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The Climate Change debate

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The Climate Change debate

Old 11th Dec 2010, 13:32
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Cancun accord.....

BBC News - UN climate change talks in Cancun agree a deal

got as far as this little ditty,

Fund to channel money from the West to developing nations
I thank you!

At least Mercedes Benz will have a happy Christmas........
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Old 11th Dec 2010, 16:21
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Apart from the deluded & dedicated foot soldiers who believe everything they are told, I think that's what it's always really been about.
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Old 11th Dec 2010, 19:53
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Looks to me like the Socialist Forum International is slowly
succeeding in having poor people of rich countries line the
pockets of rich people in poor countries.....

Accord establishes a multibillion dollar annual Green Climate Fund | The Australian
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Old 11th Dec 2010, 20:02
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Hope they allow us poor folks time to finish bailing out the rich bankers first.
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Old 12th Dec 2010, 11:19
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If Bounoua and her colleagues are right, and CO2 levels keep on rising the way they have been lately (about 2 ppm each year), we can go a couple of centuries without any dangerous warming. There are lots of other factors in play, of course, but nonetheless the new analysis is very reassuring.
From the NASA article, note my italics, a couple of centuries. Finally the truth without the hysterical doom mongering and the false sense of urgency.
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Old 12th Dec 2010, 21:38
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Old 15th Dec 2010, 08:03
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If you remember, McShane & Wyner had come up with a paper a couple of months ago stating that the the climate models were hopelessly wrong ad that the statistical methods used by Mann et. al was crap. Gavim Schmidt, Mann and Rutherford [ SMR ] had prepared a response to that paper and sent it to the journal giving their viewpoint and stating that M&W were wrong. M&W have eviscerated SMR's response and again shown that their data, statistics and methods were hopelessly crap.

Read all about it at

McShane & Wyner Hockey Stick Smackdown – redux | Watts Up With That?

Every time the team try to defend the fraudulent hockey stick, they dig themselves deeper and deeper into a hole. This paper and the response shows up that Gavin, Mann and Co. are hoplessly incompetent in statistics and methods and whatever they do is plainly designed to prop up their fraudulent so called science.

This quote from M&W's rejoinder to SMR is a gem

We fault many of our predecessors for assiduously collecting and presenting all the facts that confirm their theories while failing to seek facts that contradict them. For science to work properly, it is vital to stress one’s model to its fullest capacity (Feynman, 1974).

It's a slap on the face of the team and it's supporters.

It is simply amazing to me that these people hold so tenaciously to the few magic proxies. There are literally tens of thousands of tree cores available to them, and they insist on including a particular set of 25(?) or so bristlecone trees. If these 25 are controversial, drop them, even if the “critics” are wrong about them. If you can’t get your result without them, it isn’t much of a result.

Last edited by rvv500; 15th Dec 2010 at 09:00.
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Old 15th Dec 2010, 14:30
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One more article of the team rebutted.

Read through the tactics used by the team and IJOC for this article which ultimately had to be re-submitted and published in another journal.

The team never learn and their tactic is always to lie, obfuscate, deny and cheat.

McKitrick and Nierenberg 2010 Rebuts Another Team Article Climate Audit
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Old 16th Dec 2010, 04:58
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Old 16th Dec 2010, 15:10
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3" of weather/climate at the moment, more on the way. And - This may turn out to be the coldest early December of the millenium here in flyover country.

But have faith, the hockey stick's still there.
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Old 16th Dec 2010, 15:41
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Here on the Old Continent, most have exchanged their hockey sticks for snow shovels by now.

And as to the millennium.... most of northern France already has had more snow earlier than they've had in the last 23 years, and more like 4" to 10" (and well over a foot locally).
Only our little mini-climate here in the south (nothing global, mind you) hasn't seen any snow yet.... just temperatures 5°C to 7°C below the seasonal average.
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Old 16th Dec 2010, 16:29
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That is very funny Slasher. No, it really is!

It just about sums up the global warmist authoritarian viewpoint some have. Watch your backs people. George Orwell was only out by about 26 years.
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Old 16th Dec 2010, 18:33
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admittedly..they may have fooled some, as the absorbed IR energy balance to the emitted black body radiation defined in terms of total flux 'J' can indeed be computed by determining the radiation passing through a volume element 'A' in the interval dt in order to determine the heat energy passing to the earth the difference in 'T' [as computed in the simplified assumption]... both with and without additional IR absorption from additional green house gases is defined as the greenhouse effect...but it says nothing [ and can say nothing]about how the heat is ultimately transacted...I think this is the last bit of smoke and mirrors left....

Last edited by Pugilistic Animus; 16th Dec 2010 at 19:15.
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Old 18th Dec 2010, 15:20
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What's been agreed at this stupid Cancun conference?

Climate change is deservedly getting much less air time now but I am still concerned what the enviro-nazis and crafty politicians have tried to sneak through under our noses!
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Old 18th Dec 2010, 15:48
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Things better left unsaid, Part I

(To a friend who just arrived home in Scotland after nearly three days in transit from Spain)

"Just be grateful, without Global Warming it might have taken even longer".
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Old 18th Dec 2010, 19:26
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Cameron and Huhne seem hell bent on reducing CO2 by 80% by 2020. As Carbon Dioxide is the staff of life it seems madness to let these idiots make us pay for their ignorant Green rantings.

Wind Power is cr*p and needs fossil fuel to stop the Grid from collapsing. Why are we still subsidising a system that only exists because we pay for the damn things! Our bills are going up to please the Green Stupids. Time to stop - Now. Sea levels are barely rising. Ice is barely melting. Get a grip you MP's.
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Old 19th Dec 2010, 02:16
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Anybody who still recons global warming is the going thing, should be in South Oz now. I think this is the wettest and coldest start to summer for some decades.

Last edited by Arnold E; 19th Dec 2010 at 03:11.
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Old 19th Dec 2010, 02:23
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Look at Europe right now, record snow falls and people shivering in their timbers.

It just so happens the sun is at a cool spot in its 11 year cycle too.

But if course it's cooling due to warming right?
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Old 19th Dec 2010, 06:53
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The BoM have an Indigenous Weather Knowledge project here Introduction

It seems conditions have steadily improved in Oz over the last 15,000 years.
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Old 20th Dec 2010, 11:02
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More bang for your buck
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A truly interesting paper: Model Charged with Excessive Use of Forcing | Watts Up With That?

I'm told the sun's run out of spots again.
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