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Worst airport you have ever been through (as PAX)

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Worst airport you have ever been through (as PAX)

Old 18th Jan 2006, 07:44
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Originally Posted by ZFT
Itís overcrowded now due to the delays with VTBS, but a cesspit. A bit strong donít you think?
Nope, not in my opinion!
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Old 18th Jan 2006, 08:42
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Coppula eam se non posit acceptera jocularum
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Article in todays' Moscow Times:

We landed about a kilometer from the terminal (a five-minute bus ride from the plane). Honestly, I had expected something like this during the return trip from a hot climate, so I had taken winter clothes with me for just this eventuality. But many people had not been that smart. It was about minus 10 degrees Celsuis as they walked through the snow from the plane to the bus in their flip-flops.

Why hadn't anyone at Aeroflot or Sheremetyevo cared enough to simply run the plane up close to the terminal and attach the sleeve to unload the passengers directly? I think I know the answer -- this is where your 400 euro price difference comes in. Still, I can't agree with this approach, especially since Sheremetyevo is Aeroflot's "home" airport.

Again, my story does not end here: I could not go home without my luggage, of course. I had an interesting book with me, so I did not notice how an hour of waiting vainly at the baggage carousel passed by. Then another hour. Then I saw a big and noisy crowd at the Aeroflot baggage claim desk. I joined them.

"What happened?" I asked.

"We have an extraordinary situation," the woman at the desk answered.

"What do you mean?"

"It's snowing! Have you been outside?"

I felt like the victim of a bad joke, but she seemed to be serious and very excited.

"You mean you didn't know that it snows in Russia in the wintertime?" asked a man behind me, though much less politely, as you might guess.

"The baggage trolley would get stuck in the snowdrifts because your plane is parked so far from the terminal, so we can't deliver your baggage," the Aeroflot woman answered. "It's not our problem. The airport does not have enough staff."

"So what do we do now? Wait for the snow to melt next spring?" shouted one of the passengers.

"Give us some shovels and we'll go dig a path for the luggage cart ourselves," another suggested.

"We want to go home. We have been waiting for two hours now after a 10-hour flight," a third said.

After another 30 minutes of shouting, the senior airport manager, facing the real possibility of a fist fight, decided to have the plane moved closer to the terminal. Our baggage was unloaded. So, three hours after landing I got my bag and went home.

One thing that really worried me was my Swedish friends, whose connecting flight to Copenhagen left little time to get their baggage in these "extraordinary circumstances." Happily I did not have to feel ashamed for my country again: I was told that transit passengers got their luggage in time.

Now, back to why I wrote all this. With so many private jets leaving Sheremetyevo every day for Courchevel, St. Moritz and other luxury destinations, and with $5.9 billion in Russia's stabilization fund, I don't understand why the government can't find $500 million for reconstruction of creaking Sheremetyevo. I don't understand why Sheremetyevo-3, which was supposed to be built by 2003, amounts to exactly nothing today -- though the cornerstone was laid for it in February 2001. I also don't understand why this nation, which used to be one of the largest aircraft producers in the world, now feels ashamed of flying its outdated short-haul planes.

But I do understand that one thing definitely wrong with my country is the growing gap between things private and public. No one bats an eye at somebody spending $10 million for his own jet to fly to Nice. Yet no one wants to invest in the renewal of a state airport that damages the reputation of the whole country a million times or so every day.

I am not the first and won't be the last person to write about Aeroflot and Sheremetyevo. I also know that many residents of Moscow have been to the airport at least once and may well have had similar experiences. The only reason I wrote this article was to remind everyone again: Something needs to change. If the only change possible is the choice not to fly with Aeroflot, I will take that "unpatriotic" step for the sake of my country.

Victoria Lavrentieva is a former business reporter for The Moscow Times.
Think I can guess which airport Ms Lavrentiera would vote for in this thread...
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Old 18th Jan 2006, 09:17
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Dear all,

My vote for worst airport (in my experience) is Reus in north eastern Spain.


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Old 18th Jan 2006, 09:45
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Dulles or Atlanta Int.

They are dirty, grey, uncomfortable, and designed to make your life miserable, like most American airports. Non-US citizens are herded like cattle into huge lines waiting almost 2 hours for passport control, whilst US citizens are getting by in less than 2 minutes.
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Old 18th Jan 2006, 19:55
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Tresco is a bit small, only seats about 4 people and no hot drinks or shopping for the Wife!!!
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Old 18th Jan 2006, 20:07
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pan pan, and that is why I will never again venture into the USA for a holiday, no wonder the good ol US of A are spending over 6 figures on an ad campaign in the UK
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Old 18th Jan 2006, 23:40
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Kabul....first thing I got told getting off the plane was "dont step off the concrete there are mines out there" and as the squadie said this a lonely goat herder and his herd walked straight by through the minefield...could'nt stop laughing. The offices had a lot of air conditioning holes though !!
Then there is THR (Mehebad) airport where the Biz lounge looks like an old Wimpy from the sixties..... without the burgers....and finaly LHR T4....the building haunted by loaders...apparently they are out there somewhere with our bags...like life on another planet....
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Old 19th Jan 2006, 06:59
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Port Moresby,late 70's-mid 80's.Ah-the Balus Bar.God how I miss it!!
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