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eBay Scam

Old 15th Nov 2005, 18:11
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Angry eBay Scam

A mate of mine has jjust lost over 4,000 quid, to some scammer in Germany who "bought" an expensive watch from him.

He advertised the watch on eBay, then recieved an email from someone who offered a good price, agreed to the price, and told them to get in touch with eBay for the arrangements to pay.

He got an email that looked identical to the eBay setup, advising him that the money had been received in escrow, and to contact the buyer for delivery details.

An address in Bremmen was received and the watch duly sent.

Some days later, when the money had not been received, but FedEx had delivered the watch and had it signed for, he contactred eBay, who said the watch "had not been sold yet", and that the email he had received must have been bogus.

On investigation, I found that the email supposedly from eBay could be tracked via the internet header (something my friend did not have any idea about) to a server called "nofind" in St. Kitts. We sent an email to them, but as their home page advertises "we do not even KEEP any records", this looks like being a no-no.

The email from the "buyer" also routed back to another "anonymiser" in California and an email was duly sent there. Hopefully this will give some results, as the company "apperas" to be a bit more legit.

Otherwise, the only other hope is that the German police (anyone have a phone number for Fraud Squad in Germany - or even a phone number that can be reached from outside the country?) might be able to do something with the delivery address, though I suspect that anyone that careful with their web tracks will have skipped the "B&B" that they were registered in by now.

Looks like my mate has said goodbye to his 4000 quid, but what could "Joe Public" have done otherwise? Not too many people are into internet headers and "whois"?
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Old 15th Nov 2005, 18:25
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>what could "Joe Public" have done otherwise?

Not got involved with ebay . . .
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Old 15th Nov 2005, 19:06
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He advertised the watch on eBay, then recieved an email from someone who offered a good price
but what could "Joe Public" have done otherwise?
JP could read any one of the countless pages of Help, hints and tips on eBay about "How not to get stung".

Rule 1 : If someone sends an email offering to buy your item, tell them to bid on the auction, that's why it's there. Any transaction carried out by email has nothing to do with ebay. All he had to do was check out his own item, and he would have seen it was not sold.

I feel sorry for your mate, but if he doesn't even take a bit of time to find out how ebay works before selling a 4k watch then he's making life easy for the scammers.
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Old 15th Nov 2005, 19:12
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couldn't have said it better!

Sheisters around gents, beware, they can even copy bank "cover" mails, mail them to confirm that your particulars is correct, thus obtaining your password, address, etc.

Good advice, check the url address!

Carefull! Other people's bread and butter this!
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Old 15th Nov 2005, 20:03
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he contactred eBay, who said the watch "had not been sold yet"
How about checking his listing to make sure it had actually ended an had been sold before sending it?!

I ve been conned - but we won't go there - however I find it unbelievable that people still fall for things like this.

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Old 15th Nov 2005, 20:54
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Never sold anything on ebay yet, up to date never been conned whilst buying, even had a item go adrift in the post which was replaced by the seller, I think I would be a bit leary about selling or buying large value items though.
Or putting credit card numbers on the internet,whether ebay or any other,always send a cheque.
Have a aquaintence on another website that has 800 dollars withdrawn from his paypal account without his knowledge,but I think he was covered for that.
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Old 15th Nov 2005, 21:16
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I discovered recently, when bidding on a 'big ticket' item for a friend, that, although I have been registered to eBay for 5yrs., I was taken to another site and asked to validate my account with my credit card details because of the large sum involved.

I queried this with eBay and they confirmed that (something like) https.arribada.ebay. etc is in fact a genuine site.

Just in case you ever find yourself there....
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Old 15th Nov 2005, 21:22
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Dangerous advice there, frostbite.
I've read on a forum about a similar case, when Ebay said as well that a particular site was genuine, and it was not!

Generally, if any bank/organisation/whatever/whoever is asking for details regarding password/credit card details via email: Don't do it!!

Edited to say: Check this out, frostbite:

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Old 15th Nov 2005, 21:45
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He advertised the watch on eBay, then recieved an email from someone who offered a good price, agreed to the price, and told them to get in touch with eBay for the arrangements to pay.
Reads very much like he wanted to avoid the eBay selling costs ?

Not a good idea, and to be frank both morally and legally wrong if correct.

If not correct, why didn't he ask the person to just bid through the proper channels?...Then he would have been covered by eBays protection scheme.

I have used eBay extensively and the only problems that ever seem to be reported relate to those who have tried to circumvent the eBay system.
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Old 15th Nov 2005, 22:03
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The real issue is:

To find out your status re bidders, always access your listing THROUGH YOUR OWN eBay logon. A bogus buyer can create a bogus webpage that looks like eBay's listing of your goods, but is a sham.

There is a variation to the above scheme - and that is for a winning bidder from out-of-country to send you a certified check for an amount in excess of the winning bid (ostensibly to cover shipping & handling), provide you a shipping address, and ask you to refund the overpayment. When all is done, he has your goods and your refund check, and you have a bogus cert. check plus bank charges.

Don't shortcut the system if you want to have the eBay warranty. I'm sure there are other scams as well, but eBay does a pretty good job if you follow the rules.
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Old 15th Nov 2005, 23:53
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Being asked to verify credit card details sounds dodgy to me.

I have bought and sold on e-bay over the past few years and apart from endorsing the comments in preceding posts I would add that a healthy dose of common sense is in order.
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Old 16th Nov 2005, 01:10
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are quite specific in advising you that if you decide to deal outside the usual avenue, then (i) you are breaking their rules, and (ii) you're not protected by the various ways and means they have of settling disputes.

But greed often catches the uninitiated, and it sounds as though this is what happened to your friend.
I deal only with traders who offer the Direct Deposit payment method (ie. internet transfer of funds from one bank account to another). I tried PayPal, but it's a big ripoff.
If selling an item, The Golden Rule is to make sure you have the ACTUAL $$$'s BEFORE posting the article off.
If buying, then be especially wary of sellers who have 0 or only a couple of feedbacks.
Check the feedback, to see whether the seller has actually SOLD before, or if (s)he has accumulated the feedback by purchases.

There are lots of interesting items on , and I have saved many hundreds of dollars by purchasing brand new electrical appliances, c/w warranty.
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Old 16th Nov 2005, 03:09
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Paypall ! easiest way to pay!
But a prat really for accepting a 4 grand payment that obviously seems dodge in the first place
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