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Who are the worst drivers

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Who are the worst drivers

Old 24th Aug 2005, 20:11
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Who are the worst drivers

Is it me or are minicab drivers just crap at driving?
They give no slack to anyone else and seem to just stop when and wherever they f ing want.

And...when one politely challenges them as to why they decide to stop and block all oncoming traffic, all that one receives is a load of verbal and the finger.

Almost as annoying as the person who always walks behind your car in the car park as you begin reversing out your slot.!!!

[email protected] the lot of them....in my town anyway.
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Old 24th Aug 2005, 20:18
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They are the same the world over.

When asking why the driver had decided to stop directly outside a house, by double parking, and causing other drivers difficulty in passing, the response was "I'm picking up a fare" Fair enough (no pun), but when I asked why he didn't pull into a large space 10m in front of him, the confused look was followed by a barrage of abuse. How I laughed at the stickers on the side of his cab that read "Proud to be Professional"...
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Old 24th Aug 2005, 20:21
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I have never rated taxi drivers very highly, anywhere.
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Old 24th Aug 2005, 20:25
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They are the same the world over.
Absolutely right!

The taxi driver test is very simple, you take a copy of the Highway Code and tear it up!!

I don't know what arrangement they have with speed camera partnerships and traffic police, but they get away with it somehow. Christmas fund donations perhaps?
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Old 24th Aug 2005, 22:22
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You want to see venom?

Ask Plazbot about his thoughts on taxi drivers
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Old 24th Aug 2005, 22:50
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Driver from the great state of Hawaii are the worst drivers.
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Old 24th Aug 2005, 23:51
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people with no arms are crap at driving !
Old 24th Aug 2005, 23:51
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I've now spent about 4 years in the UK, but to say that I'm impressed by the English driving skills..... NOT REALLY!!
I think its ridiculous that your allowed to drive on a dual carriage way when you've just got your licence without any practice
Trying to find an explanation what is so atractive about that outside lane... because everybody tends to spend so much [email protected]@dy time there

And for me not being English its very easy to slag of the English people, but before you all start on me... My house mate is English and he agrees completely with me.... SO my conlcusion is MOST of the English people do NOT know how to drive....


PS. Just tried driving in Spain on my holliday, but if you don't have to, take my advice, stay of the road, unless you drive a [email protected] Tank..
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Old 25th Aug 2005, 00:30
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If it is any consolation DVTB, you sound authentically British - way ahead of your four years time here. Ever tried fly fishing?

I am not alone, thank God.....

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Old 25th Aug 2005, 00:49
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people with no arms are crap at driving
Not really. Once when I was driving to work, a custom van changed lanes in front of me. It sort of pissed me off. so I honked the horn. When I pulled up along side, it seemed unusual, because the driver looked like he was sitting where the headrest should be. I looked closely, then I noticed, he was driving with his feet (I kid you not). He did a pretty good job for having no arms.
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Old 25th Aug 2005, 00:51
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Thumbs down I cell you what!

People on cell phones are the worst drivers...

...how about, drive 30mph when the speed limit is 60mph

...how about, drive down the center lane (of a double lane) not allowing anyone to pass on either left or right

...how about, drift over into my lane right when I'm parallel to you, forcing me into the lane of oncoming traffic!

...how about, sit at a light when it has turned green, ignore the honks of others, wait till it turns red then proceed

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Old 25th Aug 2005, 00:58
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sit at a light when it has turned green, ignore the honks of others, wait till it turns red then proceed
Maybe the guy that taught them to drive is coming the other way
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Old 25th Aug 2005, 07:34
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Evidently, cabbies have the lowest rates of accidents around. Heard that somewhere. Didn't apply to the one who pulled out with me in the back & T-Boned us a couple of years ago. Twunt.
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Old 25th Aug 2005, 07:37
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Royal Mail "drivers" seem to have dispensation from the Road Traffic Act--- -- the HGV fleet being the exception however.
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Old 25th Aug 2005, 07:43
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I was in Italy for 13 days recently. During that time I saw four RTAs in the town I was staying (Riccione). One fatality, and three ambulance cases.

All involved cars hitting motorcycles. It was the motorcyclists who came off worse.

When you step onto a zebra crossing in Italy you instantly become a target.

Crap drivers. Period.
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Old 25th Aug 2005, 09:29
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Volvo drivers, older Mediteranean extraction wearing a hat, in the country ( speaking of Oz here). Should be shot but for the waste of a good bullet.

Definitely a close second are the mad mums pick up aand drop off at school.
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Old 25th Aug 2005, 09:40
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You want to see venom?

Ask Plazbot about his thoughts on taxi drivers
Seriously when they invented taxi drivers they did so because c(_)nts and piles of shit had already been named. You can't blame them, they are generally the pits of society and as smart as a bag of hammers. If I were king for a day I would make it law to hit every taxi driver with a large sword twice per person. ****n sh!t.
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Old 25th Aug 2005, 09:43
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By far the worst are drivers of the new breed of "mini mpv", such as the Zafira. Guaranteed to be in the middle lane on a motorway their whole journey, and when parking, the mpv driver has found either the only illegal place to park outside a school, or 2 feet from the kerb elsewhere (not to mention the 3 1/2 minutes it will take them to complete this manouvre
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Old 25th Aug 2005, 09:56
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Agree with the comments about taxi drivers but it's women (attempting) to drive 4 x 4 vehicles who dont seem to be properly in control of the vehicle or have no idea of the size of their vehicle when negotiating parked cars etc.
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Old 25th Aug 2005, 11:20
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Oh how isolated the lives of some posters must be, apparently never having set foot outside Europe, if not Lincolnshire. If you want to see really dangerous and crap drivers, come to the Middle East. I will guarantee you that you'll never see a European minicab or taxi driver in the same light again. To protect your general well being, start off in Bahrain on a week-day and then progress to Dubai. Take a ride with an Indian taxi driver in Dubai; if you survive without any severe mental traume you may proceede to the next level: Saudi Arabia. Take a few days to get used to it, and then take a ride with an Indian taxi driver once more. Having reached that level, venture back to Bahrain during the Muslem week-end (that's Thursday and Friday) and go sit at any road junction after nightfall to admire the driving skills of drunken Saudi Arabians. It's good fun, and you can pass the time playing the game of "SUV or BMW 7-series" and place bets on which of the above well be the next vehicle to high-speed crash. My all time favourite is the "left turn from the middle lane, cutting across traffic going straight at +100 km/h" - even a Land Cruiser looks pretty shabby after being broadsided by a Merc S Class at those speeds. Indicator lights? Bah, that's the only optional extra not installed. Foggy conditions? Turn on hazard lights and increase speed by 10% - the hazard lights will create an invincible bubble around your vehicle and the extra 10% will ensure you're the not the slowest guy on the road. I mean, a reasonable speed in visibility of less than 30 meters must be above 110 km/h, right?

Having reached such dizzing heights of motor mayhem, take a trip to New Delhi, Mumbai or Kalkoota. Take a taxi (obviously with an Indian driver) and make sure you're wearing a diaper, or have adequate supplies of clean undies in the immediate vicinity.

After all that is done, go back to the M1 and then let me have your report of who's the worst drivers!
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