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Selling a house and HIPS packs....a Gov't sponsored rip off !!

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Selling a house and HIPS packs....a Gov't sponsored rip off !!

Old 20th Oct 2007, 18:15
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Selling a house and HIPS packs....a Gov't sponsored rip off !!

I am in the process of selling, well actually I have sold Chez Krystal and am moving to a rural location....one which has one decent pub and one Norman church so no prizes for guessing which one gets my patronage on a regular basis.....although the church is interesting given that I always interested in the architecture....it's the business inside I get p££sed off with.

Anyway, enter that wonderful concept called the HIPS pack.....or a licence to print money sponsored by Noo Labour. The theory is great, the practice, as always, is

Estate agent ( not part of a national chain and it shows in terms of cost and ability....I am not a fan of the species, but this one is almost BS free and has done the job for me ) says I can either pay £299 up front or £350 at the end. Go for the last option as do most people it seems for obvious reasons when moving house. Then the fun starts.

Got a call from the company handling the HIPS pack....."madam" starts...she would like a few details for my credit reference checks....not much really, only...passport number, bank account number, driving licence number... and, da, dah, another £50 for admin costs re the credit checks.....at which point, whilst there has always been a large "INOP" sticker on my brain, it does engage from time to time....."madam" is ahem, "advised" ..semi politely as to (a) has she ever heard of identity theft by any chance and (b) she can thus go and commit an act of sexual congress with whom or what she wishes. Phone call ends at this point...strangely.

Get a letter a week later detailing the requirements....not quite how "madam" put it.... a selection of choices such as a utility bill plus one other form of ID such a driving licence, passport etc.....fine, that's common place as we all know.

Then comes the last paragraph in bold text....to the effect that if I don't supply the info by the 15th, then the property will be removed from the market......oh really !!!!......so, I have a couple of little questions for "madam" here....nothing of any consequence really.....just where, exactly, did you get the remit to remove my property from the market and can you show me the written legislation that enables you to do this....after all, you have kindly put this threat in print so I am sure you can substantiate it....can't you ?.....and before I forget, you have no objection to me puting this in the public domain do you....course not.

Any serious journo's interested in HIPS packs issues, may be interested in this case because if they have tried it on with me, how many more across the UK are pulling the same stunt.

Left the matter with the estate agent to sort out btw...it's their responsibliity after all to advise me.

For overseas readers, this is what HIPS is about.

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Old 20th Oct 2007, 18:36
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Why bother with the flippin thing. It's only a £200 fine. Telegraph article
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Old 20th Oct 2007, 20:21
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Look, the government are letting all those criminals out of jail early. They have to get them a job somehow, don't they?

Her Majesty's Inmates Parole Service....
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Old 20th Oct 2007, 23:03
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mini sold a house recently, hammered a deal with the estate agent that if the house wasn't sold for his valuation within six weeks he would get no fee, regardless of advertising etc. i.e. put up or shut up.

Deal was "agreed" after his valuation.

Job done. Standard commission rates. He worked bloody hard - as you should expect anyway.

Time we sellers regained the initiative from these tossers.
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Old 21st Oct 2007, 00:36
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Well Done, Mini!
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Old 21st Oct 2007, 09:02
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if the house wasn't sold for his valuation within six weeks he would get no fee, regardless of advertising
Been there: he will work hard for 6 weeks, thereafter your property will not be pushed: why should he - he's not going to make any commission on it, and his other properties will give him commission, obviously in your case it did sell quickly, which is great.

It's fine in theory, but in practice I believe few of these people are truly honourable. Anyone who is commission driven will pay zero attention to something that offers him no commission.

Better to Offer them a higher commission of they do the deal in 6 weeks, standard thereafter.

Personally, I never intend moving again, just can't abide the lot of them!

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Old 21st Oct 2007, 09:38
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Just a little reminder;

A There's no need whatsoever to use an estate agent; plenty of ways of marketing your house without one, so that the money you spend on marketing is probably less than the commission, and is certainly better targetted.

