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Ideal sledge design?

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Ideal sledge design?

Old 28th Dec 2009, 18:27
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Ideal sledge design?

Should one go for minimal surface area (eg the sharp runner design), or minimal friction (eg the car bonnet, plastic bag, shiny tray or bin bag, design) ?

One suspects the answer lies with the type of snow-we're expecting a new flurry on soft ground at around lunchtime tomorrow, so any suggestions gladly accepted.

And Merry Christmas.
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Old 28th Dec 2009, 18:40
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Knife edges if its icy and broader the more soft the snow is to stop it sinking.

Best bodge sledge I saw was made out of an old pair of ski's with a seat raised about 4" off the ski. Being used next to the dry ski slope in Aberdeen.

I was going to have a go of it but decided against it when skiny kids were fleeing down the slope. A fat bastard like me would have hit 30-40 mph and I didn't fancy my chances of stopping after they had moved the fence for the car park.
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Old 28th Dec 2009, 18:59
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Our best sledging is done in fine weather. It's sharp and pointed, but designed to bag opponents rather than the runners, for example Rod Marsh to Ian Botham: 'How are your wife and my kids?'

We Aussies are always right on the ball.
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Old 28th Dec 2009, 19:04
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Take your pick

The six best sledges in the world! | Electricpig
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Old 28th Dec 2009, 19:09
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There will only ever be one for me..

Yankee Clipper

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Old 28th Dec 2009, 20:43
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Ahh the memories of the old designs like flexible flyer etc. Many the lower leg bones that were nearly severed by one of these at speed.
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Old 28th Dec 2009, 21:26
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Piss of yer pasty white...

Oh sorry wrong sort of sledging, the only sort of sledging we Antipodeans are any good at!

Bugger, RJM beat me to it, can't bowl, can't bat, can't even sledge...
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Old 28th Dec 2009, 21:32
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Avoid imitations
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Forty years ago we made a huge sledge from an old kitchen table. I knocked out the front and rear ends, leaving the sides, to which we screwed tubular runners. The runners were longer than the table so we left the last foot or so sticking out behind. We could get four or five on the table top and another one or two standing on the runner extensions. The beast was unstoppable and unsteerable. One day, on icy snow, it over-ran the sledging hill by about two hundred yards and trapped two of us by the legs, under the bottom rail of a five bar wooden gate. We chopped it up after that.

My least favourite type is the plastic blow moulded type. I once ran and leapt on one, to show my young son how to launch himself down the slope. Unfortunately, although I leapt on top, my knackers went underneath the rear edge, causing me to convulse in agony on the snow, whilst the sledge went off by itself and gave me huge credibility problems (and knackers) as a retired sledging ace.
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Old 28th Dec 2009, 21:45
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Sorry, Shy, but you've just given me the biggest laugh I've had this week.
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Old 28th Dec 2009, 21:56
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My brother in law did the car bonnet thing with a seat attached on Boxing Day

He let my sister try it out!!

Their eldest took the video

Two Bristol and and one Cambridge degree between them - and they still can't work out the tipping momentum of a perpendicular seat on a sheet on tin on snow

Tom is back to NYC next week - do you think they will count that as suspicious behaviour???
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Old 28th Dec 2009, 22:54
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See and avoid
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In my youth, sledding down a steep hill, flew up and over the snow bank by the edge of the road to land directly in the path of a snow plow. I made eye contact with the driver when it was touch and go as to whether he could stop in time.

He did. I didn't need to change my underwear, but perhaps he did.


Oh foolish youth...
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Old 28th Dec 2009, 23:05
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In the 1950s (when it seemed that we got snow every winter) the hill opposite the school was the popular location (and, in truth, the only location for a population of 10,000).
The hill is graded from end to end so the braver souls would be at one end with the beginners at the other. Late at night when the frost set in the polished snow would turn to ice and distances achieved on the flat (two football pitches) increased such that it was possible to cross the path (even if the council had sanded it) and enter the school playground.

Then the school got a new caretaker (who lived in the house next to the entrance to the schoolyard). The bastard closed the wrought-iron gates one night and at least one sledge crashed into the gates (the single streetlamp was hardly adequate to see the gates from the top of the hill) and serious injuries were sustained by those who had (almost) reached the pearly gates . . .

I don't think he kept his job long after that incident.
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Old 28th Dec 2009, 23:34
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bat fastard
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Ah yes, the memories. There was a huge hill behind the council estate I lived on where all us filthy kids would go sledging down on plastic bin bags and traffic cones until we could no longer feel our legs or bums and the snot running from our noses turned frozen above our lips.

Incidentally traffic cones make terrific sledges, not those silly little yellow square things, I mean the proper orange cone shaped ones. You lay it down, flatten it and sit yer arse in the middle, blunt side facing forward and pulled up, legs out to the side and off you go at warp speed. You can even steer using your feet
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Old 28th Dec 2009, 23:54
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Traffic cones didn't exist in the 1950s - nor did plastic sacks or plastic teatray sledges.
My sledge was a home-built (by my Father) sturdy wooden 'open box' about two foot six long by eighteen to twenty inches wide and one inch thick platform with inch wide wooden runners six inches high faced with metal strips (half-round) firmly screwed along the bottom and up the sloping front. I believe that it might have had a piece of carpet or linoleum tacked onto the top.
Anyway it was solid (and heavy) and only really any use on hard-packed runs. Not much use on soft fresh snow - but back then the snow settled and froze and the sledging runs compacted down from the six-to-eight inches (often more) giving an ideal surface for my kind of sledge.

The sledging hill:-
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Old 29th Dec 2009, 07:31
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Morris Minor bonnet.

The ultimate 6 man, 2 abreast bob sled team!

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Old 29th Dec 2009, 08:27
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and they still can't work out the tipping momentum of a perpendicular seat on a sheet on tin on snow
Sledging is not about working things out. It is about physics revealing itself to you at high speed, coupled with the high probability that; You. Will. Bleed.

Sledging. The cutting edge of physics.
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Old 29th Dec 2009, 09:01
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Many years ago I used a long wooden ladder with metal ends, on which we managed to get me, my wife, my 2 young kids, both my brothers-in-law, one sister-in-law and a black labrador. It worked particularly well, because the slope was more ice than snow. Steering, however, was not a genuine and reliable option, and so you had to try to make sure you aimed it accurately at the top.

'Twas great fun, but - sadly - I foolishly wore my brand new Christmas present sweater, which lost the battle with the slopes, thus placing me firmly and severely in the deep poo!
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Old 29th Dec 2009, 09:19
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After my encouragement, my sister plunged headlong downhill on the Yankee and through a barbed wire fence, meaning a trip to the doc. The old man then obtained some sort of surplus a/c crash helmet which I wore for subsequent exploits. Wot would 'elf and slavery say today, reading all of the above? Amazing we're all still alive
G-CPTN, hope you don't mind but your pic seemed a bit Lowery-esque, so with a (bit) of p shop licence..
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Old 29th Dec 2009, 11:04
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Avoid imitations
Join Date: Nov 2000
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It can be a dangerous sport. Earlier this year a young girl did tragically lose her life, in South Yorkshire.
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Old 29th Dec 2009, 11:53
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Not quite a sledge but I'd love to give this a go

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