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exeng 10th Jan 2019 22:21

Gliders are not a good compromise. Either an aerotow or a winch launch with the help of a massive V8, then retrieval via all terrain vehicles on the airfield. Done a lot of gliding and a 'green' hobby it is not.

gliding is however a great way to learn flying skills. For me it was gliding, then PPL, then eventually an ATPL and a career on jets. I was extremely lucky though in that the company who employed me as a Flight Engineer decided to train some of us as Pilots. I doubt that route exists now.

However some have got into the game by paying for a frozen ATPL then joining a small airline in a ground ops position. Occasionally you will be noticed by the right people and be given your first chance.

Best of luck whatever you choose.

Kind regards

pitotheat 12th Jan 2019 16:20

Just2010 I hate to be blunt but if at the age of 28 you are having this continuous conflict between your “dream” and “conscience “ then may be you are better suited to other professions. How about areas of environmental sciences or green technology? There are ever increasing areas where young talented and conscientious people are needed. Good luck.

Nurse2Pilot 12th Jan 2019 17:04

Originally Posted by just2010 (Post 10357339)
Thanks for your responses, I will think about going to a professional, just to make sure or hear what he has for solutions for my conflict that prevents me to start a career in aviation.

Even if he/she cannot help you with your aviation goals (I doubt it as this is such a unique profession), they can at least help you figure out or declutter other areas of your life and that should hopefully enable you to have a clear mind to think about your goals and plan a good route to achieving them.

Originally Posted by 340drvr (Post 10356986)
reduce carbon footprint is Do Not Have Children! (Please don't take offence if you already have kids, they of course should be fully cherished and nurtured). (Not really aviation-related, but I couldn't resist).

LOL!! Somehow I thought you said "neutered"....

CapitalB 13th Jan 2019 10:24

If you decide to follow through with it check this fair in Berlin out - maybe two days would be worth it for you and you could listen to the Speakers they've got there. https://www.pilot-expo.com/

I've got no idea about the quality of it to so proceed with caution!

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