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AndreITA 7th Dec 2017 13:28

First job hunting
As a low hour pilot in EU where should I look to get the first job as a pilot taking into account that I am not in my twenties anymore? Does it worth to leave EU to gain more experience somewhere else? I heard that in Asia it is possible to find some small companies that are willing to hire low hours pilots,anyone has some name to direct me to ? Africa? Any advice?
Thank's guys.

ShamrockF 8th Dec 2017 12:16

I heard of a cadet pilot at a reputable regional turboprop operator starting at 42 recently. Make sure you try as many airlines as possible, and above all make sure you have a good cover letter and polished CV to go with it. I work in an airline the amount of badly prepared applications that come across my desk is appalling.

Pay a bit of money to a career advisor and get a mock interview if you can. This will help you put the best possible step forward without having to travel too far.

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