The body can only store so much cholesterol in the blood and the good stuff (HDL) is automatically preferred to the bad stuff (LDL). Hence eating the good stuff displaces the bad stuff. How you take it is up to you: fish, cod-liver oil, Omega 3/6. But take lots. Exceed the RDD by a factor of two or three. It won't do any harm.

2 The prostate likes being emptied; the more you empty it the less likely you are to get swellings, either benign or the other sort. How you empty it is up to you - it's fun either way, I've heard people say. A frequently-used prostate is a healthy prostate.

3 Stay out of the sun - period. Forget creams, the 'natural' protection of dark skin, etc. Just stay out of it - and get to know a good dermatologist if you live in a southern climate and have a fair skin. I speak from experience. And try not to wince as nasty-looking bits are cut off.

4 Teeth and eyes - get inspected once a year. Get your corneas and your retinas checked. A lost tooth is a lost tooth and a defective retina (I'm thinking of AMD) is b*ggered forever. You don't need to be toothles and blind in old age.

5 Blood pressure - strengthen the cardio vascular system as much as possible, weight-lifting is good, and take lots of garlic to guard against stroke etc.

6 Coffee - lots of it, mops up the free radicals.

7 Wine - at least a glass a day, preferably red, but otherwise any good one. No reason needed for drinking it, but there are lots.

8 Don't get depressed or sad. The body's cells respond to your general state of mind. Keep happy. I would recommend mediation or self-hypnosis but you'll laugh at me. However, it works (mostly).

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Old 20th Jun 2011, 16:46
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Originally Posted by G-CPTN View Post
Does the fish oil lubricate the joints and stop them squeaking?
Nah that's Glucosamine Sulphate but don't take anything less than 1500Mg tablets.

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Old 22nd Jun 2011, 19:22
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I loved your account, tpad. Excellent. Just brilliant. Wishing you well.

Beats all the old women here.
Old 22nd Jun 2011, 20:12
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Chlosterol is normal; it's just everything else that's screwed up.
I'm on seven different meds.. Just checked the side effects and five can cause joint pain and one other reduces the sex-drive.
In other words, even if i could endulge in the chase I wouldn't be able to do anything when I caught her.
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Old 22nd Jun 2011, 20:31
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Whoops, missed my appointment for a blood review last week. Better grovel at the recpetionistas in the morning. On the brightside, I have hung on to half a pint of blood in the meantime.
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Old 22nd Jun 2011, 20:43
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tpad - You made my day. No one can touch you!

Bless you!
Old 26th Jun 2011, 13:02
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What OFSO said, 100%!

OFSO's words of advice.......
With all the talk about taking "Fish Oil", folks may forget that the right kinds of FISH are naturally full of it, and no gelatin is required. Cold-water deep swimmers are the ones I favor. Especially in the form of lightly cured Lachs from Sweden, Norway, and thereabouts. If you're going out sometime anyway, might as well do it in style beforehand, on an endless stream of tasty salmon hors d'oeuveres washed down by a tasty white (even the blancos have some helpful anthocyanins). Just go easy on the bread -- dangerous stuff, that.

The mention of 2.4 gm/day of cinnamon caught one's attention. Have been doing that, or a bit more, for some weeks of late -- mostly because a great lot of cinnamon landed on me doorstoop, unexpectedly. Best way to have it is with equal parts brandy and grapefruit juice, but not giant amounts of either, so it makes a sort of warm little packet in the pipes that is quite noticeable. Funny effect of a few gm a day of cinnamon is... one has lost nearly all appetite for nibbling, for sugars and for fats. Might just give up eating altogether, everything but fishy bits and seaweed, at this rate. Quite remarkable!!
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Old 26th Jun 2011, 14:51
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once worked with a bloke from Fiji, who reckoned that when an american tourist came ove and had an MI, all the local docs used to flock round'em for a teaching session- so unusual was the occurence amongst the locals.

He reco'ned that was some'at to do with the fish.
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