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Eight Gun Fighter
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I want to drive a train

Being a train driver is still the most popular dream job for young boys, a recruitment website survey suggests.
Careers as footballers and policemen came second and third, but 10th on the list of boys' dream professions was simply to be rich.

However, the top three careers for young girls were nursing, teaching or becoming a vet.

More than 3,500 adults were asked what they had wanted to be when they grew up in the survey for AllTheJobs.co.uk.

Nicola Duarte, spokesperson for AllTheJobs.co.uk, said: "People's aspirations obviously change as they grow up

1 Train driver
2 Footballer
3 Policeman
4 Doctor
5 Firefighter
6 Scientist
7 Soldier
8 Astronaut
9 Vet
10 Rich

BBC online

One occupation seems to be conspicuously missing.
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Old 2nd May 2005, 10:06   #2 (permalink)
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Re: choice #7 - I was always told to be a Soldier first, and Pilot second.

Usually by senior officers who wanted to be either, but were neither.
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Aisle seat, please.
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I always wanted to be a vet and in my forties, I'd still love to be a vet, but there was no way I'd ever have been bright enough to get the grades needed to get into University to train as a vet.

I've never been able to work out why most of the vets I've met don't seem to be all that bright either. Perhaps they burn themselves out at a young age getting entry into Vet school.

Cynical? Who, me?
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Old 2nd May 2005, 10:57   #4 (permalink)
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Engine driver was top of the list for me too, till age ten. Then one came home to find one's sister watching Top Gun (yeah, so sue me!) and that was that.

And am neither today

PPRuNe and a couple of other fora give me my daily fix of flying thingies.... hope some day to be designing electronics / writing code for them though *fingers firmly crossed*

Incidentally, dad got to ride in a diesel locomotive last year and came back grinning like the cat who got the milk.... Am STILL jealous of him
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Fucum Lesgo
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No1 daughter is currently doing her A levels........yup!!.. she want's to be a vet!!!
Hoping to get her into Bristol if she makes the grades.
Think it's going to be expensive for old dad for a few years yet.
Ho Hum.
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FX Guru
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BRL - where are you?
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I want to drive a train
Yes I said this to one of my old gilrfriends once and she explained I would be unable to as there were leaves on the lines

I offered to run it through the sidings instead of the mainline station but she said I wasn't certified for shunting
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Again Onan causes me to spray screen with tea...

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Nixor ut Ledo
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Newly qualified doctor rings the Samaritans and confesses that he has just had sex with a patient and feels so bad about it that he is contemplating doing himself in.

"Don't worry about it", says the Samaritan counsellor, "Lots of doctors find themselves in that position"

"It's not good but equally you shouldn't feel that bad about it. Probably most newly qualified doctors fall into the trap. But you have to get over it. Focus on the life ahead of you".

"Yes, but I really, really enjoyed it and I'm scared that it will happen again and then I'm really in trouble", says the doctor.

"Of course you won't. You're a professional. And anyway, it's a perfectly normal reaction for a healthy young man. Get over it", says the counsellor.

"It's all right for you to say that", says the doctor, "but I'm a vet!"

vets, dentists and medicos all use the title doctor here in Ozland
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...the thin end thereof
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One occupation seems to be conspicuously missing.

Yeah, why don't all these kids want to be lawyers??

After all, if there's one thing this country needs, it's more lawyers.

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You Can Drive A Train !

Quite legitimately !

Most large railway preservation societies offer a very short train driving course followed by a turn in the seat for a small fee.
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Don't get me started on train drivers. Next you'll be telling me they want to be subway drivers....round and round and round and round.......strike for more money (27K's not enough you know).......round and round and round....still not enough, strike again.......round and round and round......

Old 2nd May 2005, 20:03   #13 (permalink)

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round and round and round
Don't dismiss it so lightly. It must be a [email protected]@rd to keep them on the rails. Look how thin they are.
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Old 2nd May 2005, 20:38   #14 (permalink)
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Ever been on the Glasgow Subway Onan? It's not pleasant
Old 2nd May 2005, 20:46   #15 (permalink)

Chieftan o'the Pudden Race
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Here is a quick run down on how to become a Train Driver

Not only do the selection tests seem much easier but you get paid while you learn how to drive trains, there are no bonds or pay for your own train-type ratings (or whatever they are called), and a reasonable salary. I have been told there are drivers working for Virgin and EWS that earn in excess of 60k per year. It's tempting y'know...
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Old 2nd May 2005, 23:27   #16 (permalink)

sua cuique voluptas
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Most large railway preservation societies offer a very short train driving course followed by a turn in the seat for a small fee.
Apologies in advance - this is a brag.....

During a ballooning trip in Sri Lanka recently our transport included a couple of days where we had the use of the Viceroy Special, a steam-hauled vintage 4-coach set with observation, dining and air-con cars, with a 1928 Hunslett 4-6-0 tender loco in charge. Fortunately H&S has yet to make a dent on the impressive bureaucracy inherited from the British (they've had 60 years to improve it) and so it is still possible to make friends with the footplate staff and travel at the fun end.

You don't get many things in life without asking nicely, so apart from the footplate ride I also did some 25 miles of firing, some running token exchanges (for single track working) and was in partial charge of the steam whistle!

Although not quite dressed for the part (white t-shirt, shorts and sandals) apart from my mucky paws I was cleaner than some of the others who had been hanging out of the doors while I shoved a few hundredweight of extremely dusty coal into the firebox most of which I'm sure went straight up the chimney.

On the last trip coming back down from the hill station back to Mount Lavinia, I also revisited the footplate while the loco was turned on a hand turntable (two of us!) and watered. From Columbo Fort Station down the coast to ML, through the city at night by steam is a memory that will live with me forever.....

End of brag. You can come out now, even though you probably all hate me.....

sua cuique voluptas, indeed!

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Jolly well done !
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Ever been on the Glasgow Subway
I have. It was not an experience I would like to repeat.

I believe it is sometime referred to as the "Clockwork Orange" could have been applied to the colour and the violence of a couple of the commuters.
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Old 3rd May 2005, 03:31   #19 (permalink)
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The Clockwork Orange

Had the dubious honour of working on that system about 12 years ago, when it was upgraded with more intensive service and computerised control systems.

The highlight was a requirement for a Method Statement to transfer ones body from the platform to the track, necessitated by some bright spark, the Project Engineer, who managed to fall off the platform and dent his skull.

Needless to say we worked after the commuters and staff had gone home, the piss and shit was still fresh on our nostrils and the rats were running round like it was the M25.

I never did go for a ride on the system, didn't like the look of the passengers, any way day time was for sleeping.

Sauchiehall Street was an experience, not at all like Peter Sellars impression.
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Old 3rd May 2005, 06:07   #20 (permalink)
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When I were but a lad my stepfather were a director of the Eastern Region. Had some great rides on A4s. Siver Link, Silver Fox.

Then one evening at Dinner he announced "I've bought a Railway engine." He had bought the Flying Scotsman. I had several footplate rides on special trips. Of course we had to wash her a few times too. You think washing the car on Sunday mornings is a chore?
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