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70 feckin pence

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70 feckin pence

Old 13th Nov 2003, 18:28
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70 feckin pence

Drapes needed to go to the electrical wholesalers this AM, for a variety of reasons Drapes am unvehicled today, so one decided to do something one rarely does, one hopped on a bus.
Oh this is a splendid bus service it has exsited since Drapes sproghood, drapes and his mates would board this bus give the conductor tuppence in old real money, and travel all the way from the park to the Central Staion in Necastle.
Drapes took only a minute part of this journey today, a mere three stops,the bus stops being very close together on this part of the route a distance if one is being generous, of perhaps one quarter of a mile, and one is being extremely generous in that calculation
Unusually Draper no sooner arrives at bus stop and bus arrives, (see earllier thread on this subject for the reasons for this phenomina being unusual)
"SuperPie"says Draper to the driver, conductors being extinct now,
(SuperPie is the accepted name for a particular bus stop not a request for food) 70 pence quoth he, ****!!! 70 feckin pence? yer got to be feckin jokin 70 bleedin pence in new money for a journey of quarter of a feckin bloody mile.
One has had to utilise ones pocket calculator here,70 p per 1/4 mile = 2.80 per mile, New York city is about 3500miles so the cost of a journey to NYC by the Gateshead Omnibus Company would be err let me see, add six take away three is err 98000 pounds which is conciderably more than British Airways charged for a seat on Concorde.
One was going to calculate the percentyage increase over ones life time but alas one cannot remember how to do percentages even on a calculator, so if Mr Binocs or some other mathematical genious can work it out for me one would be greatful.
Remember two pence in old mony is less than a penny in this crappy decimal rubbish, as then there were the normal 240 pennies to the pound, so ones trip cost err,about 14/6 in proper old money.
So a journey that cost 2 pennies once now costs 174 pennies, and one only undertook a fraction of the distance to the Central Station,god knows what outraguos sum the man would have come out with, had one said "Central Station please"

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Old 13th Nov 2003, 18:33
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Quarter of a mile? Why not walk it yer old salad dodger?
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Old 13th Nov 2003, 18:34
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70 pence, Drapes ? Luxury ! You don't know you're born.

G. only uses the bus when dropping off the car for a service.

One quid ten per journey, then the bus company hit on the brilliant idea of stopping the direct bus route so now its £1.10 to the town centre and another £1.10 for a second trip home. Nice little earner for them.

Cheaper to take a cab.....
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Old 13th Nov 2003, 18:36
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70p is probably the minimum fare, you could probably gone much further for your money.
And I agree with Parapunter, walk!
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Old 13th Nov 2003, 18:46
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Unfortunatly a large hill lies directly across the route from Draper Towers to the Electrical Wholesalers, so the trip would involve walking up a hill and down the other side and on the return walking up the hill one just walked down, and down the hill one just walked up, this is to be avoided if possible at Drapers time of life one avoids walking on anything that is not horizontal now.
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Old 13th Nov 2003, 20:44
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Hehehe Drapes - don't forget, of course, that decimalisation had no impact on prices .. the Govt of the day told us so! The fact that the "new" halfpenny (the rough equivalent of an old penny) was rapidly phased out .. that EVERYTHING became instantly more expensive was, we were told, a total figment of our imaginations!

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Old 13th Nov 2003, 20:49
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Ah, but Drapes, is the quarter mile value you quoted the horizontal distance (ie "as the worm burrows") between Draper Towers and the Wholesalers? If so, and the hill is as bad as you say it is it could be a much longer distance (ie "as the bus rolls")along the road surface. Therefore the fare could be very good value for money.
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Old 13th Nov 2003, 21:11
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How much did they charge for Small Hound?
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Old 13th Nov 2003, 21:44
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The question must be are Newcastle bus drivers so enterprising that they can spot a “ride” coming.
If one alights the bus dressed in smart attire, a gentleman of obvious taste, wealth and dapper toboot then said driver will think to himself – that’s one for the road.

Quick overview of local bus operation.

Name: Go North East
Geographical area: Tyne and Wear, County Durham, North Yorkshire
Annual turnover: £62,667,763
Employees: 2,026
Fleet size: 751
Miles travelled per year: 38,135,318
Depots: 9

1.643p per mile.