B You can make up your own HIP. The Government's website tells you how, in fine detail. DO NOT pay some idiot to do what you can do much quicker for nothing. The only thing you have to pay for is the Energy Performance certificate, or whatever it's called, and you can run a Dutch auction among providers to get the cost down.
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Old 21st Oct 2007, 10:08
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In a past life I was a negotiator with an Estate Agents. I know just how hard we worked at trying to sell peoples homes for them, the impression that we sat back and did nothing was a complete lie. I was out there on the phone telling people about all the homes, doing my damnedest to sell everyone.
If you think the commission is high in the Uk I would suggest you take a look at other countries systems and it is comparatively low compared to them. Yes it is a lot of money but if after a quick sale it is the easiest.
I found in my experience that those who tried to sell their own home often ended up back at an agent as you simply can't get the same coverage.

Remember that HIPS are not supported by Estate Agents either it is a government initiative designed to speed up the house buying process. Of course though it doesn't and is a compete waste of time. They could have done other schemes to quicken up the process but those wouldn't have made the government any money
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Old 21st Oct 2007, 10:09
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I'm not selling, but if I were.....

(house worth north of £500k)

First 400k 0.5 percent
400k-450k 1 per cent
450k-500k 2 per cent
500k-525k 5 per cent
525k-550k 7.5 per cent
550k plus 10 per cent

That should incentivise the buggers. Would any of them do it?
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Old 21st Oct 2007, 10:59
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The estate agent isn't the issue here.....he sold the property within a day of it going on the market plus has other buyers should the current purchasers fall out for soem reason.....it was the sort of property that would sell quickly anyway.

The issue is HIPS and the way the firm contracted to do it approached matters. I am aware of the regulations concerning money laundering etc and the need to substantiate whom you are....but to ask for much more information than was subsequently asked for in the letter was the bit that concerned me.....so much data and where does it go after the HIPS is complete ??. Then there was the £50 "admin" fee for doing a credit check. Why?.

As I understand it , the organisations who deal with HIPS can charge more or less what they like as the area is unregulated.....quelle surprise !.
I can't respond after about 1500hrs today to any more posts on this topic as I am away from home playing with an aircraft again during the week and don't have access to a PC, but will catch up at the W/end.

I was unaware however, that if you failed to provide one then a fine was levied....nothing like keeping the population under the Noo Labour line after all ....but if so, would you still have to pay the cost of a HIPS pack as well as the fine...surely not....but then again ? .

As for speeding up the selling process, so far all that is has done is to delay the process.....so that's yet more Gov't inspired bo$%ocks !.
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Old 21st Oct 2007, 12:17
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Doesn't look too hard.

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Old 21st Oct 2007, 13:36
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All the posts here are from the point of view of sellers... what about buyers? (Who? )
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Old 21st Oct 2007, 14:02
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....and who pays the estate agents/HIPS etc?
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Old 21st Oct 2007, 14:06
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All the posts here are from the point of view of sellers... what about buyers? (Who? )
I thought it was generally accepted that buyers ignored HIPS, ie threw them in the bin unread?

After all, if you actually want any of that information, you're going to go and find it for yourself, aren't you; you aren't going to take the seller's word for it!
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Old 21st Oct 2007, 23:05
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GtW - that's ridiculous. In a free market yes, you may have a point but that's hardly where we are.

Anyone lucky enough to own property should kiss the feet of the state in thanks that they don't yet have to stand in line for everything else the state 'provides' (extorts) eg, healthcare, education, policing, justice system BBC.....
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Old 22nd Oct 2007, 01:13
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All the posts here are from the point of view of sellers... what about buyers? (Who? )
Exactly! If I'm buying a house am I going to rely on information supplied by the seller - regardless of who actually produces it?

I'll still pay for a full survey, in the past it has saved me a lot of money, including one lemon with rising damp from a shared driveway, resurfaced to a level that bridged the damp course; consequential wet rot in the downstairs floor joists and a sewer for a neighbouring multi-occupancy building that passed beneath the extension that contained the new kitchen.

I suppose that lot would be revealed in a Home Information Pack?
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