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Rules to live by........ please

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Rules to live by........ please

Old 3rd Sep 2001, 11:10
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Unhappy Rules to live by........ please

Hello everyone
Bio has had an unsettling day today ..... as it turned out unnecessarily but I have settled upon a simple plan to remedy an stop a similar actual event causing the kitten such heart sickness in future.
This is the story....
Monday morning Bio wakes up opens green kitty eyes, stretches yawns and logs onto PPRuNe (since giving up caffeine I have discovered that one of the best ways to wake myself up and kick start my brain in the morning is to chat with sharp witted pilots and the rest of the PPRuNe family.) Bio was happily chatting away to ppruners whose name I shall change to protect the innocent, when miss X suggested that I take a look at the pics from a recent bash she attended (can't have it known that such an upstanding and sweet lass attends events where alcohol and pilots are freely mixed ) Happy as always to see family of course I obliged.
While scanning said thread Low and behold there was a very nice photo of a helicopter implanted fetchingly in a roof and that none other than our very own Roofus had been piloting it.....
Now it turns out that this event actually happened all the way back in January before kitten even popped her small pink nose into PPRuNe but the horrible sick sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and my usual email reading ability (a wonderful disorder characterised by a pathological inability to read past the first line) had taken over coupled with "darn it I'm gonna be late for work syndrome."

Lets just say that the whole thing disturbed me big time, somewhere along the line I guess I have come to very fond of all you rogues and roguettes who fly, work and play with those gravity defying hollow pointy things.

So Bio has decided on a simple plan, it is a fact that one cannot own a cat but rather a cat owns you .... as such I have decided to lay down a few rules.

1) no member of the PPRuNe family is allowed to make inflight impact with mountains, trees, houses, other hollow pointy things or even birds without permission from one of the resident felines.

2) all members of the PPRuNe family in need of such permission are required to undergo counciling and hug therapy until they give up such notions.

3) only ppruners on close speaking terms with God are allowed to meet Him before I do.

4) any transgressors of these simple and fair rules shall undergo the following punishment of knowing that you will make kitten cry.

o.k thats all I had to say please bare it in mind in future.

p.s Roofus we haven't talked all that much but youre a nice bloke and I'd like to see you living to a ripe old age so please stay in the sky

-purrs Bio
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Old 3rd Sep 2001, 11:29
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I think that this is a great set of rules to live by, unfortunately, it doesn't always happen like that.

With love,

Little bro
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Old 3rd Sep 2001, 11:47
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Bio - as an irregular PPL stude who specialises in one wheel (normally right main) bone shaker landings dropping out of the sky for the last 10 feet or so - I can say that no one is thinking of flying through cumulus granite and having known a few pilots the majority of them believe in their invincibility and ability to resolve any issues - fortunately most of them are thinking correctly!

However in the time I've been on PPRuNe the only incident to a PPRuNer was some kitten who dropped her bike, now what was her name...
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Old 3rd Sep 2001, 21:06
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A certain other sometime PPRuNe feline has already made the above clear to me, but I will take into additional consideration your feelings, Bio kitty.

In return, as has already been intimated, you keep yourself surrounded by sufficient clear space when hurtling along on half the conventional wheel count ... please .

P.S. Were you thinking of anyone in particular with (3)?

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Old 3rd Sep 2001, 23:34
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Dear Puss,

I think that You Want it was right about the cats and bikes thingy........

As a result of this I would very much like to propose an amendment to rule one.

This amendment should make mention that cats and bikes DO NOT mix well, and that, any and all PPruNers should make an effort to stay well clear of the Tarmac.

Now Puss you know that next to Mrs Pen (and Sarah Michelle Gellar), you are the only woman for me. And that being the case, wouldn't want you to end up squished.

So, please dear Bio consider this amendment.


Le Pen
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