Has one been done?
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Old 13th Nov 2003, 21:57
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Yes, Him
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From here I see a bus in the distance every day at about 12.45. It always goes in the same direction and never returns. There must be a big bus park somewhere to the south.

Apart from the schoolbus, there ain't any other buses than the Flying Dutchman apparition detailed above.
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Old 13th Nov 2003, 22:08
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Shining Example, apparently...
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Yep, I read that pennies per mile, a one-stop journey by London Underground is more expensive than Concorde ( ) - and the champagne's poxy.

Thinking back to my schoolboy days, busfares went something like:

1985: 5p
1986: 6p
1987: 20p, child fares abolished, thank you deregulation. Had to up my bullying efforts to raise that kind of money.
1990s: Don't even go there...

Incidentally, anyone remember crisp inflation? Price went from 12p to 13p to 20p almost overnight.
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Old 13th Nov 2003, 22:24
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In the early 60's (long after Draper was a little lad) a man described as a £1000 a year man was considered to be successful.

On the basis that, today, a £40,000 a year man would be the same, your 70p fare would have been 1.75p in 1960, or in real money, 4d.

As the Draper sproghood probably predates 1960 by a considerable margin, 70p doesn't sound too bad to me. Mind I haven't been on a bus for at least thirty years.
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Old 13th Nov 2003, 22:27
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I don't think so Brockenspectre. Decimilisation came in 1971, the hapenny was still around until about 1985-6 ish, so they took their time over that one.
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Old 13th Nov 2003, 22:28
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I remember a early James Bond book where he described his salary as 1200 a year, and was very annoyed that Tommy Steel was earning more than him.
feckin teddy boys and beatnicks earning more than a spy, shouldn't be allowed.
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Old 13th Nov 2003, 22:32
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recently erected

Mr. Draper - sir,

A long time reader and fan of your succinct and inordinately erudite observations, a humble first time replyerer begs the question, "Has said hill been recently erected?" I have scoured the PPRuNe archives and in particular "The really really boring and totally pointless snippets of information thread" and can find no mention of said geographical feature. Though, upon reflection, had it been present it may have met the really really boring criteria but demonstrably failed the totally pointless criterion given the startling revelations within the confines of this thread.

I remain, as always sir, your humble servant,

DickyBaby (Antipodean resident extrordinaire)
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Old 13th Nov 2003, 22:48
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Perhaps hill is the wrong term, one has mentioned on occasion that Draper Towers stands about two thirds up the side of a valley that runs North South, this is fine scenery wise, one loaths flat country side and prefers the scenery to be somewhat lumpy.
So journey on foot to the West are fine, they are downhill but to the East one has to climb the remaing third of the side of the valley.
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Old 13th Nov 2003, 23:00
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Mr. Draper - sir,

Humbly I submit the following for your further consideration. A valley is by common observation low in the middle and higher 'pon the sides as you yourself have noted. Couldst thou not consider proceeding up the valley, maintaining a constant altitude and thence traverse the other side? You will have reached your objective without an altitude change hence meeting you horizontal criterion albeit via further track miles. Shank's pony would get a workout, the hill(s) would not be climbed, the target would be reached and the feckin bus company would be out 70 pence.

As ever your humble servant,

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Old 14th Nov 2003, 00:07
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The thing about bus fares is the further one travells on a bus the better the deal one gets. The maximum fare here is £2.20 for an all day ticket, meaning one can get on and off any buses in the region as often as one likes all for £2.20. One could potentially travell hundreds of miles for £2.20. When I lived in London, the maximum fare was 70p for any distance and £1 in the City centre for any distance. Don't you have one of those granny cards where you can board a bus for 5p Draper?
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Old 14th Nov 2003, 00:11
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Heh, I've a vision of G-ALAN in London, spending a whole day riding the Circle Line on a single ticket. That'll teach em...
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Old 14th Nov 2003, 01:27
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But transport by legs is not necessarily walking

Why hast thow not been environmental and used an eighteen gear mountain bike.
"I say laddy one needs a mountain bike."
"YES Sir Drapers."
And before any could say Claude Butler, this local of devious means would provide the worthy scribe with transport.
Of course to keep his head dry, Drapes would wear a galvanised bucket with eye holes.

"And who do you think you are?"
"Ned Kelly of the North, scuse I occifer, one is on the way to the electrical whoesalers."

Probably just as well he caught the bus, he might have initiated another fashionable trend.
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