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UK terror threat raised to severe

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UK terror threat raised to severe

Old 24th Jan 2010, 21:22
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Thoughtful post, MG23.

Boots on the ground were essential in World War II because it was total war between nation states, and the terms of cessation were unconditional surrender. They held out as long as they could because they knew all was lost if they did otherwise. I wish we had some video of Hitler's final moments.

But the Balkan War was entirely an air power war, wasn't it? And Japanese surrender did not involve boots on the ground in Japan at all, and very few in the immediate aftermath of the surrender.

The key difference in this war is that it is one of pure ideology, not of nation state mortal combat. This war is between the ideology of violent Islamic Jihadism against virtually everyone else. If we see it as such, and try to drop all the distractions and obstacles we put in our own way to fight it, the task is not monumental.

I found it interesting how my reference to Curtis LeMay's idea of killing them until they don't want to fight us anymore evoked protestations against general bombing and other forms of indiscriminate killing, none of which have been utilized or seriously contemplated by our side in this conflict. The point was Curt was for killing the enemy until they gave up, and though the good general was a bomber, large scale bombing won't work on this one, and few suggest that it will. Although if we don't fight it better and lose a city or two or more, I can see it coming to that.

No, killing them is the answer, as LeMay said - killing them however we can find them, taking them out one by one if need be. There aren't that many of them, my guess is 1 or 2 million. But they all should be killed I think, along with anyone who thinks it might be a good idea to join them.
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Old 24th Jan 2010, 23:04
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I struggle to understand how you come to your conclusions. Going out and killing 1 - 2 million (or a million either side eh?) + anyone who might want to join them? Utterly bonkers. Wouldn't work. Did you see Fantasia where Mickey chops the mops up...?

The Balkan war..? Not exactly the same scale; it was air power + troops on the ground + the willingness to go further that made the factions involved in a limited local conflict reconsider allowing negotiated peace based on getting at least part of what they wanted. How does that work with militant, fanatical muslim terrorists that want their version of sharia law and death to the great and lesser spotted satan?

Japan...? The country was starving, it's military (still a threat) had been decimated, it was blockaded (access to overseas material had ceased) and the allies were moving up through the islands, the Soviets poised to get more involved, the newest biggest bomb ever had been unleashed twice, troops no longer needed in Europe were becoming available...? Popular opinion though still honouring the leader was already beaten & defeated.
Is that at all like the current situation?

You have a very simplistic, reactionary view, you are not studying history nearly enough and are selecting one or two facts, ignoring many others. Strangely and unfortunately our governments seem to do the same.
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