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JPFTEJerez 26th Feb 2018 21:26

Flybe MPL / FTEJerez 2018
Thought I'd make a thread to see if anyone will be joining me at FTE in April either whitetail or on the Flybe MPL :) ?

Manouschka93 13th Mar 2018 11:38

I will be starting in FTE on the 27th of april ! With Flybe MPL:)

JPFTEJerez 13th Mar 2018 15:42

Ah nice one, I am also in the Flybe MPL. PM me and I can introduce you to the others.

nisamudheen 11th May 2018 03:45

hie everyone , my self Nisamudheen Nisar and im from kerala , india , i dreamed about to become as a pilot when i was a kid , and still hoping for the better day to come , i completed my higher studies in Science stream (Physics ,Chemistry , Maths ) , now im a final year degree student and the degree course is not have any realtion with the aviation industry , the degree cousre will complete on this june 31 onwards , and i thnik its the right time for me to do something great for my life but i dont know how to join a flying school , i mean i dont know anything more about the licenses ( like after getting the cpl , what to do and etc ) , all i need is to become as an professional pilot , i searched alot on the search engine but still dont have any idea about how to become a pilot
i hope you guys can easly help me by the way of giving a clear guidance to achieve the dream , i really want to know more about MPL

hoping for your valuable replys and still waiting for the better day to come
thanks and ragards

Nisamudheen Nisar

Bhavrageaverage 23rd Jul 2019 13:19

Hi JPFTEJerez, I have my final stage 4 airline interview upcoming with Flybe and wondered what I can expect for me to perform my best. I assume the company like detail but is there anything that you can advise that can help me best prepare for it :)

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