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Old 30th May 2008, 19:36   #21 (permalink)
Uneasy Pleistocene Leftover
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brick, you use the 'back to the 12th century' argument as readily as Al-Qaeda operatives use all available modern means and materials when constructing their IEDs in Iraq apparently...

Do you see any quandary...?!
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Just wait until we perfect the Beard Seeker Missile
Oh well, looks like ZZ Top will be a solo act then.
( Unless the "beard seeker" works on names as well)
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airship, my quandary is how do we (Western civilization collectively) protect ourselves from those with a stated aim of bringing the world back to the 12th century - while they use modern technology - while keeping the freedoms and liberties that make us so.

If they (the 12th century fan club) can get us to adopt draconian measures and thus ruin those precious liberties and freedoms in the name of security, then they've accomplished a major part of their goal.

If we don't adopt stricter security measures, things that don't normally go 'boom,' do.

edited to add: I notice you didn't answer my question: Do you, airship, really believe that everything that occurs in the modern world is somehow the result of a nefarious conspiracy and/or a select group runs the world?

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