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How jails should be run

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How jails should be run

Old 11th Aug 2006, 22:47
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Don't think anybody would enjoy it - you just have to put up with it and get through it as best you can. I know there are alot of people who will get back into trouble as soon as they are out but there are just as many who do their best to start again and it's not wasy. It shouldn't be easy and it isn't but this guy seems to go to far - chain gangs, pink clothes and boasting about spending more on food for his dogs than the prisoners - that's just mad.
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Old 11th Aug 2006, 23:01
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If you must go to prison try to do it in Abilene TX, for it is written

If you ever go to jail in Abilene,
If you ever go to jail in Abilene,
If you ever go to jail
And you'd like a piece of tail,
The Sheriff's wife's for sale in Abilene.
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Old 12th Aug 2006, 00:25
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As someone who has experienced the Tent's project first hand I can assure you that it is not a place one would wish to visit again. Apparently, prison is more humane & inmates who have served time in both attest to this. The detention officer's vary but the level of verbal abuse from some of these individuals is disgusting. I am all for the tough stance that Arpaio takes & it certainly is an enormous deterent to someone who ordinarily considers himself to be a normal, law abiding citizen, however many of the inmates are repeat offenders who will likely be in & out of the place for the rest of their lives. I met people who in a normal society would probably be in the care of mental health professionals, not in jail. The only rehabilitation program offered seemed to focus on religious cleansing (there are others for drug abuse etc but the theme is generally the same). Basically, the place is largely full of poorly educated, unemployed individuals with no concept of right from wrong who really need some kind of conditioning prior to release back into society. And of course, illegal immigrants from Mexico who can't speak English and rely on other inmates interpretting what the DO's (who know they can't understand) are shouting at them.

But as it says on the sign as you enter, "Sherriff Joe welcomes you !" If it wasn't so sad it would be a joke.
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Old 12th Aug 2006, 06:41
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Send them to New Orleans in hurricane season!
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Old 12th Aug 2006, 08:45
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Send all the miners to jail!

Step one I think is we must collectively work oout whether it's Jail or Gaol

Step two is we must remember that gererally deterence only works on those who generally aren't going to go to jail in the first place.

Step three is cryogenic suspension.
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Old 12th Aug 2006, 15:14
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"gererally deterence only works on those who generally aren't going to go to jail in the first place."

One of the most intelligent statements I've ever heard.
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Old 12th Aug 2006, 18:52
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Ok, so if these uneducated people are 'going to do it anyway' whether we like it or not, then why bother spending law abiding taxpayers money on them? My comments are not thinly disguised, they tell it like it is for me. If you go to jail, you lose your rights to normality. It really is easy, if you don't want to go there, don't break the law.
I come from a working class background in an area as rough as they come, poverty was always apparent at my school. It didn't drive us to crime, like these lefty pinkos seem to suggest. We chose to be law abiding, many of us took the easy way out and joined the forces. Very few of my mates have been locked up. Comments like 'they don't know right from wrong' are valid in many cities thesedays, Liverpool is one such place. However, I believe they don't know this because they are not properly punished, there is NO deterrent to antisocial behaviour. Bring one of these jails to liverpool and you will halve the crime rate overnight IMHO. Bring it on!!!
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